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Liberals are “Green Book” With Envy January 12, 2019

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Liberals are simply insane. I pray that this insanity will be their ultimate demise but that is for another post.


I just saw “Green Book”. It’s a period piece that tells the story of a white, Italian mobster wanna-be who’s hired to drive and protect a black musician while on a concert tour of the deep south.  The movie is based on the true story of pianist Don Shirley’s eight- week concert tour leading up to Christmas in 1962.

I had never heard of Shirley or the Green Book, an actual publication for blacks, that advertised where it was safe for them to eat and sleep in towns throughout the segregated South.

The movie begins by establishing the characters through well-crafted scenes and dialogue. Both characters are revealed to be deeply flawed but on such different levels.  Short of doing a full-blown movie review let me just say when a movie can enrage me, make me laugh and force a tear all inside 130 minutes, it was well worth the price of admission. But it was far better than that. (and the musical scenes were awesome!)

The movie’s subject touched the third rail in American culture, racism. Through this exquisitely acted feature, the tragedy of racism was exposed through the eyes of both its victims. That has set off the Libs in an attempt to destroy this movie from achieving the accolades that would corrupt their narrative.

From the movie trailer: Viggo Mortenson plays Tony Lip, a tough-talking bouncer from an Italian-American neighborhood in the Bronx. Mahershala Ali plays Dr. Don Shirley, a world-class African-American pianist in need of a driver and protection. Despite their differences, the two men soon develop an unexpected bond while confronting racism and danger in an era of segregation.

At the end of the movie (which BTW has a very “It’s A Wonderful Life” feel) we are refreshed by the knowledge that while white America sinned horribly against black America in the past, like Tony Lip, her heart has changed. Unfortunately, there are those who don’t acknowledge that.  

To reward “Green Book” with an Oscar will be rewarding what is good with humanity.

To ignore “Green Book” will be to continue hating and living with a closed heart.

Just Because I Am White I Am Not A Racist March 20, 2015

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Back in May, 2012 I posted this. It seems that as we draw closer and closer to the end of the Obama presidency the president and the Left are becoming more and more desperate to shove their progressive racism down America’s throat. This little incident is nothing but racism. This singer hasn’t lived on this earth long enough to even begin thinking about lecturing whites about racism. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Il) spouts his ‘Republicans are racists’ pap from the well of the senate.

I am afraid we have just begun to see the vile efforts by the progressives to further divide this country.

I can remember as a kid (growing up in very white suburbs) being repulsed any time one of my peers made a disparaging, racist remark against blacks. My parents raised me to look past skin color and judge the content of the person’s actions.

Now, the actions of a truly ignorant few are making it harder and harder to not judge the book by the cover. I honestly believe that if we had not elected a black president in 2008 race relations would be getting better not worse. Obama has chosen the wrong path. Instead of using his position to exalt the strides America has taken in the past 200 years that have provided the opportunity for a black man to become president, he has done the opposite. Instead of standing in the bully pulpit and proclaiming to Americans of color what a great system we have he has wasted his time  berating and blaming white America for the shortcomings of blacks. images

Of course race relations are just one of the myriad of issues I have with Obama. He’s a Socialist. He wants to weaken and punish America. He doesn’t believe America is the greatest country on earth. Those are the attributes I ascribe to any enemy of America. I fear these next 21 months will be a very troublesome time.

Racism March 27, 2012

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I admit to being envious when I read another author’s words that just seem so good; well thought out and strung together, they are a joy to read. I know I’m a hack at best when it comes to using the word as a means to make a point. I’m lazy. Just as I see the world, I tend to write in black and white. Yes the world’s tapestry is much more interesting when painted in the varied hues of diverse opinion but I don’t think we have that luxury right now.

This whole Trayvon Martin thing could very well be an Archduke Ferdinand moment. I say this because the Left and especially the Black Left are itching for a fight. The despicable racists, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, have leapt to the cause. This tragedy is just what they need to reinvigorate their useless careers as racial dividers and haters.  The New Black Panther movement, Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Sharpton, Jackson and all the followers of Black Liberation Theology are going to be the cause of some very bad things. They are not looking to join the diverse tapestry of humankind. They want to separate themselves and punish those they perceive guilty of creating their circumstances. It’s all about reparations for slavery and racism. Now I’m not naive enough to say there isn’t racism in the world. Of course there is. But it is nowhere near as prevalent or pervasive as Sharpton and Jackson and all the rest would make it out to be. These racists make their living selling racism. Without it, they’d have nothing to do and have to get a real job. Of course the media in America today is so biased and in the tank for the Left, Sharpton’s and Jackson’s job are made that much easier. CNN, the New York Times and all the rest of the liberal media are convicting the shooter before he has even been charged. They want so bad for this to be justification for their narrative they are willing to suspend even the modicum of journalistic ethics.

And then there is Obama. He is working diligently to create a society that will punish the successful (white) people and redistribute (reparations) the wealth to the downtrodden (black) people. He above all is the biggest perpetrator of racism in America.  I just hope America sees this before November because it’s as clear as black and white to me.

Chris Matthews – Swm January 28, 2010

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So what do you see?

Chris Matthews is undoubtedly the poster child for everything I hate about the Left. His comment, “For an hour, I forgot he was black’ after Obama’s SOTU speech last night, reveals the true colors of the MSNBC host.

This seemingly offhanded comment, uttered by anyone on the Right, would be fodder for weeks of editorial screeds and howling commentary on the proof Conservatives are racists. Yet Mr. ‘Tingle up my leg’ Matthews will not even be challenged by anyone on the Left for uttering such a blatantly racist comment. This comment reveals the dirty little secret that all Libs hide…THEY are the racists in our society and have cleverly managed to flip that perception onto the Conservatives through the deft assistance of the Media.

When I told my wife about the comment, her head snapped around and her jaw dropped to the floor. Her reaction was notable for the fact she doesn’t subscribe to nearly the degree of Rightness I do. She leans slightly right of center.  We both agreed that neither of us see Obama as Black. She said she just sees a man while I said I saw the amalgamation of Stalin, Mao and Che morphed into one face sitting on those shoulders.

As hard as it will be for any Liberal to believe that we, one very moderate and one very hard core Conservative, do not see a black man or identify Obama first by his race when we look at him, it is true.

Maybe it’s because my mother pounded the maxim, ‘do not judge a book by its cover’ into my head for as long as I could remember. I truly do not see ‘Black Man’ when I see Obama. What I see is ‘Socialist Man’ who happens to be Black. The same way I see Allen West as ‘Conservative Savior’ who happens to be Black.

So it was a nice try Chris Matthews, your recent interviews with Howard Dean and Florida Rep., Alan Grayson (interview starts 3:50 into piece) almost made me believe you were in fact a professional journalist able to put aside personal political beliefs and do what a real journalist does, report the facts without bias or political slant. Now I realize those two interviews, coming right after Scott Brown’s stunning win in Massachusetts, were  smoke screens.

When I look at you Chris Matthews, I don’t see a White man, I see a ‘racist hack’ that happens to be White.

Chris Matthews – Stupid White Man

UPDATE: Fabulous 500 words on the subject from ACE

Desperation September 16, 2009

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We’re not even out of the the first round of this heavy weight bout and the success of the Tea Party movement, the recent exposure of ACORN, the Van Jones debacle and the failure of the administration to sell its socialistic health care has the administration’s supporters gasping for air.  Now it looks as if they’ve thrown in the proverbial towel with their sudden claims of everything is racism.

Just ten short months since the election and the left has decided to play their trump card, their nuclear option—the race card.

Everywhere you look Obama is getting slapped down for his socialism and it’s being done by rank and file Americans, the majority being white because the majority of America is white and yet those that dissent are labeled racists because they oppose the black president.

Sign at Tea Party march in Washington, DC

Sign at Tea Party march in Washington, DC

President Jimmy Carter said yesterday that U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst to President Barack Obama during a speech to Congress last week was an act “based on racism” and rooted in fears of a black president. Read any left wing blog and all you see are claims of racism. If you speak out against Obama, you’re a racist. Look at what they are saying about Glenn Beck.

I have to admit I didn’t think this would happen as soon as it did and frankly I hoped it wouldn’t happen at all because if it did, it would mark a terrible setback in the progress of race relations in this country.

Obama would be wise to not only separate himself from this rhetoric but rebuke it. If he doesn’t— he might as well not even answer the bell for round two.