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Milestones December 12, 2008

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Milestones come in many sizes.  Yesterday, December 11, I got to celebrate two—one much larger than the other.

My best bud Mark turned 50.  He lives in Michigan and I in Florida so a card and phone call was all the celebration I could muster.  We yucked it up on the phone and shared some good memories of practically a lifetime of friendship.  I almost lost Mark nearly 10 years ago.  He suffered a heart attack at 40.  Quadruple bypass and a major correction in his lifestyle has gotten him to 50.  I am so thankful.

The other milestone was my 4 month anniversary of being sober.  Not nearly as big as a fiftieth birthday milestone.  Maybe a milepebble.

I am sure sobriety will add years to my life because I know I would have died sooner rather than later had I not stopped.

So it’s good to remember those milestones whatever the size.  Maybe one day my milepebble will grow into a real milestone.

Pearl Harbor Day December 8, 2008

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Sixty seven years ago yesterday there was a whole lotta fear in the world. The despair Japan must have felt in regards to their position in the world had to have been enormous.   The country’s leaders must have feared greatly for the future of their country; why else attack the much bigger and wealthier United States. 

And with that attack they spread that fear to America.  Now our country was fearing the unknown from a surprise attack and possible invasion.

America faced that fear by mobilizing and rallying behind the flag.  In doing so we won the war and created the start to the most profitable time in our history.

Now, nearly seventy years later, fear has once again crept into our lives.  The war on terror,  the financial debacle and recent political upheaval have made for some fearful times. 

For me, facing a fear directly has been the hardest yet most successful way of beating it.  Each of us have to figure out our own way of doing it.  I use the belief in God and the basic tenets of Christianity.  “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. 

I also believe in prayer and I believe the positive energy generated by prayer can effect change. 

So today I will pray and send loving energy into the Universe.  I will also endeavor to treat everyone the way I would wish to be treated.

Be well.

Kids say the darnedest things December 7, 2008

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My fifteen year-old is pretty perceptive. She commented yesterday that she wasn’t sure what was going on with me lately.  It seems my recent behaviour has been ‘out of character’.  I asked her in what way and she answered I was ‘nicer’ and was just ‘acting weird’.

I will admit to experiencing some rather momentous events recently, events that I am still processing.  Along with my new sobriety, I take the recent loss of several dear souls, one step at a time.

Those events have awakened me to seeking a higher purpose in life and even started an earnest effort to improve my nutrition and physical well being.  I guess it would only be natural if some of my positive pursuits starting paying off on my daily interactions.

Tonight however I think I saw for myself a bit of the transformation.  I watched a special on Yanni on our local PBS station.  Now in my own defense, I was watching the  Oklahoma/Missouri football game until the Sooners started their rout.  Something possessed me to click all the way up the dial during a commercial and voila! there’s Yanni orchestrating four young singers with amazing voices.

Yanni - now

Yanni - now

I was blown away.  I love music and can listen to anything with the exception of Rap if it’s good musically.  This stuff was magic to my ears.

When the show was over I Googled ‘Yanni’ and spent over an hour searching, reading and listening.  A funny side note.  I knew we were neighbors …sort of.  We live about ten miles apart, he on the ocean, me…not so ocean but I’m sure we have driven on the same streets sometime! Anyway I knew about him and his music but I always thought of it as a little too ‘out there’ and I could never get past the weird Doug Henning look-alike thing. combo-photo1

Well, time changes everyone. Doug Henning is dead and Yanni is now sans long hair and mustache.  He’s four years older than me and looks the way I  want to look at 54.

The bottom line is I’ll be buying some Yanni soon.

I guess my daughter was right…I’m not sure what is going on with me lately.

Football in Florida December 6, 2008

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I can just imagine how many sore bodies there must be in Florida this morning. 

I watched last nights Florida high school football 1A semi-final between the Fort Meade Miners and the American Hertitage Stallions in Delray Beach. I was rooting for the Stallions as they played my daughter’s high school earlier in the year (beating her King’s Academy Lions 20-19).

It was a huge turnout by both teams with both sides stands overflowing. The Miners traveled 3 hours and it was impressive how many of their fans made the trip.

The game started badly for the Stallions as the big gains in the first few running plays went nowhere. The Miners then went on to score two touchdowns on their next three possessions while shutting down the Stallions offense. The Stallions did score a 42 yard field goal behind the impressive leg of sophomore Justin Haig before the half. Another field goal attempt in the third quarter was blocked and senior lineman Ronald Jones ran it back for a Miner 68-yard touchdown. That sealed it for the Miners.

I sat in the home stands during the first half surounded by proud parents, students and alumni.  I was impressed by the encouragement the fans had even as the game slowly slipped away from the Stallions.

In the second half I walked the sidelines. Some high school stadiums are so small they let you get very close to the action if you choose.  That was the case at American Hertitage.  I was no further than five feet from the players on the sideline and could even hear the coaches discussions.

As the game turned south for the Stallions I really felt the dejection in the players. I could see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices.

It was a tough night for a young team that only had four seniors on the roster. They were simply out played. There is big hope though. A father, whose son is an underclassman at the school and like me just came to watch a good game, told me to watch out the next three years. He thought there was a dynasty in the making.

I’ll keep that in mind but today the Fort Meade Miners wear the crown.

Other local results: 

In the 6A reginals:  Royal Palm Beach lost to Orlando  31-6

5A reginals:  South Fork lost to St. Thomas Aquinas  56-14

4A reginals:  Dwyer beat Miami-Washington  24-21

2B semifinals: Pahokee crushed Frostproof  40-0

1B semifinals:  Jupiter Christen whooped Victory Christien  41-6

Getting out of bed on the right side December 5, 2008

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I’m currently reading Twelve Positive Habits of Spiritually Centered People  by Mark & Sarah Thurston.  My recent ‘reawakening’ of my own spriritual needs guided me to pull out the box of books from storage that I have collected over the years.  Many of them are from the ARE while I was a member.

Thinking back over the past 25 years or so it’s funny that I sensed I would need these books one day.  I’m not a pack rat and I don’t keep much of anything I’m not using or needing at the moment so it’s interesting I held on to these books even though I wasn’t ready for them at the time.

In looking them over I was amazed at how many I had never read.  I feel I gave myself a very nice early Christmas present!

An interesting side note—one of the very first habits listed in Twelve Positive Habits of Spiritually Centered People is one I just started doing myself prior to starting the book (coincidence?).  Immedietly upon waking each morning I say a prayer—the first minute, while the body adjusts to wakefullness, offers a chance for us to set the pattern for the day.  My prayer has asked for strength and guidence for myself and those who also seek healing of the heart and body. I give thanks for all of my blessings and ask the Creator to bless those who also seek his love.

And yes, I happen to sleep on the right side of the bed….

Football Fever December 5, 2008

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It’s Friday in South Florida and that can only mean High School football playoffs!  My area has been blessed with a tremendous amount of talent this year witnessed by the fact that six area teams are competing to head for the state finals in their respective divisions. Florida has eight divisions based on high school enrollment.  The largest being 6A.  The two smallest divisions, 1 & 2 are further seperated into A & B.

Palm Beach County has five teams playing tonight in 6A, 4A, 2B, 1A and 1B for the right to go to the finals. Martin County to the north has a  team playing in the 5A division.

I’ll be going to the 1A semifinal game tonight. The Fort Meade Miners take on our American Hertitage Stallions.  The game is just 15 minutes from home so I can’t resist.

I’ll post the results tomorrow morning.