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Most Miss-spelled City March 27, 2013

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…   my post from 5/2011 

Another example of the miss-spelling of Tucson.

I lifted this headline from my ‘Breaking News’ twitter feed just now….and it’s from an Arizona reporter!

Newly-released documents on the 2011 Tucscon, Arizona, shooting include initial reports from wounded victims, offering varying descriptions of shooter – @azcentral

Old Tucson

This is how it’s spelled…

Holy Moly March 17, 2013

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I got these two ads in the mail yesterday. One was from the local mega church looking for me to come to Easter services. The other was for a Jewish cemetery.  The Christian church offered me how I could transform my life forever. The Jewish Memorial chapel offered a $36 grocery gift card if I took a tour. Only in South Florida…..


Happy Pi Day March 14, 2013

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(not that kind of pie, silly!)

Truth Always Wins March 1, 2013

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The ugly face of liberal hypocrisy showed itself again this week when the White House went on the attack towards a journalist who dared speak the truth. Since no major media outlet (not owned by Rupert Murdoch) will ever say anything against their Lord and Savior Barack Obama, when it happens, the wheels come off in the back rooms of the White House.

Pulitzer winning journalist, and until this week considered a good liberal soldier, Bob Woodward dared to tell the truth and say the President was a liar.  bob_woodward_x200

Mr. Woodward dared to go on one of the White House’s propaganda mouthpieces, CNN, and actually tell the truth; that the entire idea for sequestration was the President’s idea. A notion the White House and the President deny.

Now it is reported that the White House has threatened Woodward by intoning in an e-mail and phone conversation he will ‘regret’ saying what he did.

As a citizen journalist who actually studied the profession in college, the first rule I learned was report the truth. The truth is everything and the only thing. You may not like where it leads you but you must report it if it is true.

Mr. Woodward did that very thing back in ’72 when he outed Republican President Nixon’s administration as complicit in the Watergate scandal. With fellow Washington Post partner Carl Bernstein, Woodward made history by reporting the facts that eventually brought down a President.

So it’s no wonder the White House pounced. Not only were they upset that a journalist they counted as one of their own had spoken ill of their God, he was also the very man whose mighty pen slew the most powerful man in the free world back in 1974.

The only way we are going to keep Obama in check these next three and half years is to stand with the brave men and women who will dare to defy and tell the truth. I stand with you Mr. Woodward. Let us keep up the good fight.

The truth will set us free.