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Brexit Baby! March 12, 2019

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Our British friends are facing a challenge that will more or less be faced by the US, just on a different subject, in the near future.  With Brexit nearing the March 29th drop dead date, Parliament has again resoundingly voted against taking the EU on its word regarding a trade backstop and extending the time period for negotiating an amicable divorce.

What should have been a simple yes or no decision by the British Parliament has now devolved into a complex display of politics that has paired staunch adversaries together and divided once strong allies in a nightmarish Kabuki theater that frankly should be the canary in the coal mine for America.

The separation of the UK from the EU is essentially hung up on the trade situation surrounding the Republic of Ireland, an EU member and Northern Ireland, a member of the UK. The two countries have enjoyed a seamless relationship on their joint border with trade and travel. That free flow of people and commerce would come to an end if some type of agreement between the EU and the UK isn’t arranged when UK leaves the EU—a trade backstop. An unfettered border between Ireland and N. Ireland would upset the complicated trade agreements the EU has negotiated and ultimately reduce their control and power.

In sales, the expression “time kills all deals” is never so evident than what’s going on in Britain right now.  Nearly three years ago a majority of wise limey’s voted to leave the socialist cabal of the EU.  They were getting screwed royally by the other 27 members and finally grew a pair and voted to leave.  But like any long-term relationship, breaking up is hard to.  Those years have been a study in classic political wrangling.

So now just 17 days away from the divorce date I’m watching a socialist MP from Scotland demanding another vote of the people arguing the masses were too stupid to know what they voted for three years ago. Typical liberal. Just like his counterparts over here. They can’t handle the will of the majority and will do anything to overthrow the outcome (impeach Trump!)

With the Labour party and their propaganda arm, the media, preaching their Henny Penny screed if Brexit happens, the New World Order around the world is praying to their devil that the UK blinks and remains in the EU.

The British would be good to revisit their own history. King Charles I dissolved Parliament in 1629 after the Commons passed a number of motions against the King’s recent actions.

Like Charles, who believed his royal prerogative allowed him to rule without Parliament, the Labour party thinks they can usurp the will of the people by calling for another vote.

I pray the rule of law wins because if it doesn’t we will see the inevitable battle between good and evil much sooner than we want. That battle will no longer be MP’s slinging “here here’s” and “harumphs” across the despatch boxes. There will be blood in the streets




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