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The Adventure Realized II February 1, 2009

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The Adventure Realized continued….

All the information I read on the flush says the first evacuation will be the biggest with the most gall stones present.  That was going to be the case with me.

The contents of the toilet bowl yielded almost exactly what the experts said it would.  I counted about 35 pea sized gall stones floating in the water.  There was quite a bit of other rude looking matter as well but nothing I wouldn’t expect to come out of the depths of my bowels. The largest of the stones was larger than the average pea. The smallest— the size of cupcake sprinkles. They all shared a common characteristic, they were green and they were floating.

What I’m about to describe might be a tad gross for some but I just had to know.  I plucked one of the larger stones out of the bowl for a closer examination.  It was certainly solid but had the consistency of soft wax.  Very easy to squish yet stayed congealed.  The ‘pea’ was uniform in color throughout and contained nothing that I  could see.

My examination through, I washed my hands thoroughly with disinfecant soap and flushed my first round goodbye.

During the next two hours I had three more evacuations, each one yielding less and less stones.  The flush directions call for the last ingestion of Epsom salt two hours after the first evacuation.  I did it.  Not five minutes later another colonic spasm produced evacuation #5.  This was mostly light yellow water and just six  very small stones.  My sixth and last evacuation came 40 minutes later and yielded just 3 tiny stones.

In all, I estimate I passed nearly 80 gall stones.  Very typical according to the info I had read.

As the day wore on I began to feel more and more energy.  I juiced my usual 32 ounces of veggies around 11am.  I had a semi-normal bowel movement after that (it was mostly liquid) and didn’t eat anything solid until 6pm that night.

The next morning I had a normal bowel movement with no sign of gall stones present.  I felt very good, clear headed and full of energy.  My emotions had settled down remarkably too.


All bodily functions back to normal!  When I awoke the morning after the flush I  had no discomfort whatsoever in my abdomen/gall bladder. As the day wore on the pain slowly returned—much to my surprise.  It wasn’t as pronounced but it was still there nonetheless. I will be making a follow up visit to my doctor for his consultation.  Most of the information that I have read suggest a second flush within 2 weeks.  Some say 10 or more are needed to completely rid the body of all stones.  (The thought of nine more of these is not appetizing!)   I will keep you posted.

The Adventure Realized January 30, 2009

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I completed my first liver flush last night.  Although the actual flush itself occurs  30 minutes after ingestion of the last ingredients, the process began six days ago and the consequences will probably be with me for most of the day. More on that later.

I determined that a internal cleansing of my liver and more appropriately– my gallbladder, was in order.  I had been experiencing pain and distention on my right side for a while now.  Having  lost 40 pounds since I introduced juicing to my lifestyle 5 months ago my body has responded in different ways and was beginning to ‘tell’ me what it needed.

Just before I started the flush (which I will describe in detail later) I visited a Chiropractor recommended to me by a Colon hydro-therapist I had visited (that’s for another post!).  My visit was initially for an adjustment to my back which ‘just felt’ like it needed to be tweaked.

I didn’t realize that the Chiropractor was also a licensed acupuncturist and as soon as he had me on the table he prodded multiple places across my back and asked a very interesting question.

“Are you having gall bladder trouble?”

His question surprised me.  He went on to ask if I also was having an issue with my heart.  I said I didn’t think so. But then I came clean about my gall bladder issue and impending flush. He explained that I didn’t need an adjustment or a flush, I needed acupuncture.

Having never experienced acupuncture I was eager to try it. He  proceeded to insert four needles in different places on my back (which I barely felt) and said after this I could pass on the flush.  I politely explained that I had just bought $60 worth of organic apples from Whole Foods so I was going to do the flush!

The session lasted just 15 minutes.  I ended up getting a small adjustment anyway and went on my merry way impressed the doctor diagnosed my gall bladder issue just from touching my back.  I will also say that I did experience short term relief from the pain in my gallbladder that day.  It lasted about 8 hours.

Armed with confirmation that my self diagnosis was correct I  started the 5 day cleanse.  To save time I will link to the sight whose protocol I followed.


Let me begin by saying I chose to begin the process with an apple fast.  Some protocols say it’s ok to eat regular meals for the first 4 days, then fast just for the last one.  I wanted to give myself the best shot at making this work so I ate and drank nothing but apples and apple juice for four of the five days (I cheated on day one).


I had read and been told to expect the effects of detoxification after a few days.  Physical symptoms include headache, nausea, light headedness and gastric distress.  I experienced all but the nausea in varying degrees.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the psychological detox that started.

About day three I started to feel much more emotional about everything. Odd thoughts and old memories bubbled to the surface and kept me on edge.  I awoke at 2:30am on day four both in physical and emotional pain. I kept myself together by knowing this would be over very soon.

The Flush

Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate.  It is used in this procedure as a laxative and is reported to relax the bile ducts.

At 2pm I prepared the Epsom salt/distilled water solution–3 cups of water and 4 tablespoons of Epsom salt.  I followed the directions of the flush and ate a no-fat or oil lunch of veggies and a toasted English muffin. That was it for food. At 6pm I ingested my first of four, 3/4 cups of  the distilled water/Epsom salt solution.  Blecchh!   It tastes terrible.

Twenty minutes later the laxative properties of the magnesium sulfate were proved! Twenty minutes after that they were proved again!  Now, nothing but what was in my intestines was being evacuated at this point…the actual flush of the gall bladder wouldn’t occur until later.

At 8pm I took my second dose of Epsom salt water.  More evacuations followed, 100% liquid each time.

At 9:45 it was the moment I had been waiting for.  I mixed the juice of two red grapefruits with a 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil and shook it up in a container.  I knew this was going to be tough but I just did it.  I downed the oily mixture all at once pausing briefly in the middle to breathe.  Not a pleasant experience but not quite as bad as I had imagined.  At least I didn’t hurl.

I immediately followed the directions and laid down on my right side with my legs tucked tightly to my chest.  I was anxious to feel  the result of the flush as I had read what physically is occurring inside me.  I was surprised that I didn’t feel much.  The occasional gurgle and growl but nothing more than what I have experienced eating a big burrito.  Amazingly too, I didn’t feel the need to go to the bathroom.  After 35 minutes. I got up, brushed my teeth and went back to bed.

This morning

I was up at 5:30am.  I followed the directions and drank the third of my four epsom salt doses.  Just 5 minutes later I ran for the bathroom.

…to be continued.

Getting healthy II November 24, 2008

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I made it through my first full week of juicing and I’m still here to write about it! As I wrote in my previous post, my Breville XXJE95XL Two Speed Juice Fountain Plus arrived last week from Amazon.com.  I purchased a factory reconditioned model ($89 – no tax or shipping) for half the price of the new ones.  It arrived in perfect condition and unless you saw the  ‘factory reconditioned’ stamp on the box, you’d never know.

I promptly went to the store and bought $42.00 worth of vegetables.  I started with hearts of romaine. celery, carrots, Gala apples and some fresh ginger root.  The first thing you realize when you start juicing is just how little juice is yielded in comparison to the bulk of veggies processed.  (I did find adjusting my technique of the actual process yielded more juice in future juicing.)

The selection of veggies I juiced produced a rather unattractive colored liquid.  The carrots turned the light green base into a rusty brown. The taste however was sensational.  I juiced: one head of romaine, three large carrots, two stalksof celery, two apples and a half-inch plug of peeled ginger. It yielded about 20 ounces of juice. This was my first taste of freshly juiced vegetables and It was delicious. 

I juiced that same recipe for seven days.  About the third day I started to notice a few changes in my body.  Number one was I wasn’t hungry for 6-8 hours after drinking the juice. Twenty ounces of liquid satiated me.  I would eat something light around 4pm and I was good till before bed.  Not wanting to eat much and then go to sleep, I treated myself to a 100 calorie, low fat ice cream bar.  That did the trick.

The next noticeable change was my regularity.  Most nutritionists and health concious experts say you should have something come out pretty soon after putting something in; just like it was when we were babies.  Well, juicing started me on the path to regularity; juice in-juice out!

The third change was in weight-loss and energy level. I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that I had lost 3 pounds in a week.  I also hadn’t wanted to take a nap around 3pm every afternoon.

I figure I’ll spend about $135 per month in fresh vegetables which breaks down to $4.50/day.  If I subtract the value of the meal I am replacing and factor in the health benefits, I think this is a very wise choice indeed. My juicer has already started paying me back.  More updates to come….