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Happy New Year December 31, 2012

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What will your 2013 be?

Fiscal Cliff December 21, 2012

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The End Is Near December 10, 2012

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A week from Friday is supposed to be Armageddon. That date on the Mayan calendar that purports to foretell the end of mankind. Well, I’m here to tell you, that day has come and gone. On November 6, the world as I knew it ceased to exist.

When America re-elected Obama we sealed the country’s doom. With a self-perceived mandate, the progressives in the country will march us straight into socialist hell. Capitalist conservatives like myself never, in a million years, imagined a world like this. But we let it happen. We let the progressive movement takeover the foundation of our civilization; education. They have spent the past 60 years indoctrinating three voting generations with their evil and now we are reaping what we let them sow.

The headlong plunge would not have been possible without the media. Their complicity in the propaganda campaign against the right was the coup de grace. We never had a chance.

So now what happens? Well, the wealthy should and will retreat. If I were rich I would be feverishly planning to protect my money from the have-nots. Yes, I once felt responsible with my wealth and being charitable was a duty. But giving to charities and underwriting untold events that benefited the poor wasn’t good enough. They had to slap me in the face and say I wasn’t entitled to my money and now they are going to take it away. The entitlement class just kicked me in the balls. So be it. You’ll never get another freely given nickel of my largess.

Obama and everyone on the left know that taxing the rich, even at 100% won’t begin to touch the deficit we have created. That’s right. If every American making over $250K was taxed 100% on every cent they made for ten years, we would still fall trillions short.

But sticking it to the rich just makes them feel better about their wretched lives and Obama knew that. That’s why he won.  It took 60 years for America to build up enough losers so they could out vote the winners. And this is what we get.

I for one would welcome an apocalyptic event like a species ending asteroid strike on Friday next. The ultimate reset. Let’s let Darwin take over and hopefully we’ll get it right the next time.meteor-strike

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