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David Barton On Preparing March 1, 2011

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An awesome article that made me feel good.

8/28 Rally August 29, 2010

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Me on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

I just got back to Florida from the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington, DC. I flew in early Saturday just in time to make the event. I’m still trying to process the enormity of it all. I heard one news outlet was quoting a source saying there were just 87,000 participants. As I live and breathe, I can attest to there being over 400,000 people packed on the Mall between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Why can I say that? Ohio State stadium seats over 100,000 and you could have fit at least four stadiums in the footprint of the mass of humanity that came to rally for Faith, Hope and Charity.

Rally was inside the black lines - 8/10th's of a mile long

Honor Rally from Washington Monument

It’s so predictable the liberal press will do anything to denigrate the will of the people when it does not follow their liberal agenda. Well I was there and I know the truth. God Bless Glenn Beck, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and every person who joined the awesome throng honoring those among us who represent the best in America.

Here are some images from the rally.

Inside the Lincoln Memorial

Honor Rally, behind the stage, from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

Man praying at the base of the Washington Monument

Honor Rally Patriot

Glenn Beck – Populist? February 25, 2010

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It seems Glenn Beck has captured the bulk of my affections of late. Maybe it’s just me but I think I detect the beginnings of the ‘Great Separation’ starting to occur. I’m talking about the defining of Conservatism among conservatives.

Glenn Beck

It may have been Beck’s CPAC keynote speech on February 21, that finally broke the camels back. For the several years I have been listening/reading/watching Mr. Beck, I have witnessed his positions coalesce into a tighter and tighter ball—all glued together with the principles of the Founding Fathers and a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

His message, often delivered with the self-described aplomb of a rodeo clown, has finally been distilled so as to set itself unmistakably apart from mainstream conservatism. Beck’s bully pulpit, which grows in stature daily, has allowed his message to finally reach a critical mass.

The definition is ridiculously simple. Nine principles that are not negotiable, amendable or debatable.  (Hmmmm. If he added one more he’d have Ten Commandments.)

All of this wouldn’t amount to much if so many Americans were not so dialed into the whole idea. Beck has reminded us of the values that guided our Founding Fathers and the importance of not wavering; either for the sake of compromise or the chance of getting elected.

The recent attacks from fellow conservative pundits is proof Beck has drawn his line in the sand. Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Bill Bennett and the like are all squawking. Beck has called them out. The issues that usually define the degree to which one calls themselves a Conservative are not the ones in play here, i.e., abortion, gay marriage, etc. Rather, Beck is challenging the fundamental principles that define what he considers conservative values. Not the planks of the party’s platform but the very columns they rest on.

The coming months will be oh so important to the Conservative movement. It sounds strange to say it like this but I’m hoping the ‘populist’ Beck comes out the winner.

Glenn Beck – Alpha Dog February 23, 2010

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Glenn Beck has been in the news a little more than usual this week. His keynote speech to CPAC on Sunday was 100% Beck—emotional, witty and even included what is becoming his trademark schtick, the chalkboard. It also stirred up the nest.

Glenn Beck

The morning after, I read Bill Bennett’s critique. Bennett is part of the Republican old-guard who see themselves as true conservatives and get mighty ticked off when somebody says they’re not. Beck called them all out in his speech on Sunday.

Now Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin have jumped on the bandwagon. Has Mr. Beck stolen too much of the righteous thunder from the other big guns of the airwaves? To what degree is Beck’s meteoric success having on the old dogs of conservative talk?

I will say I think his huge success across the mediums (print, radio, internet, cable and now live performance) has got all the conservative talker’s attention. Lets face it, Rush’s only media success has been radio and books—he failed on TV.

Beck has been derided by his critics for his style; a sometimes schizophrenic melding of comedic teacher and manic metrosexual, whose passion for what he believes in frequently leaks from his eyes. Theatrics aside, Beck’s message is solid. His attack on Progressivism has taken on the feel of a Crusade. I like that. The same way I liked George Bush’s ‘line in the sand’ comment. Beck’s beef with Conservatives is they aren’t towing the Constitutional line espoused by the Tea Party. The same beef I ultimately had with Bush.

The politics of ‘big politics’ inevitably corrupts and while the Republicans say they’re conservative they stray far too often for Beck. In an earlier post I talked about the chance the Tea Party movement would divide the Republican vote and ensure a Democratic victory in ’10 and ’12. This little secret is not a secret among the RNC or Beck or Rush or Bennett. The issue is, who’s going to blink first. Will Beck tone down his campaign? Will the conservative pundits relax and embrace the core of the Tea Party movement?

The franchise that Beck is building is still in its infancy. But with platforms like the CPAC speech and other big events planned in the future, his political clout is just getting stronger.

There’s a new challenger for the alpha dog in conservative commentary. The fun will be to see whose bite is as bad as their bark.

Desperation September 16, 2009

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We’re not even out of the the first round of this heavy weight bout and the success of the Tea Party movement, the recent exposure of ACORN, the Van Jones debacle and the failure of the administration to sell its socialistic health care has the administration’s supporters gasping for air.  Now it looks as if they’ve thrown in the proverbial towel with their sudden claims of everything is racism.

Just ten short months since the election and the left has decided to play their trump card, their nuclear option—the race card.

Everywhere you look Obama is getting slapped down for his socialism and it’s being done by rank and file Americans, the majority being white because the majority of America is white and yet those that dissent are labeled racists because they oppose the black president.

Sign at Tea Party march in Washington, DC

Sign at Tea Party march in Washington, DC

President Jimmy Carter said yesterday that U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst to President Barack Obama during a speech to Congress last week was an act “based on racism” and rooted in fears of a black president. Read any left wing blog and all you see are claims of racism. If you speak out against Obama, you’re a racist. Look at what they are saying about Glenn Beck.

I have to admit I didn’t think this would happen as soon as it did and frankly I hoped it wouldn’t happen at all because if it did, it would mark a terrible setback in the progress of race relations in this country.

Obama would be wise to not only separate himself from this rhetoric but rebuke it. If he doesn’t— he might as well not even answer the bell for round two.