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Talking Heads Give Thanks April 26, 2011

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A sad milestone; the inventor of the Teleprompter has died. I wrote about the device in an earlier post here. RIP  ‘Hub’.


What Will They Say April 21, 2011

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I went to a funeral last night. It was for someone I did not know personally. The funeral home was packed with family and friends. It was an open casket, only the second I had ever been to.

The deceased’s boss was one of the eulogizers. He spoke without notes, straight from the heart with a surety and confidence that in itself was comforting. He used adjectives like, honorable, hard-working, loyal, trustworthy, “his word was his bond”.  He painted a picture of a God-loving man whose family came first and the rest of the world was a close second. Those same adjectives were repeated over and over with each speaker.

A fine husband, father and grandfather has passed over and is now on that part of the journey that we all will take one day.

I wonder what words will be spoken about me when I pass.

The Weasel On Muslims April 13, 2011

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Poached from a favorite blogger:

You know, it is a huge thing we’re asking of the Middle East and Afghanistan. We’re asking them to catch up to, like, 400 years of Western cultural shift. Overnight.

We’re demanding they instantly accept attitudes toward self-government and religion that it took us hundreds of years and a few nasty wars to reach.

We’re asking them to adopt attitudes about women we’ve only reached in the last forty years and attitudes to homosexuality we’ve only realized in the last twenty.

And some of the stuff we’re pushing on them has to look pretty unattractive. They could be forgiven for thinking free speech and a secular society inevitably results in our current style of slutty, trashy popular culture. (I don’t think it is inevitable. I think it took a relentless campaign to eradicate shame to make that happen).

It’s not exactly sympathy. But I think we asking for a huge leap from…excitable people. I’ll be astonished if the Arab Spring ends well. Or soon.

Pay The Penalty April 10, 2011

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I gotta vent. I’m driving this morning and I come to a red light. It’s four lanes of traffic with the far left lane a dedicated left turn. I’m in the second from left lane six cars back. As the light turns green we all start to move except for the lane to my right which is a straight only lane. Some moron decides they want to turn left and have failed to go.

They have their left turn signal blinking and the wheels slightly turned to the left but stopped dead in their tracks. This is a big intersection with lots of traffic. I bet there were at least 70 cars in all four lanes waiting for the green light. This inconsiderate idiot decides they don’t want to pay the price of doing a u-turn up at the next intersection. They would rather make everyone behind them suffer for their selfishness.

This is what’s wrong with our country. No one is willing to pay the penalty anymore, regardless of how it may effect anyone else. This lady got an earful and thankfully I wasn’t in her lane or I would have surely added to the displeasure honking her way. It’s those times I wish I had a vaporizing ray gun…man I could fix up this world in a hurry.

April Fool’s Day April 1, 2011

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How’s this one. Today is my mother-in-law’s and my step mother’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Nana and Freda!