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I Have Your Back Mr. President January 5, 2018

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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The Left has a fever. A potentially fatal disease.

It all began with that grand escalator entrance to his presidential announcement at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015. Donald J. Trump infected the leftist press with an antigen that has metastasized into TDS—Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Nothing about DJT is the status quo. He has defied convention from the beginning and with each week he shows us a new level of idiosyncratic, nonconformist, self-directed, self-sufficient leadership. His disdain for Obama and his socialist policies and the fervor to erase them have fueled an anger among the elitist Left that is delicious requital for his base. His actions incense the Left but are equally derided by the establishment Right. They  fear his ‘go-it-alone’ populism and his antipathy for politics as usual.

He has Robert Mueller and the Dark State conspiring to dethrone him. His closest confidants (Bannon) have begun to throw bombs (rhetorical) at him and the Press is now convincing themselves through repeated stories that the President has a mental condition and is unfit to serve.

And yet he tweets on—driving his enemies further into their self-created Hell.

I didn’t want Donald Trump for President in the beginning. I, along with many, was put off by his bombast and questioned whether he possessed the skill set to be President. But that skill set was based on an old paradigm. As the campaign wore on Trump began to create his own paradigm. He was fearless and unafraid to say what career politicians would never utter.  That is because Trump isn’t a politician. He is a warrior general. He is the leader so many in this country have longed for. A crusader, atop a mighty steed with broad sword waving leading his subjects into battle with the Establishment.

Trump has defied everything and everyone. He has set a course that will right the direction of this country—away from the socialistic drift Obama charted.  He threatens those who know they are not able to compete in an open capitalistic culture and that is a very dangerous thing.  When your foe feels their back is to the wall you must be prepared for anything.

I am praying for you Mr. President. I will ride with you into battle, my broadsword held high.




Illegal December 1, 2017

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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With the failure of a San Francisco jury to find illegal immigrant and convicted felon Garcia Zarate guilty of the murder of Kate Stienle, Liberalism has once again exposed its immoral soul.

While I found the outcome of the trial to be a shocking failure of everything decent, I cannot imagine the horror the Stienle family must be experiencing.

Only in a world of rampant liberalism can an outcome like this happen. The insidious disease of liberalism has so infected the minds of the California jurors and more specifically San Francisco jurors, that justice and truth no longer matter.

I would like to think the prosecutors in this case were simply feckless and failed miserably in presenting their case. While I was not present at the trial I simply cannot imagine that the army of state prosecutors working this case and knowing it was far more than a local murder trial would fail to present sufficient evidence for a reasonable jury to render a guilty murder verdict. This case had taken on national and international importance—and that’s why Zarate was found not guilty. The President had weighed in with his personal thoughts on this case months before and now 12 loathsome San Franciscans got to tell him to go to hell with their decision.

The message was clear from this execrable jury. Here in San Francisco we make the law and the rest of the United States and every other country that supports the rule of law can go to Hell. Our liberal values are the law and we don’t care and don’t want anything else.

I visited San Francisco over 25 years ago—before it  had totally slid into the Sodom and Gomorrah it is now. Yes, it was liberal but there wasn’t the burning hatred of the outside world like there is today.

This miscarriage of justice will now be the reason I never revisit this city or the state again.  I know it’s wrong to wish bad things upon others and I should strive to forgive and not judge. But I am weak and have many miles ahead in my journey to becoming more Christlike. It’s hard not to relate to the biblical metaphor of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The recent devastating fires in the Bay area that were preceded by the floods of last year might just be predating something even more devastating. If man cannot change the hearts of the wicked maybe God can—or damn them to Hell.



What’s In A Name November 16, 2017

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Here’s hoping for a ‘made-for-TV’ moment. Jeopardy is in the final rounds of their Tournament of Champions this week. Most years the finals are among three eggish geniuses whose personalities couldn’t fill a petrie dish. This year however, two of the finalists are off-the-charts smart with outlandish personas to match. Austin ‘Buzzy’ Cohen is a nattily dressed, oddly bespectacled, Columbia University graduate who is both charming and annoyingly full of himself. The other is Austin Rogers who, can only be described as a lovable kook. Rogers is a bartender from New York City who admits he can barely pour a beer and is NOT a hipster. His quirky antics coupled with an exceptional knowledge base and his uncanny ability to answer correctly when he has bet big earned him $411,000 and a ticket to the finals. So tonight we see round one of the two-night Tournament of Champions final. The battle of the Austins. Oh, yes, there will be a third contestant— but even if they win I probably won’t remember their name.


Austin Rogers


Austin ‘Buzzy’ Cohen




Update:  The two-day final did not disappoint in terms of entertainment value.  Both Buzzy, the new Champion and Austin, who placed third, were in fine form and even Alan Lin, the third contestant used his nervousness to charm the audience. I will say I thought the questions, especially two of the daily doubles, were way too easy for the Tournament of Champions.  Even though my favorite came in third I’m betting we’ll be seeing Austin Rogers on TV again somewhere.

An Alien Organism March 9, 2017

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Since the inauguration of Donald Trump to the highest office in the land, the events of the past 6 weeks have been a whip-saw of emotions. I have been in: shock, awe, elation and now fear.

The attempts by the left to sabotage Trump are no surprise. I expected the usual delay, deny and denigration the Democrats are known for. What I wasn’t ready for was the depth of their depravity in attacking the President.

First it was Mike Flynn and his alleged ties to Russia based on accusations gleaned from wiretaps. Then it was Monica Crowley, Fox News contributor who was forced to decline an offer to join Trump’s National Security Council due to accusations of plagiarism in her book, “What The (Bleep) Just Happened”. And now, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing testimony has been hailed as perjury by the democrats. They are seeking his resignation because he didn’t reveal he had met with the Russian Ambassador during the normal course of being a senator.

The damage was done.

Even with flat out denials from the former head of the National Intelligence Agency, James Clapper, the mainstream media continued to scream from the rooftops that wiretaps proved Flynn had colluded with the Russians during the Trump presidential campaign and therefore must be removed from his position as NSA chief.

(Sadly, it wasn’t an alleged wiretap that doomed Flynn but his inexplicable lying to the Vice President about the incident.)

In a recent interview on Fox, Crowley said, “What happened to me was a despicable, straight up political hit job. OK. It’s been debunked. My editor has completely supported me and backed me up,” she said. Unfortunately the fledgling Trump administration couldn’t take the time or the risk and had to cut Crowley loose. The evil press had done its job, smeared another Trump appointee with what has turned out to be a baseless lie.

Crowley echoed the views of other right-wing commentators, saying that she and the president were the victims of the “Deep State.”

“Having been a victim of this myself, they are out for blood,” she said. “And the reason they have to destroy him is that Donald Trump is an alien organism that has been injected into the body politic of the American people to reform it. They have swarmed him, they have swarmed everybody around him in order reject him out of the system, just like any alien organism.”


There is a very dangerous and very effective destabilization campaign underway against this president, his administration and his agenda.

This is how very bad things happen in a country. Things that can destroy a democracy.

This polarization of ideologies will only end when one side completely destroys the other. I fear those times are coming.

Yay Team November 9, 2016

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The morning after…emotions are high. After enduring 8 years of my team losing, we finally won.

At 2:45 this morning when the race was called by Fox, I was so tempted to run outside, stand in the middle of my driveway and gleefully scream away 8 years of frustration. Eight years of enduring the nightmare of having a socialist in the White House. Eight years of hearing smug, liberal hypocrites tell me I’m a racist. Eight years of watching the Constitution trampled and liberty reduced to a fleeting thought.

My faith in the American people has been restored—for now. Is Trump the right man for the job? We will see. I can absolutely say Hillary was the wrong woman. Our Republic came within a whisker of falling to the Progressive onslaught. A Clinton presidency would have driven the final nail into that coffin. They were oh so close.

But as Trump said in his acceptance speech early this morning, there’s no time to waste. We must start to reverse the abomination of the past 8 years and begin to rebuild the institutions that have been overrun by the Left. It needs to start in the schools. American History, taught without the guilt-ridden spin the left shames white males with, needs to be mandatory in every grade through high school. American students need to know how this country was founded and the principals our way of life is based on.

The media needs to be called out for their bias—consumers have a choice and should exercise it.

Political correctness needs to be challenged whenever it happens. It is used as a weapon by the Left to stigmatize anyone who dares speak the truth— that can no longer go unchecked.

The Left has been working diligently for nearly 100 years to ‘fundamentally change’ America. This one election will only stave off that unrelenting quest for 4 or possibly 8 years. The enemy will not rest. They will be working hard to regroup and rethink how to destroy the system that is the greatest yet devised by man. I thank God a majority, as slim as it was, realized the peril we faced with a Hillary win.

So today I smile. For the first time in 8 years I am proud of my country. My team won.Gadsden Flag

The Gift Of Gab June 29, 2016

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I just returned from a visit to Ireland with a tour group. While there I had several interesting conversations with the locals who were keenly interested in what was going on in the States regarding our upcoming election. While the consensus among all I talked with was America’s options where bad and really bad, I found the rationale behind their opinions curious. It was unanimous that they thought Trump was a raving lunatic and would certainly start dropping atomic bombs on everyone once he got elected. In the same breath they thought Hillary was a psychopathic liar and was in the race for her own good and not the country’s. When asked who they would choose, almost to a person they chose Hillary over Trump. I asked why and got some interesting answers. One chap, who I thought the least liberal of all I spoke to was simply more comfortable with the known quantity of Hillary. He said everyone knows she’s a liar but she would probably work with Europe and the rest of the world better than Trump would. A key comment was about how Hillary was much more sympathetic to Europe’s socialism and would probably push the States more in that direction—something he liked.

Another gentleman was put off by Trump’s ego and bombast calling him some colorful names I shall not repeat.

They asked me how could someone like Trump win the nomination. Being on a tour with 100 guests I knew it was not the time nor the place to delve very deep into my personal thoughts but I did share with him a few pearls that probably wouldn’t get me into any trouble. Green_harp_flag_of_Ireland_17th_century.svg

I began by saying a large number of Americans are fed up with our open borders. I did not hide my disdain for Obama and his actions these past 8 years. I said a growing number of Americans see the destruction of our American way of life due to Obama’s ‘no border’ policy and want to stop it. I was challenged by one bloke who said America was always the place immigrants could go to have it better. I agreed but said that unlike the great European immigrations of the 18th and 19th centuries, today’s migrants have little desire to assimilate and take full advantage of the asinine policy of offering welfare, medical care and other social benefits right out of the gate.  I reminded him that his ancestors, who risked their lives to leave a starving nation, brought with them a fierce work ethic, a strong belief in God and a determination to assimilate and join the new country as proud citizens—all things none of the ‘new immigrants’ choose to do.

I also told him Trump hit a nerve with people fed up with career politicians. As someone outside of the Washington mainstream, who promised to self-fund his campaign, Trump seems like a chance to break away from the politics-as-usual. On this point I got the only real agreement from my Irish friends. They too were weary of their career pols walking the halls of the Irish Parliament in Dublin and understood my position.

The Republic of Ireland is not as socialistic as the UK. Don’t get me wrong though, they’re still far too liberal for me and their people expect the State to provide much of what I do not want it to provide here in America.

While I never told any of the people I talked to who I would vote for in November, I did say I would never vote for Hillary. I explained we have had far too many crooks, liars and thieves in Washington and I wasn’t about to reward another one with the Presidency.

trump hair

Donald Trump


Illustration nicked from sweasel.com