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Google’s gears got me gagged May 31, 2009

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I got Geek Fever and survived!

For about a week now my computer was sick. Every time I tried to upload an image in WordPress, my browser, FireFox, would crash.

I tried everything including re-installing FireFox…nothing worked. I was at my wit’s end so I took a deep breath and asked myself, how would my spiritual guide approach this problem.

yogaI saw visions of wheat grass and nut milk bags and heard chimes and gongs and everyone was holding hands and chanting softly, gently drifting in the collective current of love.

Well that wasn’t gonna cut it for this crisis…I was on my own, alone…my tech-savvy guru was off having to-die-for hash browns while I was starving for a byte.

And then it came to me….WordPress Help forums.

I’m not one for actually being patient enough to forage through the wilds of geekdom to find a thread from another techno-retard like myself who doesn’t know his floppy from his hard drive…but I was desperate.  safetyfirst

I’m not a Catholic but I crossed myself anyway. I suited up, strapped on and plunged headlong into the abyss:

As soon as I pressed the search button I knew I was never coming back…I could feel my temperature rising as the geek fever infected me rendering my protective gear useless. This strain of geek fever was immune to every inoculation I had ever had…I was defenseless. I was succumbing. eyeprotection

The very first entry in the forum held the priceless answer to my issue…I now had my cure but would I be able to make it work. I mustered every last ounce of energy and flung myself headfirst back through the electronic portal which I had entered just moments ago. Miraculously, I had enough life left to escape the clutches of the vile place they call ‘the forum’.


I followed the decontamination protocol and proceeded to inject my WordPress site with the only known serum that could save us all. virusI shut my eyes as I pressed the ‘upload’ button knowing if this inoculation failed…all mankind was doomed.

What happened next was unbelievable.  A chorus of beautiful voices began chanting an angelic chord. Gongs and bells peeled a harmony so pure it made me weep. Everyone was supping a glorious green juice drink and my FireFox didn’t crash!!!

I’m so proud of myself…all is right in the world again.

The issue was with Google’s Gears add-on. I’m not quite sure why it just decided to start crashing FireFox since I had Gears enabled previously. The fix was simply to disable Gears and restart FireFox.

Darren Rowse – Build a Better Blog Challenge – Lesson #8 April 20, 2009

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Forty pounds and counting…

Day 8’s challenge is a simple one and timely to-boot. Darren’s lesson is to interlink some of my older posts to newer ones thus giving me an excuse to create fresher content and optimize the chances of more people finding older posts that may have gotten stale sitting on the shelves in the blogosphere.

Breville Juicer

Breville XXJE95XL 2-speed Juicer

I started juicing about 5 months ago. My first post about that was back on November 14, 2008.  Since that time many good things have happened. First and foremost I have changed my diet dramatically.  I stopped drinking alcohol and have reduced my red meat intake to hardly any at all.  I have reduced my overall meat intake by at least 50% while my fruit and vegetable consumption is off the charts. All of this, coupled with a pretty regular regimen of daily walking has resulted in over 40 pounds disappearing.

I can also say with complete honesty that I really have not craved any of my old favorites…including alcohol.  I have to give the credit to the juicing.

As I did when I started out, I am juicing almost daily.  I drink 32 oz. of mostly vegetables.  My staples have been: kale and turnip greens, romaine lettuce, cucumber, apples, carrots (1/4 of the time) and celery.  I add to that large bunches of herbs like cilantro, Thai basil (horapa), ginger root and any other herb that finds their way into my refrigerator.

I purchased a Breville juicer that has really been a winner.  I did my homework before buying it and it has really lived up to its reputation.  I highly recommend it as a first juicer.

I try to juice between 9 and 10am.  This is my breakfast and lunch.  The utterly amazing thing is that it fills me up and satisfies my hunger until dinner.  Sometimes I do get hungry around 4 and a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit takes care of that.There was a time when I would make myself a green smoothie around 3 or 4pm.  That was more than enough to take care of the hunger pangs and sometimes I wouldn’t bother with dinner.

Living with two regular eaters however, I  usually eat what we have for dinner.  Since I do most of the cooking, meat is usually chicken and we always have lots of vegetables.  We love all kinds of cuisine, especially Thai,  so it’s easy to keep it varied and fresh.

I have become more conscious of portions and I do not eat as much at each sitting. The results have been great and I can report never feeling healthier.

The Adventure Realized II February 1, 2009

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The Adventure Realized continued….

All the information I read on the flush says the first evacuation will be the biggest with the most gall stones present.  That was going to be the case with me.

The contents of the toilet bowl yielded almost exactly what the experts said it would.  I counted about 35 pea sized gall stones floating in the water.  There was quite a bit of other rude looking matter as well but nothing I wouldn’t expect to come out of the depths of my bowels. The largest of the stones was larger than the average pea. The smallest— the size of cupcake sprinkles. They all shared a common characteristic, they were green and they were floating.

What I’m about to describe might be a tad gross for some but I just had to know.  I plucked one of the larger stones out of the bowl for a closer examination.  It was certainly solid but had the consistency of soft wax.  Very easy to squish yet stayed congealed.  The ‘pea’ was uniform in color throughout and contained nothing that I  could see.

My examination through, I washed my hands thoroughly with disinfecant soap and flushed my first round goodbye.

During the next two hours I had three more evacuations, each one yielding less and less stones.  The flush directions call for the last ingestion of Epsom salt two hours after the first evacuation.  I did it.  Not five minutes later another colonic spasm produced evacuation #5.  This was mostly light yellow water and just six  very small stones.  My sixth and last evacuation came 40 minutes later and yielded just 3 tiny stones.

In all, I estimate I passed nearly 80 gall stones.  Very typical according to the info I had read.

As the day wore on I began to feel more and more energy.  I juiced my usual 32 ounces of veggies around 11am.  I had a semi-normal bowel movement after that (it was mostly liquid) and didn’t eat anything solid until 6pm that night.

The next morning I had a normal bowel movement with no sign of gall stones present.  I felt very good, clear headed and full of energy.  My emotions had settled down remarkably too.


All bodily functions back to normal!  When I awoke the morning after the flush I  had no discomfort whatsoever in my abdomen/gall bladder. As the day wore on the pain slowly returned—much to my surprise.  It wasn’t as pronounced but it was still there nonetheless. I will be making a follow up visit to my doctor for his consultation.  Most of the information that I have read suggest a second flush within 2 weeks.  Some say 10 or more are needed to completely rid the body of all stones.  (The thought of nine more of these is not appetizing!)   I will keep you posted.

Beets are beat December 3, 2008

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After a short break in juicing due to the Thanksgiving holiday at the in-laws—I’m back!  Boy it sure did feel good to make that first batch of juice after consuming way too much food over the long weekend.  I’m beginning to understand the zeal that regular juice feasters have for this.  That first glassful was awesome.  It was my regular concoction of one (1) head of Romaine, two (2) large carrots, three (3) stalks of celery, three (3) apples and a healthy plug of peeled ginger.  Yum-eee!  The even better news is that my juicing technique has improved my yield to 32 ounces! That’s up substantially from the 20-24 ozs. I got when I first started.

Before the holiday I expanded my palet and tried some new vegetables to the mix.  I juiced Bok Choy and a variety of cabbage (whose name escapes me) along with the carrots, apples and ginger.  In one juicing I tried beets. Now I don’t like beets. There are only about five things I  prefer not to eat in the entire spectrum of the food world and beets are one of them.  But in the spirit of trying everything, I juiced beets. 

Even mixed with all the other veggies, that nasty beet taste prevailed and I must say it was difficult to finish that batch.  No more beets for me. (Cucumbers are #2 on the don’t like list so I won’t even try them)

This week I will venture to add more green to the mix.  Watch out Kale and Collard you’re next.

Getting healthy II November 24, 2008

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I made it through my first full week of juicing and I’m still here to write about it! As I wrote in my previous post, my Breville XXJE95XL Two Speed Juice Fountain Plus arrived last week from Amazon.com.  I purchased a factory reconditioned model ($89 – no tax or shipping) for half the price of the new ones.  It arrived in perfect condition and unless you saw the  ‘factory reconditioned’ stamp on the box, you’d never know.

I promptly went to the store and bought $42.00 worth of vegetables.  I started with hearts of romaine. celery, carrots, Gala apples and some fresh ginger root.  The first thing you realize when you start juicing is just how little juice is yielded in comparison to the bulk of veggies processed.  (I did find adjusting my technique of the actual process yielded more juice in future juicing.)

The selection of veggies I juiced produced a rather unattractive colored liquid.  The carrots turned the light green base into a rusty brown. The taste however was sensational.  I juiced: one head of romaine, three large carrots, two stalksof celery, two apples and a half-inch plug of peeled ginger. It yielded about 20 ounces of juice. This was my first taste of freshly juiced vegetables and It was delicious. 

I juiced that same recipe for seven days.  About the third day I started to notice a few changes in my body.  Number one was I wasn’t hungry for 6-8 hours after drinking the juice. Twenty ounces of liquid satiated me.  I would eat something light around 4pm and I was good till before bed.  Not wanting to eat much and then go to sleep, I treated myself to a 100 calorie, low fat ice cream bar.  That did the trick.

The next noticeable change was my regularity.  Most nutritionists and health concious experts say you should have something come out pretty soon after putting something in; just like it was when we were babies.  Well, juicing started me on the path to regularity; juice in-juice out!

The third change was in weight-loss and energy level. I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that I had lost 3 pounds in a week.  I also hadn’t wanted to take a nap around 3pm every afternoon.

I figure I’ll spend about $135 per month in fresh vegetables which breaks down to $4.50/day.  If I subtract the value of the meal I am replacing and factor in the health benefits, I think this is a very wise choice indeed. My juicer has already started paying me back.  More updates to come….

Getting healthy November 14, 2008

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One of the by products of getting sober seems to be my new found desire to get healthy.  Once I stopped drinking I began losing weight.  I lost 9 pounds in the first month.  I hadn’t changed my diet or lifestyle except for the ingestion of mass quantities of alcohol every day.  With those kinds of results, I imagined what would happen if I actually added exercise and a sensible diet to the mix.  I had been reading several blogs on nutrition and keeping a healthy lifestyle. I found some sensible information and decided to follow what I thought I could handle.

Well, I started slow.  Really slow.  I actually put on some tennis shoes and walked around my neighborhood one Saturday.  The zig zaggy walk was almost a mile.  It was easy.  It was three days before I did it again, but I did it.  Then the next time came easier and on and on.  I walk almost every day and I have lengthened the course to 1 and a half miles.

My next change came with my diet and water intake.  I had heard all the hype about drinking 6-8, 12oz. glasses of water a day.  It didn’t sound too difficult and I was going in the right direction with my weight loss so I decided to try adding the water.  At this point, I hadn’t really felt I’d sacrificed that much. Another week passed and I lost almost 2 pounds.  Seeing tangible results was very motivating. 

The next step was to modify my diet to include more vegetables and fruit.  I’ve always had a pretty decent diet. I don’t crave sweets or carbs but I do love meat.  I challenged myself to cutting my meat intake in half and replacing it with fruits and vegetables.  This was going to be the hardest challenge of all.  I knew it would be but I was seeing results and I wanted it to continue.

Now don’t think I wasn’t eating other things too.  During this process both my wife and daughter celebrated birthdays; cake and ice cream was in the house for a week both times. It would have been impossible and down right cruel not to enjoy some.  But the key was I was able to enjoy ‘some’ and know that I would continue with the eating pattern I had started; having fruit or a fruit smoothie for breakfast, eating a salad or just vegetables for lunch and eat wisely at dinner.  Wisely translates into not over eating.  I was brought up to ‘clean your plate’ because “just think of those starving African children”. Well, cleaning my plate all these years had made me look like an African child was in my stomach.  I started to put less food on my plate from the beginning.  I might still go back for seconds like before but I was eating less overall.  I also noticed that over a few weeks time my stomach did indeed seem to need less in it to feel full.

I just passed the four month mark and I am proud to say I have lost 25 pounds.  I celebrated by buying a juicer!  The more success I had the more interested I became in adding things to make my new lifestyle even more healthy. I purchased the Breville XXJE95XL Two Speed Juice Fountain Plus .  It is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and I’ll let you know how that goes…   to be continued.