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Social Darwinism April 23, 2012

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Since the president just recently brought it up, I thought I’d re-run a post I wrote back in September of ’11. 

RMS Titanic April 12, 2012

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It’s been nearly 100 years to the day that the Titanic struck an iceberg and sunk taking 1,514 souls to the bottom of the north Atlantic.  After leaving Southampton on April 10, 1912, Titanic stopped at Cherbourg in France and Queenstown (now Cobh) in Ireland before heading westwards towards New York and her fateful encounter on the 15th.

This past January I was in Belfast, Northern Ireland and went to the Harland and Wolff shipyard where the vessel was built. The shipyard still exists and is the home to a new museum dedicated to the ill-fated ship. The museum was hastily being made ready for its grand opening on March 31 so I was not able to get inside.

Titanic museum - Belfast, Northern Ireland

I’m leaving today for a tour convention in The Republic of Ireland but unfortunately won’t get up to Northern Ireland to visit. I’m sure the local news will be abuzz with all the hoopla. The legend and legacy has only grown over the years. Oceanographer Bob Ballard’s discovery of the ship’s location in 1985 and subsequent TV specials have fed the world’s fascination with the ship. Now, 100 years after the event, she is as popular as ever.

Green (Jacket) With Envy April 10, 2012

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Reading the comments section in a news story is probably the most revealing and yes, depressing thing about the current state of affairs in this country.

Bubba Watson won the 2012 Masters Golf tournament on Sunday. The YouTube video of his acceptance speech showed a humble, unpretentious young man who wears his emotions on his sleeve. He began his speech by giving thanks to Jesus, his Lord and Savior and went on to thanking the fans, his fellow players and tournament staff and volunteers. His reference to Jesus was brief but sincere; it choked him up a bit.

Bubba Watson
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

It was depressing seeing how many chose to attack him for his religiosity in the comments to the video.  I find it so unfortunate that people today have to belittle people of faith and somehow mark them as insincere or fake in their beliefs.

I believe people who mock believers are just, deep down, full of fear. They refuse to let the thought of a higher power into their thinking and are therefore resigned to an existence no greater than the physical world around them. They have no way of finding relief for the burdens they face in this carnate existence. Their only solutions are man-made and those can never really solve their problems.

So, instead of being happy for someone who is successful and chooses to thank the Lord for that blessing, the fearful mock and cast derision. People like Bubba Watson and Tim Tebow and the millions of others who have found peace in the grace of God’s love, will certainly do what Jesus would want them to do; forgive them and pray for them.

So I too will try not to think and speak ill of these poor souls who will one day discover there really is another path to take.

Just Imagine April 6, 2012

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Technology. It has been what has propelled mankind to the next level of human evolution. The scary thing for me is the rate that technology is evolving. In the 133 years since the invention of the light bulb in 1879, the rate at which we have leapt to the next level of technology has grown exponentially.  In 1879 it took 14 days to cross the Atlantic. Ninety years later it took just 4 days to step on the moon.

Since that milestone, humans have invented a mind boggling amount of things that are racing us faster and faster into the future. The world is now so connected you can virtually communicate to anyone, anywhere at anytime. Google is working hard at developing technology to take mankind to that next level. I cannot begin to imagine what the world will be like in 2059—90 years after our journey to the moon.  I’ll be 101 and pretty damn excited to see the results.

Truth Doesn’t Need Help April 5, 2012

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Don Cheadle

I don’t know much about the actor Don Cheadle. Off the top of my head I can’t even tell you any movies he’s been in. I know he’s black and he seems to be an affable guy every time I’ve seen him in some celebrity situation.

Last night he got into a tweeting jag regarding NBC’s explanation/apology for the deceptive editing of the 911 call involving George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. There is a quote from him that should become the rallying cry for all who value the truth and seek honesty; “truth doesn’t need help”.

We seem to have forgotten that simple principle here in the age of mind-boggling media bias.

It won’t change until people like Don Cheadle everywhere demand the media change. I’ve posted on this before. Stop using the mediums that distort the truth. I don’t take the Palm Beach Post anymore and I don’t watch the network news. When enough people do the same, we will facilitate change.

Know When To Fold Them April 4, 2012

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There comes a time when wise men make the difficult choice to abandon an unattainable dream and move on. Rick Santorum would be wise to stand down from his quest for the Republican nomination for president. Romney’s sweep last night in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Wisconsin should serve as a reality check for the Santorum camp. Let history reward you. Let your ego go. Make the call to admit defeat. A prolonged campaign will only ensure a lesser position in a Romney administration; if any. I salute your effort. You are a conservative patriot with the best intentions for America deep in your heart; however, it is not your time.

Mitt Romney