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Illegal December 1, 2017

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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With the failure of a San Francisco jury to find illegal immigrant and convicted felon Garcia Zarate guilty of the murder of Kate Stienle, Liberalism has once again exposed its immoral soul.

While I found the outcome of the trial to be a shocking failure of everything decent, I cannot imagine the horror the Stienle family must be experiencing.

Only in a world of rampant liberalism can an outcome like this happen. The insidious disease of liberalism has so infected the minds of the California jurors and more specifically San Francisco jurors, that justice and truth no longer matter.

I would like to think the prosecutors in this case were simply feckless and failed miserably in presenting their case. While I was not present at the trial I simply cannot imagine that the army of state prosecutors working this case and knowing it was far more than a local murder trial would fail to present sufficient evidence for a reasonable jury to render a guilty murder verdict. This case had taken on national and international importance—and that’s why Zarate was found not guilty. The President had weighed in with his personal thoughts on this case months before and now 12 loathsome San Franciscans got to tell him to go to hell with their decision.

The message was clear from this execrable jury. Here in San Francisco we make the law and the rest of the United States and every other country that supports the rule of law can go to Hell. Our liberal values are the law and we don’t care and don’t want anything else.

I visited San Francisco over 25 years ago—before it  had totally slid into the Sodom and Gomorrah it is now. Yes, it was liberal but there wasn’t the burning hatred of the outside world like there is today.

This miscarriage of justice will now be the reason I never revisit this city or the state again.  I know it’s wrong to wish bad things upon others and I should strive to forgive and not judge. But I am weak and have many miles ahead in my journey to becoming more Christlike. It’s hard not to relate to the biblical metaphor of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The recent devastating fires in the Bay area that were preceded by the floods of last year might just be predating something even more devastating. If man cannot change the hearts of the wicked maybe God can—or damn them to Hell.