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An Alien Organism March 9, 2017

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Since the inauguration of Donald Trump to the highest office in the land, the events of the past 6 weeks have been a whip-saw of emotions. I have been in: shock, awe, elation and now fear.

The attempts by the left to sabotage Trump are no surprise. I expected the usual delay, deny and denigration the Democrats are known for. What I wasn’t ready for was the depth of their depravity in attacking the President.

First it was Mike Flynn and his alleged ties to Russia based on accusations gleaned from wiretaps. Then it was Monica Crowley, Fox News contributor who was forced to decline an offer to join Trump’s National Security Council due to accusations of plagiarism in her book, “What The (Bleep) Just Happened”. And now, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing testimony has been hailed as perjury by the democrats. They are seeking his resignation because he didn’t reveal he had met with the Russian Ambassador during the normal course of being a senator.

The damage was done.

Even with flat out denials from the former head of the National Intelligence Agency, James Clapper, the mainstream media continued to scream from the rooftops that wiretaps proved Flynn had colluded with the Russians during the Trump presidential campaign and therefore must be removed from his position as NSA chief.

(Sadly, it wasn’t an alleged wiretap that doomed Flynn but his inexplicable lying to the Vice President about the incident.)

In a recent interview on Fox, Crowley said, “What happened to me was a despicable, straight up political hit job. OK. It’s been debunked. My editor has completely supported me and backed me up,” she said. Unfortunately the fledgling Trump administration couldn’t take the time or the risk and had to cut Crowley loose. The evil press had done its job, smeared another Trump appointee with what has turned out to be a baseless lie.

Crowley echoed the views of other right-wing commentators, saying that she and the president were the victims of the “Deep State.”

“Having been a victim of this myself, they are out for blood,” she said. “And the reason they have to destroy him is that Donald Trump is an alien organism that has been injected into the body politic of the American people to reform it. They have swarmed him, they have swarmed everybody around him in order reject him out of the system, just like any alien organism.”


There is a very dangerous and very effective destabilization campaign underway against this president, his administration and his agenda.

This is how very bad things happen in a country. Things that can destroy a democracy.

This polarization of ideologies will only end when one side completely destroys the other. I fear those times are coming.