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I Have Your Back Mr. President January 5, 2018

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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The Left has a fever. A potentially fatal disease.

It all began with that grand escalator entrance to his presidential announcement at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015. Donald J. Trump infected the leftist press with an antigen that has metastasized into TDS—Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Nothing about DJT is the status quo. He has defied convention from the beginning and with each week he shows us a new level of idiosyncratic, nonconformist, self-directed, self-sufficient leadership. His disdain for Obama and his socialist policies and the fervor to erase them have fueled an anger among the elitist Left that is delicious requital for his base. His actions incense the Left but are equally derided by the establishment Right. They  fear his ‘go-it-alone’ populism and his antipathy for politics as usual.

He has Robert Mueller and the Dark State conspiring to dethrone him. His closest confidants (Bannon) have begun to throw bombs (rhetorical) at him and the Press is now convincing themselves through repeated stories that the President has a mental condition and is unfit to serve.

And yet he tweets on—driving his enemies further into their self-created Hell.

I didn’t want Donald Trump for President in the beginning. I, along with many, was put off by his bombast and questioned whether he possessed the skill set to be President. But that skill set was based on an old paradigm. As the campaign wore on Trump began to create his own paradigm. He was fearless and unafraid to say what career politicians would never utter.  That is because Trump isn’t a politician. He is a warrior general. He is the leader so many in this country have longed for. A crusader, atop a mighty steed with broad sword waving leading his subjects into battle with the Establishment.

Trump has defied everything and everyone. He has set a course that will right the direction of this country—away from the socialistic drift Obama charted.  He threatens those who know they are not able to compete in an open capitalistic culture and that is a very dangerous thing.  When your foe feels their back is to the wall you must be prepared for anything.

I am praying for you Mr. President. I will ride with you into battle, my broadsword held high.