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2014 Prediction January 2, 2014

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Here’s a prediction for 2014. The catastrophe that is Obamacare will end up serving the Progressive Movement perfectly, just not in the way they originally intended. As the actions of the ‘law of the land’ unfold the collapse of established systems will serve to create another ‘perfect storm’ that will ultimately give Obama and his evil-doers the excuse to invoke emergency powers.

The financial upheaval caused by the implementation of this program just might be the catalyst to sparking massive social unrest. Fearing this as a serious threat to his plan for ‘transforming America’, Obama will turn Americans on Americans. Liberty will be obliterated.

Let’s look at how this lurch to the left is speeding up.

An avowed communist is now the mayor of New York City—America’s largest and most influential metropolis. Common Core, the socialistic horror being accepted as the ‘new curriculum’ in our public schools has slipped silently into the mainstream. Capitalism is being attacked at every turn in America. During his re-election campaign in 2008, Obama told us exactly what he was going to do to entrepreneurship in America.

Is it any wonder why Americans are buying guns and ammunition at a dizzying rate? People can only be pushed so far. This socialist president, who lied about Obamacare, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and the list goes on and on, has pushed America about as far as she can go.

I hope my prediction is wrong. I hope America wakes up in 2014 and stops this man from destroying the country and I hope it can be done peacefully.

LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE! October 28, 2013

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Our socialist president is a liar or so says his White House.


Impeach the SOB.

Dead Men And Women Walking* September 27, 2013

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The blood of Obamacare is on your hands you scumbags.



This list of gutless RINO’s need to be defeated. I will support financially any true Conservative who seeks to unseat these disgusting politicians. If you believe like I do, send any money you can directly to the candidates looking to defeat these piles of excrement in 2014 and beyond.

*A note for the NSA, FBI and CIA. the headline of this post in no way implies I am promoting or condoning any actual physical harm befall these douche bags. I merely  wish they lose their jobs as politicians and the ability to keep screwing America.

The Silent Majority No More January 7, 2011

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The war has begun. Not 24 hours into the new Congress and the Republican majority has set its sights on repealing the long list of liberal BS enacted by the last Congress. The big prize is of course Obama Care but there’s some low hanging fruit that will certainly be picked before they can amass the votes to derail the biggest socialist takeover in the history of this country.

If the New Conservatives in Congress can keep up this level of energy we’ll be fine. Call, e-mail or write your congressperson with your support. They need to know we are behind them 100%.