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Pray For America February 11, 2015

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Death Dealer 1 by Frank Frazetta

As the world spirals closer and closer to Armageddon the side of evil is becoming less careful with masking their true intentions. This article enumerates how the Socialists think the world should operate. Greece just elected the most socialistic government in modern times. They have failed economically due to a myriad of issues (all of their own doing) and now want Europe to bail them out with the ‘moral obligation’ of receiving reparations from WWII.

It’s the same mindset blacks in America have. Distill the argument blacks have against the majority white establishment and you end up with the belief blacks are owed for the slavery they endured over 150 years ago.

That same mind-set exposed itself in Obama’s recent speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. He basically exonerated the horrors being perpetrated by current day Muslims in the name of Allah because Christians did the same thing 900 years ago in the name of Christ.

Michael Auslin’s article in National Review hits the mark directly. I will add that Obama is the most racist, hate-filled man to ever hold the office of President.

Pray to whatever God you choose, but pray for America—because she has never needed your prayers more than now.


2014 Prediction January 2, 2014

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Here’s a prediction for 2014. The catastrophe that is Obamacare will end up serving the Progressive Movement perfectly, just not in the way they originally intended. As the actions of the ‘law of the land’ unfold the collapse of established systems will serve to create another ‘perfect storm’ that will ultimately give Obama and his evil-doers the excuse to invoke emergency powers.

The financial upheaval caused by the implementation of this program just might be the catalyst to sparking massive social unrest. Fearing this as a serious threat to his plan for ‘transforming America’, Obama will turn Americans on Americans. Liberty will be obliterated.

Let’s look at how this lurch to the left is speeding up.

An avowed communist is now the mayor of New York City—America’s largest and most influential metropolis. Common Core, the socialistic horror being accepted as the ‘new curriculum’ in our public schools has slipped silently into the mainstream. Capitalism is being attacked at every turn in America. During his re-election campaign in 2008, Obama told us exactly what he was going to do to entrepreneurship in America.

Is it any wonder why Americans are buying guns and ammunition at a dizzying rate? People can only be pushed so far. This socialist president, who lied about Obamacare, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and the list goes on and on, has pushed America about as far as she can go.

I hope my prediction is wrong. I hope America wakes up in 2014 and stops this man from destroying the country and I hope it can be done peacefully.

LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE! October 28, 2013

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Our socialist president is a liar or so says his White House.


Impeach the SOB.

Monday Rant October 21, 2013

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I don’t have the proof but I do know what I see and I’m pretty sure we are going about this the wrong way.

Several years back I read and heard that the Right had to avoid playing the socialist card because it was a loser based on polling.  Instead, the Right’s position to attack Obama was to point out his inexperience, expose his non-record as a senator and that was about it. No one was willing to stand up and call the man a Socialist and back it up with the facts that he was openly telling us he planned to do if elected.

Communism and Socialism (and now radical Islam) are the greatest threats to a capitalistic republic. Simply put, they must not be able to exist. If you subscribe to a market driven, capitalistic system then you must defend the Republic from those enemies.

Barack Obama is the enemy to our capitalistic Republic. Every time we utter his name we must attach ‘socialist’ to it. Every time he talks about his policies we must associate them with socialism and its failure to have ever succeeded anywhere on this planet.

Socialism is the greatest evil ever devised by man. It punishes the successful while propping up the losers. Mankind has evolved to the level we are at today because we let the natural laws rule. Survival of the fittest.

I have no problems providing for the truly indigent caused by no fault of their own; it is the Christian thing to do. But the mindset that the state will provide for you at the cost to those who choose to succeed must be scorned. Shame must be brought back.

Socialism is shameful. Barack Obama is shameful.  socialism

Carter: Middle class today resembles past’s poor October 8, 2013

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No kidding Jimmy! And we can thank you for that sad revelationBarack Obama.

The policies you and the Left have been pushing all these years are really starting to show results.

When you give people things they don’t have to work for you enable a class of entitled people who will never work for whatever they can get for free. This is the fundamental flaw of Socialism.

Growing the welfare and food stamp rolls makes you liberals feel good because it eliminates the guilt you have for having. It also immures the proletariat to you. You are the master doling out the porridge to the masses.   But that largess is not yours to give Jimmy…it comes from the hard work and sacrifice of the productive class.

Of course you won’t see that you were to blame for all this. You’ll wail the only reason the situation has gotten worse is because the Conservatives have kept us from giving more away.

The laws of nature are always going to win Jimmy. The strong survive and weak perish. Humankind has lived under these laws since we crawled out of the primordial sea. Nature will always seek to balance herself and when we force our will against those laws the results of the collision will be far more painful than your perceived social inequities.

Thanks Jimmy for being a big part of the problem.

Reality Always Wins. Always. October 7, 2013

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From Monty @ Ace of SpadesHQ

When you hear someone say “We all need to take care of each other”, what they’re really saying is “I want someone to take care of me”. Socialism is the creed of the deluded, the lazy, the timid, the dull, and the inept. People who desire it are either children or adults with the minds of children. Socialism in whatever guise is not just a silly ideology; it’s an impossible ideology. It violates the principle of ex nihilo nihil fit (nothing comes from nothing). You cannot draw more energy out of a system than you put into it.  Socialism whispers sweet nothings into the ears of the dullards, but reality speaks more bluntly: “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” And reality always wins. Always.