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Yeah, What He Said December 27, 2011

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It simply could not be clearer. It is us against them. Conservatives vs. Liberals.

We conservatives must win to preserve the American way of life we have known for over 200 years. If Obama gets re-elected and we do not take control of the Senate, the country will falter into a socialist morass and be lost forever.

We cannot sustain the entitlement society we have created. There must be an end to the hand-outs. People must stand on their own two feet and live the life they were given by God.

Our system provides for the opportunity for anyone to succeed with hard work and a little luck. Not everyone will be driving a BMW and living poolside but as long as you have two good arms and legs and the desire to work, you will have food and shelter and clothes on your back.

Envy and coveting your neighbor’s things are a sin. Stop worrying about what you don’t have and be thankful for what you do have. Find God. Pray and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


DOA September 29, 2011

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The SOB’s are setting us up.

Obama’s push for passage of his job’s plan is DOA. Senate Majority Leader Reid has put off voting for it until after the recess. No Democrat has stepped up to co-sponsor the bill and now, the media is setting us up for a what-if scenario that paints Republicans as obstructionists.

Obama knows this bill will never pass. It’s just part of his plan to continue to do nothing but demagogue Republicans for being obstructionist and partisan.

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, speaking a few days ago to a group at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, urging repeal of Obamacare said, “We should not fear false attacks again in 2012. Fear and demagoguery are the last refuge of an intellectually bankrupt party.”

No Joke September 28, 2011

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This should scare the hell out of anyone who cherishes our Constitution and our Republic. As the Democrat’s grip on power begins to slip, I do not put them above what can only be considered the unthinkable in a representative democracy. This is why Obama and all liberal progressives must be defeated in 2012. There can be no negotiating, no capitulation.

Conservatism must win in order for our country to survive.

Happy 4th of July July 1, 2011

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As we approach one of my favorite national holidays, we find this piece of crap from the Left. Now more than ever we Conservatives need to realize we are in a war, a war for the very ideals we hold sacred. I can’t help but to think our revolutionary forefathers must have felt the very same way as they took up arms against the British. Mark my word…it’s going to happen again.

What a Weiner May 29, 2011

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There was a time I wanted to be a journalist. The first major I declared in college was Journalism. A series of unfortunate events, the main one being I had a total dick teaching my Intro to Journalism class, broke my spirit and shamed me into believing I couldn’t write. Looking back, the professor was probably a Liberal ideologue who saw the conservative streak in me way before it had become my raison d’etre. But I digress.

I was on the road the past 10 days escorting school kids to our nation’s capital, educating them to the greatness of our Republic when the Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) Twitter story broke on Friday. The New York Post wrote the first story neatly providing excuses, provided by Rep. Weiner’s people, for the incident. Then nothing. No follow-up, no delving into the possibility that Weiner was lying, no investigation whatsoever— they took him at his word.

Here we have an outspoken, married, Liberal Congressman who just might be at the tip of a salacious incident involving a photo, a comely coed and Twitter and the mainstream media stays silent, content to believe the rather far-flung explanations involving a photo of bulging underwear sent to a young woman via a Twitter account registered to Rep. Weiner. For them the incident is neatly explained with some rather far-fetched excuses that should have set off alarm bells to any real reporter. But no, time to move on, nothing to see here. “Hey is there a Conservative we can bash?”

Not so fast. Breitbart and Ace of Spades smelled a story here. I could just see it. Andrew and Ace gather their crack staff of investigative reporters in the wee hours huddled over someone’s dimly lit desk—cigarette smoke fogging the air. Before the last ‘REPORTER’ banner had been tucked into the fedora, their armies of investigative journalists were out on the street…well, that’s the way they did it in Woman of the Year.

Both of these ‘new’ journalists smelled a rat. Of course both lean solidly to the Right. So to be fair, for them, any chance to go after a Lib, especially one as outspoken as Weiner, put an extra spring in their step. Just hours after the first story broke, both websites had dissected Weiner’s story and exposed glaring untruths…lies. Couple this with the systematic Goggle scrubbing of all references to the woman involved and I think we have a story here.

Display in the Newseum in Washington, DC

The point of this post is to once again expose the mainstream media for what it is—a full-blown propaganda arm of the Left. This country is being slowly killed from within. The ink which prints the vast majority of news we digest every day is tainted with a poison. It started out in very low doses over 50 years ago, ie., the press hiding FDR’s disability.  The dosage has increased steadily and now the perpetrators of this crime no longer bother to mask their intentions. They sense they are reaching critical mass and just a few more injections will finish us off. Objectivity is no longer the cornerstone of Journalism in America. The industry is infected with liberals who use the pen as their syringe, pushing their slow-drip toxic agenda into our veins everyday.

It must change or America, the way our Founding Father’s created it, will die. Stop supporting the mainstream media. Pull the intravenous death from your arm. Don’t buy their newspapers. Don’t watch their TV. Write the truth to their editors even if they won’t print it. Stand and fight. They say the pen is mightier than the sword…ok, bring it on.  And yes, Weiner is a dick.


I took the above photo when I visited the Newseum in DC this past week.  I will post on that event later but suffice to say it only reinforced my position that the media in America today is our enemy.

Just Say No To Unions February 18, 2011

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The ideological battle has begun. The protests in Wisconsin and now spreading to Ohio are just the beginning of what I see as the long overdue confrontation between conservatives and liberals—Capitalism vs. Socialism.

The election in November gave the Republicans a majority in the House, the place that controls the purse strings. True to their word they are clamping down on the runaway spending that has driven this country to the verge of ruin. The states also gained a clear conservative majority in their statehouses and 10 Republican governors won election replacing Democratic incumbents.

First on the agenda for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is to reign in the unions. I have said it here many times trial attorneys and unions are killing America. Reform and outright banishment are the only sane courses of action.

Watching the news last night and listening to members of the teacher’s union in Wisconsin caterwauling about Scott’s move to de-fang the union made my blood boil. One woman claimed it was a direct attack on her family and he was ‘sticking a knife in her back.’ I have no sympathy for you lady. You do not contribute to your own pension, pay towards any health insurance coverage and have insanely liberal benefits that no one else in the private sector could ever get. What makes you so damn special? Nothing.

First and foremost all federal and state employees must be denied the right to unionize. The quid pro quo between liberal politicians and the unions must be denied. It is an advantage no other citizen of this country enjoys and therefore must be eliminated.

Conservative politicians have to stand firm and call out those who stand in the way of the free market. If large sectors of the various unionized workforces go on strike, so be it. There is no better time to stand up to them than when unemployment is ‘officially’ at 9.0% and ‘unofficially’ closer to double that. It will get ugly and the MSM will work as hard as they can against us. We conservatives will be labeled cold-hearted and mean. I don’t care. It’s called tough love. It’s time to take America back for the winners and stop rewarding the losers. If we stay resolute in our actions we will win. Do not be afraid. The truth will set us free.