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Small Town Values May 23, 2010

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I stopped thinking Frank Cerabino was funny a long time ago. Cerabino is a columnist for the ‘not suitable for wrapping fish’ newspaper The Palm Beach Post. I canceled my subscription over a year ago and only read the free edition on the internet.  I rarely even glance at Cerabino’s column as it is always liberal and always stupid. But a recent article ‘ol Frank wrote had the beginnings of some merit.

It seems Frank is like all the rest of the Libs out there up in arms over the Arizona immigration bill. These leftists just can’t seem to understand why conservatives think it’s a good idea to have control over our borders and to enforce the laws already on the books. They wave their arms in the air and start wailing ‘racists’ because we want to protect the sovereignty of our great nation.

Frank’s article posited that in order to really show support for what we believe in we should all start mowing our own lawns—independence from immigrant labor.

Young capitalist

Brilliant idea Frank! When I was twelve I wanted cash for all my hobbies (HO gauge race cars were the coolest!) and the occasional stop at the candy store conveniently located between home and school. My folks didn’t pay out an allowance so I was always looking for ways to make a buck…or fifty cents. I can still remember the unbridled joy of getting my first lawn-cutting job and getting $2 for the task. I swear I knocked on every door on my street that Spring trying to secure the rights to mow the neighborhood.

That’s what’s missing in America now. Kids mowing lawns. American kids, learning the value of the dollar and doing the work we, Americans should be doing.

If a neighbor kid knocked on my door and introduced himself (or herself) and asked if they could cut my lawn, I’d jump at the chance to give them a chance. Sure I might have to invest a little time in the beginning, making sure they learned how I like things done. But that’s the way it used to be. Adults taking the time to teach responsibility and nurture capitalism. Unfortunately, I don’t think I could get away with a $2 mow job today.

The Post doesn’t like my opinion March 3, 2010

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Something still stinks

A letter to the editor of The Palm Beach Post written on February 14th—which hasn’t made the opinion page yet.

Dear Mr. Burke

Where’s the Post’s coverage of a story making headlines around the world? On February 13 in an interview with the BBC, Phil Jones from the University of East Anglia, former lead scientist at the climate research unit and the guy at the center of the recent e-mail controversy late last year, said, quote, “The recent warming trend that began in 1975 is not at all different than two other planetary warming phases since 1850; there has been no statistically significant warming since 1995, and, it is possible the Medieval Warm Period was indeed a global phenomenon thereby making the temperatures seen in the latter part of the 20th century by no means unprecedented.

Though he says he still believes that the earth’s temperature has warmed. He also said that he might be missing some of the data that is responsible for his climate models.

Wow, pretty big news. And the rest of the world got to read about this several days ago. Even the UK’s unabashed left-leaning Guardian and BBC covered it in-depth. Yet the Post and virtually all other media outlets in the US ignored it.

Shameful Mr. Burke, truly shameful. If you started acting like a responsible newspaper and actually reported the news of the day, even when it flies in the face of your not-so-well-veiled political agenda, you might stop hemorrhaging readers and regain some credibility as a professional newspaper.

When the Post decides to report the news, regardless of how it sits with the editorial board, I’ll renew my subscription. (I read on-line, mostly for the high school sports)

Yeah, right!

West Palm Beach Tea Party – Making waves April 16, 2009

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They say any press is good press, right?

Well I got some…front page no less.


I attended the West Palm Beach Tea Party yesterday afternoon. An estimated crowd of 1000 fed-up Floridians amassed to show their displeasure for the current Administration. I made a sign and waded into the crowd enjoying my first ever ‘protest’. Little did I know it would have been like blowing through a no-wake zone at top speed.

Yep, that's me.

Yep, that's me.

That sign caught the eye of two reporters. The first was from the Palm Beach Post, our local daily. The reporter, Charles Elmore, asked me  standard questions and I obliged with what I knew would be a juicy sound bite. The next reporter approached me about ten minutes later.   He said he had taken a picture of me and wanted to get my story. He introduced himself as Joe Kovacs, a reporter from WorldNetDaily.com. It’s a news service I knew had a reputation for the sensational.  Ooooh baby, my heart raced!  As I was venting my spleen, Joe stopped me and asked if he could record our conversation. I was beginning to get giddy. You stick a microphone in my face and suddenly I think I’m on ‘Amercian Idol‘. I knew ‘ol Joe was looking for some red meat so I made sure I gave him some. It’s called ‘tailoring the message to the messenger’ and I can tell you, my past experience in the media and as a salesman paid off.  Both news organizations quoted me in stories about the local Tea Party including an above the fold, front page story in the Post with my quote as the secondary headline!

I just wished I had worked in my blog address into the story…

Fritz Breland