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Now Is The Time November 10, 2012

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I have been a member of the A.R.E. for 20 years and a student of the Cayce readings since I was introduced to them when I was 22. Now is the time to share with my friends what I believe is the truth. The Cayce readings and the teachings they espouse have guided me ever since I learned of them. I will not proselytize but I would invite you to check it out and make your own decisions as to their veracity. I started by reading the book There Is A River by Thomas Sugrue. It’s a good place to start. The following is a recent blog post from an A.R.E. contributor.


Now is the time to exercise your power as a creator. Consciously. We constantly create. The world around us is the result of our thoughts. This is found in numerous Cayce readings—thoughts are things, mind is the builder, etc. Unfortunately, we have not accepted the deep nature of this truth nor have we accepted the responsibility of this aspect of our being. We have limited our vision to material creation. Now is the time to go up to the causal level.

What do you see in the world today? War, poverty, fear, political division, extinction of animals, natural disasters. This can be overwhelming to the material mind, but not to the spiritual. Each one of us, using our spiritual power given to us by The Creator, can make a great change in the collective consciousness that creates the material world. Yes, even in mitigating natural disasters, for Mother Earth responds to attitudes held in the mass consciousness, and for a long time now she has been under attack. She is beginning to defend herself.

Cayce warned in his readings on Atlantis that if our attitudes were not spiritualized, our technological society would find the same ending as Atlantis, i.e., destruction—a destruction that we will have created. His readings on earth changes told us what may occur if we did not change the vibrations we were building in the ethers. Sadly, we are seeing many of these, but the severity of the disasters may have been somewhat mitigated by the work individuals and small groups have been doing to raise consciousness.

Today we hear the cries for help from many directions. After Hurricane Sandy’s visit to the American East Coast it is obvious many thousands of people need our help. There are children starving throughout the world, much of the world lacks clean water, animals are being hunted to extinction or their habitats are being destroyed; this list could go on and on, but you have the power to change it.

Little me? Yes! First of all, you are not little. We were created in the image of The Creator. That is NOT little. Second, instead of working at the material level, rise to the causal level where your work will more quickly and effectively bring about change. Don’t ignore the cries of the material level, but focus on the causal, since fewer will be able to recognize the importance of that type of work.

What do you do? Live what you believe. All day, every day, bring your every thought and action into accord with the highest consciousness you know. For example, while driving, let go of individual desire; drive with your actions and responses being determined by the greatest good for all. Break that initial annoyance with the vision of safe journeying for all. This isn’t being a goody two-shoes! This is how you create peace and brotherhood! You send out a higher vibration. This is where you LIVE “thoughts are things,” not just mouth it. If you don’t believe this could make a difference, try feeling that the guy who is tailgating you is a spiritual brother and send a heartfelt prayer for his safety and yours. Show respect that he might have an acceptable reason for his actions and ask that he respect your reason for your actions. Your response must be honest. Then watch what happens.

In all aspects of your life consciously choose to align with the higher vibration. Observe your thoughts, and feed them with only that which leads you to positive growth. Skip forwarding that email that is based on belittlement, fear, or outrage. Avoid any media that feeds the fear within you. Take responsibility for creating the life around you. If you created it, you can change it. You are that powerful.

You are also so very, very important at this time, because you have opened yourself to these truths and are allowing them to blossom in your life. Every consciousness that is opening to a higher vibration is helping to lift others with it.

The greatest need in this world at this moment is the lifting up of the mass consciousness; through this, permanent solutions to the distressing situations in our world will be found. Nurture your own expanding consciousness, encourage others by your words, suggestions of a book, movie, or program.

But each contact needs a support to keep it going. Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. has done that for me and many, many others. That is why I have supported their newly launched CREATE campaign, which seeks to ensure a source is readily available to the many who are ready to change their consciousness now and in the future. I do not ignore the other cries for help, but I want the greater portion of my giving to support the causal level for positive change in the world. I want to consciously be a Creator.

To learn more about the CREATE campaign, please visit EdgarCayce.org/Create.

Judy Lickert has been a member of A.R.E. since 1973, a student of the Cayce readings since 1966, and a Study Group member for more than 30 years. Her support of A.R.E. has included membership in our Golden Circle donor ($1,000+) recognition club as well as Life Membership. She has been married to her spiritual partner for 43 years, and has two daughters and two granddaughters. She is active in her community, especially the library and school district. She is an animal lover, organic gardener, and ballroom dancer.

Edgar Cayce

Great Cayce Reading December 29, 2010

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. . . the church is within yourself and not in any pope nor preacher, nor in any building but in self! For thy body is indeed the temple of the living God, and the Christ becomes a personal companion in mind and in body; dependent upon the personality and individuality of the entity as it makes practical application of the tenets and truths that are expressed. 5125-1

Edgar Cayce

Great words October 2, 2010

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The mental is the builder, for thoughts are deeds – they may become crimes or they may become miracles, whether guided by the spirit of truth, or as to the gratification of self’s own interests. 451-1

This quote is from an Edgar Cayce reading (referenced by the numbers after the quote). It is possibly the most important revelation Cayce ever uttered when he went into trance and tapped into the Universal Consciousness. I see it repeated everywhere within A.R.E publications.

Getting out of bed on the right side December 5, 2008

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I’m currently reading Twelve Positive Habits of Spiritually Centered People  by Mark & Sarah Thurston.  My recent ‘reawakening’ of my own spriritual needs guided me to pull out the box of books from storage that I have collected over the years.  Many of them are from the ARE while I was a member.

Thinking back over the past 25 years or so it’s funny that I sensed I would need these books one day.  I’m not a pack rat and I don’t keep much of anything I’m not using or needing at the moment so it’s interesting I held on to these books even though I wasn’t ready for them at the time.

In looking them over I was amazed at how many I had never read.  I feel I gave myself a very nice early Christmas present!

An interesting side note—one of the very first habits listed in Twelve Positive Habits of Spiritually Centered People is one I just started doing myself prior to starting the book (coincidence?).  Immedietly upon waking each morning I say a prayer—the first minute, while the body adjusts to wakefullness, offers a chance for us to set the pattern for the day.  My prayer has asked for strength and guidence for myself and those who also seek healing of the heart and body. I give thanks for all of my blessings and ask the Creator to bless those who also seek his love.

And yes, I happen to sleep on the right side of the bed….

How lucky am I December 2, 2008

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As referenced in a previous post, I believe in reincarnation.  I don’t remember the exact instance I first learned about the concept but I do remember when I was first presented with the readings of Edgar Cayce. It was 1980—I was 22. I was taking a year off between colleges—three years at the University of Arizona had honed my skills at drug and alcohol consumption and also left me with a very broken heart.  Like many of that generation I had no clue as to what I should or could be doing but I did know it wasn’t happening in Tucson. I went back home to Houston and was presented with a wonderful gift.

I met an extraordinary person. His name was Tony Beckwith. He was my boss on the offshore oil rig I had started working on. He also happened to live in Houston and over the course of the eight months worth of two-week ‘hitches’ we struck up a fascinating relationship.

Tony introduced me to Edgar Cayce.  He loaned me a book to read during one of our stints together offshore. It was There Is A River by Thomas Sugrue, the biography of Edgar Cayce.  The book was overwhelming on many fronts.  First it was very well written and an easy read; in retrospect surprising, considering the subject matter.  Secondly, for me at least, was the revelation that this amazing man existed and I had never heard of him until now. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Cayce and his gift I link to the following (Association for Research and Enlightenment) .

Very few times in my life have I felt a natural attraction to something so completely foreign—but after reading this book, I just knew what I had read was the truth and it could begin to lead me in the direction I was seeking.  Tony’s and my friendship grew and during one of our ‘week off’ between our ‘two weeks on’ he included me socially with his group of friends.  They were all older than me (by 8-10 years) but they welcomed me nonetheless.  I remember feeling wonderful around all of them. They each seemed to have an energy, just like Tony, that I wanted.

I recall, during a party, speaking with a very attractive woman whose physical beauty was accentuated by an almost ethereal glow about her entire being.  I was captivated and stimulated and wanted to be around her energy. (Since learning more from Cayce and his readings I now realize I was excited by this woman’s elevated level of vibration.  She was living at a higher level than I was and I was naturally attracted to it)  We talked easily about reincarnation and Cayce and other ‘woo woo’ stuff.  She even suggested a local bookstore where I could find more books on Cayce and related topics. Thus began my journey.

Twenty eight years have passed since that first step.  For the first 10 years I was actively engaged in seeking the knowledge I felt would aid in my soul’s growth in this incarnation. I even joined an ARE study group in Tampa. But in recent years I had let the pace of my trek slow.  I let my membership in the ARE lapse and I hadn’t read much of anything that would aid in my soul’s growth.  I had gotten stagnant and allowed myself to deteriorate both spiritually and physically.

But once again Providence bestowed a gift to me.  A healing soul, with whom I have undoubtedly shared a previous lifetime with, unselfishly took the time to pause in her own journey and share her gift of healing love.  Like Tony, they are physically gone from my life now. But I know with every fiber of my being that we will all once again laugh together in another lifetime.

I am still processing the enormity of the gift.  As I ponder the reason why I have been so blessed to have been touched by two such amazing souls, I can turn to the Cayce readings.  A recurring theme throughout the thousands of readings is “You reap what you sow”. My harvest from these two souls has been bountiful and I know I must return the favor to the Universe by sowing those seeds of love that were my gift.  How lucky am I.