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The Final Path July 23, 2012

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Northern Michigan, more specifically Crystal Lake, is the most special place in the world for me and many of my family. Experiencing most every summer at the Lake since birth, my whole being has been shaped by the environment ‘up north’. Our family has enjoyed the area since the early ’50’s when my grandparents first visited and decided it would make for a wonderful summer retreat. They purchased a cottage and the rest is history. They lived out their lives every summer here and now rest in the shade of the aspen, oak, birch and maple trees that stand vigil over their graves.

Being wise with fore thought, my grandfather bought burial plots well before their demise. He purchased enough to ensure his three children and their spouses would all rest eternal, together. The really cool thing is he didn’t buy the traditional plots, laid out in neat rows on a manicured grass field. Rather he chose what were at the time rather unconventional plots in the woods adjoining the traditional cemetery.

There’s a good chance if you don’t have family buried there, you would never know bodies or their ashes were interred just off a small, winding path deep in the cemetery’s woods.

All the space in the plots my grandfather bought are full. Yes my grandparents, my uncle and his wife and my aunt as well as my mom, are there. The only space left is for my dad who thankfully is still with us.

At one time the township the cemetery is located in limited who could be buried their. Being a summer resort area many summer residents wanted to be buried there thus using up space reserved for the locals. Until they opened up the woods plots, you had to be local to get planted in the township cemetery.

Every summer I tell myself I need to call the township clerk and buy my own plot before they are either all gone or they change the rules again. Every summer I forget or just let it slip, subconsciously not wanting to deal with a somewhat weird subject.

I might get around to it this summer or maybe not.

Happy 4th Of July July 4, 2012

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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