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I am Fritz, currently 60, living in South Florida. I’m married with a 25 year-old daughter.  For the past 26 years I have been a yacht broker.  I was out of the business for two years until early March ’10. My old employer called me up and said it was time to ‘put the band back together’.  So now I’m back in the yacht biz hoping he’s right about the market getting ready to turn around.

In the meantime I’ve been selling travel with a tour operator friend of mine and I  will continue to do so. I enjoy escorting tours and I love to travel.

This blog is my attempt to mark my little piece of the Universe. If I end up peeing on your spot, get over it—as I will when you pee on my spot.

I’ve started writing a novel, fiction, not too sure where that may lead.  What I do know is we are all on a path and we are free to change our direction along that path at any time and it all starts with one step at a time.


1. Mark Graf - January 3, 2011

I wanta know more about the “fiction” novel.

I like it, life is one step at a time, and when you are in the woods you may not know where you are going, but if you enjoy being in the woods, the fun is the walking, step by step, not getting out of the woods to finish the walk.

2. T. Darby - February 17, 2012

Mr. Breland,
I am reaching out to you in hopes of contacting your daughter Cecilia. I recently read an article on the Palm Beach Atlantic University website that acknowledged her entrepreneurial success. I would like the opportunity to feature her story to further inspire teen girls.

If interested, I can be reached at the email address below.

Thank you.

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