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Journalism, Socialism, Orgasim January 29, 2013

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Progressivism, socialism or whatever you care to call Obama’s “ism” is a failure. It has failed everywhere it has been applied. Why, it is failing right before our eyes in Europe. Greece is the walking dead, Spain is in the final throes of her death rattle and Portugal and Ireland are in Intensive Care.

This morning we see the headline “France is bankrupt”. (Of course some would argue that the country has enjoyed some level of bankruptcy across their social and moral landscapes for centuries). But this is good ‘ol financial, we-have-run-out-of-money bankruptcy. The culprit? It seems the rich in France are bailing like British dough boys over Normandy.  Legendary French actor Gérard Depardieu has put the face (mon Dieu what a face) on the flight to financial safety. By pulling their high salaries and net worths out of the clutch of the French tax man, Socialist President Francois Hollande has been denied the revenue source for his far left lurch—it’s hard to pay for stuff with other people’s money when the other people all leave.

What is better than having a product or service that is superior to anyone else? A media who says your product or service is better than anyone else. It’s hard to imagine that in a country that discovered most of the really important inventions and innovations in the 20th century—hey we put a man on the moon for Pete’s sake, we have a majority of inhabitants who are so easily fooled into believing the tripe they read in the daily papers.

The American media no longer makes an effort to mask its political leanings. Just 4 days into Obama’s second term the blatant propaganda supporting him is cranking up like never before. Even left leaning pundits admit it. But since their side won they won’t do anything about even trying to return some integrity to their profession.

History will note that the downfall of America came at the hands of her ‘free press’. What was once the estate to keep all others in check, journalism is now in need of being checked itself. The Left has overthrown America thanks to its willing accomplice the Press. Americans have a history of fighting for what they believe in and unlike the retreating Frenchman Depardieu, I think America will stand and fight.  They say the pen is mightier than the sword—spilling propaganda is far safer than spilling blood.

I say the blade of righteousness has never been sharper.


Fashion Faux Pas January 24, 2013

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Wynand Mullins

A Kiwi, returning home from Australia boarded his flight while wearing a t-shirt with a quote from the cult favorite movie The Princess Bride. The quote disturbed enough people that a flight attendant asked him to change his shirt.  Not having a change of clothes, the flight attendant eventually let him be. People will say “Oh it’s a sign of the times,” or “you can’t be too careful nowadays.” I say grow a pair and get real.

Any normal person would see the shirt and its comical representation. Even if you didn’t know the quote from the movie (which I did not) it would be a tremendous stretch to find the shirt threatening. Yes the man was on an airplane and the scariest thought imaginable is to die in a plane crash—but come on.

So the words “die today” scribbled on a goofy t-shirt as part of a quote from a world-wide movie blockbuster is enough to move some people to abridge a man’s right to wear what he wants. Taken in its entirety, as all situations should, it is clear the entire event was an overreaction.

Now, if that shirt was being worn by a Middle Eastern man in his mid 20’s, sweating and looking a bit agitated I might be a bit more concerned. Does that last sentence make me a racist? No, it makes me smart. I thank God every day  I am not a Liberal.

Just Ask An Indian January 15, 2013

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