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An Open Letter To Mitt Romney January 2, 2019

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Hey Mitt, you’re a loser. Just shut your pie hole.

You lost to Obama and Trump kicked your ass and became President.

So now you got yourself a new gig as the junior senator from Utah and it’s time to start spouting off against the President?  Your anti-Donald Trump op-ed was an act of ‘calculated political treachery’ against my President and the conservatism I stand for.

You attack the President’s character as if this was the first time for you to see how he rolls.  Don’t you remember how he spanked you during the 2018 primary and showed America he doesn’t take prisoners?

I admit I was excited when you ran in 2012 against Obama. Not so much about your political skills but as you weren’t Obama.  I went to see your rally at the convention center in West Palm Beach.  You were charming and said all the right things—I thought you had what it takes to win and I voted for you. But you lost because you underestimated your adversary. You needed a killer instinct to defeat Obama and his media propagandists. You needed to be like Trump.

I don’t want gentile Mr. Romney. I want a General Sherman marching his way to victory and not afraid to burn down anything in his way. You establishment Republicans will always lose because it’s in your DNA to do so.  You don’t have the stomach to destroy your enemies. You’re happy to play the power sharing game where each side sits for a spell and then swaps spots.  Unfortunately, the Left has no desire to play that game anymore Mitt. They are playing for keeps; to destroy capitalism.

So you’re angling to primary the President in 2020. You think you have the grace and charm, the gravitas to be the President you think America wants?  You’re wrong. Only weak minds will follow you—the same people who think getting a participation trophy is more important than actually winning.

Do yourself and America a favor and stay holed up in Utah with your mouth closed until 2024.

I don’t care what my neighbors think, I don’t care what other countries think and I certainly don’t care what you think about our President. He is doing what needs to be done to save this country from the evils of Socialism.

And if you do decide to challenge the President in 2020, just be prepared to  frequently change those Mormon underwear.



Truth September 20, 2012

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The Romney campaign needs to start the narrative that the Obama administration has been lying to the American people all along—the attack on our consulate in Libya being the latest example.

Romney needs to come out and say as president I will never lie to you. I may tell you things that are hard to hear but it will always be the truth.

An ad could list all of Obama’s  biggest lies of the past year using the most damning images possible and ending with the Libyan attack. It’s time to take the gloves off.

Mitt Romney

The Tale Of Two Tongues June 14, 2012

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So much is being made of the two speeches being given right now. I guess people are trying to use their proximity in time to some advantage, one way or the other.  Obama and Romney are in Ohio, a battleground state, putting forth their reasons why each should be the President of the United States.

I think the Right has been concerned all along about anyone’s ability to challenge Obama’s glib speaking ability. The only reason Newt Gingrich stayed in the nomination process as long as he did was, even though he gave good speech, he was a petulant, spiteful history professor and Romney can speak pretty well in his own right.

It frustrates the hell out of me when people don’t see Obama for what he is; a glib speaking Socialist who promises rainbows and lollipops.

He can’t give an extemporaneous speech to save his life (compare Romney’s speech today sans teleprompter with Obama’s scripted ‘rip and read’) and his message always blames someone else for the situation he finds himself in.

This is the first of many head to head speeches the two men will give.  Open your eyes and ears America…don’t be fooled again.

The Media Lies May 8, 2012

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So the lies and distortion are in full swing. The liberal press is out to say and do anything to keep their guy in office. A ‘Breaking News’ tweet has the editor of the Hartford Courant tweeting;   Obama’s lead over rival Mitt Romney grows due to increased support from independent voters – @Reuters / Ipsos poll

But just this morning I read a story about the latest Rassmussen poll that puts Romney up by 5 points and Dick Morris, that political gadfly, was on Fox’s Hannity last night swearing up and down the polls are all skewed and Romney is leading with likely voters, Independents and of course Republicans.

I tend to believe Rassmussen and Morris, not because they are conservative but because Reuters is a totally biased news organization that supplies  stories all over the world with their agenda pasted to every story.

Once we defeat Obama, we’re going after the liberal media…they’re going down.

A Masterpiece In The Making? February 29, 2012

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Mitt Romney

A big night for Mitt Romney. Winning a close one is his home state of Michigan was far more important than the substantial victory he won in Arizona. The optics of losing your home state would have added an unwanted and unneeded complication to an already hard fight. A fight that has been made difficult by Romney himself. As I said in an earlier post, prior to the primary season kicking off, I believed Romney only had to do two things to lock up the nomination and the presidency; admit RomneyCare was a mistake and pick the right VP running mate.

So far Romney has defended his Massachusetts healthcare mandate and that has killed him with the conservatives. Yes he says he will repeal Obamacare and while that’s enough for me to move on with the issue, it has stuck in the craw of the Tea Party and other hard core conservatives.

Romney’s calculated plan to stay as centrist as possible while trying to win the Right’s nomination is a risky proposition. He is well aware that everything he says and does during the nomination race can and will come back to bite him when Obama unleashes the hounds. Romney and his people know he needs the Independents to break his way by at least 10% if he’s going to have a chance at beating Obama.

It’s a precarious tightrope walk indeed. The fact he hasn’t broken out against the republican challengers is testimony to how close he is to that line. But that is politics. As ugly and unseemly a profession, when done correctly, it can be an art form.

So is Mitt painting a masterpiece or a clever forgery?

Marco Rubio

I recommended Paul Ryan as a running mate in my earlier post. My first choice, Marco Rubio, had already come out strongly against accepting anyone’s VP nod so I left him out. But this is war and we need the best of the best on the field when the battle to beat Obama begins. I think a Romney/Rubio ticket is our best team. I really can’t find any negatives. Rubio brings so much to the table and fills the weak chinks in Romney’s armor (Hispanic vote, Tea Party vote, guaranteed Florida win). Add the fact they both are well spoken, exude confident leadership and they and their families are easy on the eyes and you’ve got a ticket that must be giving David Axelrod some sleepless in Chicago nights.

It’s never over till it’s over but when Mitt accepts the nomination in Tampa this summer and names his running mate, we’ll know if this work in progress is the real deal or just a fancy paint-by- numbers facsimile.

Don’t let this art critic down Mitt.


Private Equity and Creative Destruction January 16, 2012

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Here’s more proof that the right is seriously warming to Romney being the Republican nominee. When articles justifying someone’s position get written by seriously-to-the-right writers, the fat lady is singing.

Wikipedia: A trademark used for a movie rating indicating that admission will be granted only to persons of or over a certain age, usually 17, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.