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Liberals Gonna Lose May 2, 2019

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This story from the AP can be classified in a variety of ways. Foremost, it’s probably ‘fake news’. A contrived bit of wishful narrative the Left is so fond of espousing as fact.  Judging from the author’s first quote in the article (by a 46-year-old elementary school teacher in a Seattle suburb) that choice is hysterically stereotypical of a skewed poll. But forgiving that, the issue that America needs to radically change its rules so Presidents don’t get to be Presidents is absurd.

Think for a moment how that elementary teacher from the suburbs of Seattle would feel if Hillary had become President (I just threw up in my mouth…).

clinton lose

greatest night of my life…

The most corrupt politician in the modern era would be careening the country to the left; destroying capitalism daily and enriching herself at the trough of political graft. All the while lying to the masses that by kneecapping the rich with higher taxes, burying the system under smothering regulations and passing out enough free shit to placate the mobs, the US is once again a ‘fair place to live’. Would that elementary teacher still be clamoring for a complete overhaul of our system now?

So I guess we can add ‘sore losers’ to the long list of character flaws liberals possess.

I cannot imagine the wretched existence they all must lead knowing they do not possess the skills needed  to succeed in a capitalistic society and must change the rules in order to win.

Of course, they won’t admit that it is they who are the failures. They will blame the evil conservatives who have created a system that rewards hard work, entrepreneurship and competition; endeavors they are not willing to participate in. Seattle Mayor Signs Bill Raising City's Minimum Wage To 15 Dollars An Hour

The only thing that needs to change in this country is to destroy liberalism and the politicians who espouse it.  I hope we are getting close to the day when someone will have the stones to say publicly that no one should be paid $15 an hour just because they want $15 an hour.  In a free market, people earn a wage commensurate with their value to the company. They should never get nor do they deserve anything else. Coveting others successes and failing to accept their lot in life cannot be the reason to up end a system that provides the opportunity for everyone to succeed based on their God-given talents and the application of same.

Liberals, stop being losers. Join the winners on the conservative team.

Brexit Baby! March 12, 2019

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Our British friends are facing a challenge that will more or less be faced by the US, just on a different subject, in the near future.  With Brexit nearing the March 29th drop dead date, Parliament has again resoundingly voted against taking the EU on its word regarding a trade backstop and extending the time period for negotiating an amicable divorce.

What should have been a simple yes or no decision by the British Parliament has now devolved into a complex display of politics that has paired staunch adversaries together and divided once strong allies in a nightmarish Kabuki theater that frankly should be the canary in the coal mine for America.

The separation of the UK from the EU is essentially hung up on the trade situation surrounding the Republic of Ireland, an EU member and Northern Ireland, a member of the UK. The two countries have enjoyed a seamless relationship on their joint border with trade and travel. That free flow of people and commerce would come to an end if some type of agreement between the EU and the UK isn’t arranged when UK leaves the EU—a trade backstop. An unfettered border between Ireland and N. Ireland would upset the complicated trade agreements the EU has negotiated and ultimately reduce their control and power.

In sales, the expression “time kills all deals” is never so evident than what’s going on in Britain right now.  Nearly three years ago a majority of wise limey’s voted to leave the socialist cabal of the EU.  They were getting screwed royally by the other 27 members and finally grew a pair and voted to leave.  But like any long-term relationship, breaking up is hard to.  Those years have been a study in classic political wrangling.

So now just 17 days away from the divorce date I’m watching a socialist MP from Scotland demanding another vote of the people arguing the masses were too stupid to know what they voted for three years ago. Typical liberal. Just like his counterparts over here. They can’t handle the will of the majority and will do anything to overthrow the outcome (impeach Trump!)

With the Labour party and their propaganda arm, the media, preaching their Henny Penny screed if Brexit happens, the New World Order around the world is praying to their devil that the UK blinks and remains in the EU.

The British would be good to revisit their own history. King Charles I dissolved Parliament in 1629 after the Commons passed a number of motions against the King’s recent actions.

Like Charles, who believed his royal prerogative allowed him to rule without Parliament, the Labour party thinks they can usurp the will of the people by calling for another vote.

I pray the rule of law wins because if it doesn’t we will see the inevitable battle between good and evil much sooner than we want. That battle will no longer be MP’s slinging “here here’s” and “harumphs” across the despatch boxes. There will be blood in the streets



Gimme Da Money February 13, 2019

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donkey chompersIf it’s not from one extreme side, it’s from the other. Since her election to Congress, we have been forced to endure the socialist rantings of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Everyday she spouts off on a demand to change America into a progressive utopia that has worked so well in all the places it’s been tried (sarcasm emphasized).

Now, the world’s second richest man, Bill Gates, is crying us a river of guilt over his enormous wealth and telling us no one has the right to be that wealthy.

It’s easier for me to understand AOC’s envy-based coveting of the successes of capitalism. She sure seems to be a low IQ loser whose only chance at a decent paying job was to become a politician.

Gates‘ whining remorse comes from a man who used that very capitalism to succeed beyond his wildest dreams and now suffers from BS, “billionaire shame”. I call bull shit.

There is however a simple solution to these two chuckleheads.  Let’s let AOC keep lecturing us on why we must ban airplanes and abandon our cars. Even the looniest of the Left will eventually shut her down because she’s sucking too much of their oxygen out of their room.

And Bill?  My solution is really a win-win here.  Since your money is burning a hole in your soul, unburden yourself and let it burn a hole in my pocket.  Make that check out to Fritz Breland, My New Utopia, USA.


Liberals are “Green Book” With Envy January 12, 2019

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Liberals are simply insane. I pray that this insanity will be their ultimate demise but that is for another post.


I just saw “Green Book”. It’s a period piece that tells the story of a white, Italian mobster wanna-be who’s hired to drive and protect a black musician while on a concert tour of the deep south.  The movie is based on the true story of pianist Don Shirley’s eight- week concert tour leading up to Christmas in 1962.

I had never heard of Shirley or the Green Book, an actual publication for blacks, that advertised where it was safe for them to eat and sleep in towns throughout the segregated South.

The movie begins by establishing the characters through well-crafted scenes and dialogue. Both characters are revealed to be deeply flawed but on such different levels.  Short of doing a full-blown movie review let me just say when a movie can enrage me, make me laugh and force a tear all inside 130 minutes, it was well worth the price of admission. But it was far better than that. (and the musical scenes were awesome!)

The movie’s subject touched the third rail in American culture, racism. Through this exquisitely acted feature, the tragedy of racism was exposed through the eyes of both its victims. That has set off the Libs in an attempt to destroy this movie from achieving the accolades that would corrupt their narrative.

From the movie trailer: Viggo Mortenson plays Tony Lip, a tough-talking bouncer from an Italian-American neighborhood in the Bronx. Mahershala Ali plays Dr. Don Shirley, a world-class African-American pianist in need of a driver and protection. Despite their differences, the two men soon develop an unexpected bond while confronting racism and danger in an era of segregation.

At the end of the movie (which BTW has a very “It’s A Wonderful Life” feel) we are refreshed by the knowledge that while white America sinned horribly against black America in the past, like Tony Lip, her heart has changed. Unfortunately, there are those who don’t acknowledge that.  

To reward “Green Book” with an Oscar will be rewarding what is good with humanity.

To ignore “Green Book” will be to continue hating and living with a closed heart.

An Open Letter To Mitt Romney January 2, 2019

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Hey Mitt, you’re a loser. Just shut your pie hole.

You lost to Obama and Trump kicked your ass and became President.

So now you got yourself a new gig as the junior senator from Utah and it’s time to start spouting off against the President?  Your anti-Donald Trump op-ed was an act of ‘calculated political treachery’ against my President and the conservatism I stand for.

You attack the President’s character as if this was the first time for you to see how he rolls.  Don’t you remember how he spanked you during the 2018 primary and showed America he doesn’t take prisoners?

I admit I was excited when you ran in 2012 against Obama. Not so much about your political skills but as you weren’t Obama.  I went to see your rally at the convention center in West Palm Beach.  You were charming and said all the right things—I thought you had what it takes to win and I voted for you. But you lost because you underestimated your adversary. You needed a killer instinct to defeat Obama and his media propagandists. You needed to be like Trump.

I don’t want gentile Mr. Romney. I want a General Sherman marching his way to victory and not afraid to burn down anything in his way. You establishment Republicans will always lose because it’s in your DNA to do so.  You don’t have the stomach to destroy your enemies. You’re happy to play the power sharing game where each side sits for a spell and then swaps spots.  Unfortunately, the Left has no desire to play that game anymore Mitt. They are playing for keeps; to destroy capitalism.

So you’re angling to primary the President in 2020. You think you have the grace and charm, the gravitas to be the President you think America wants?  You’re wrong. Only weak minds will follow you—the same people who think getting a participation trophy is more important than actually winning.

Do yourself and America a favor and stay holed up in Utah with your mouth closed until 2024.

I don’t care what my neighbors think, I don’t care what other countries think and I certainly don’t care what you think about our President. He is doing what needs to be done to save this country from the evils of Socialism.

And if you do decide to challenge the President in 2020, just be prepared to  frequently change those Mormon underwear.



Talk Like A Pirate Day September 18, 2018

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—-Reposted from 2009

Let’s all TLAP!