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Nothing To See Here, Just Move Along February 26, 2013

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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I believe we are witness to the greatest duping that has occurred to the American people since “New Coke’ was foisted upon us back in 1985.

This sequestration that is scheduled to occur in three days has been a genius move by the Left and a colossal blunder by the Right…or has it?  Schemed as another way to kick the can down the road during an election year, the heinous outcome of such an occurrence was sold as too terrible to fathom so that its coming to pass would never happen and some sort of compromise would occur. Well, with no compromise in sight and the blame game in full parley, the American public is about to see a quantum shift in the way her government will be run in the years forward.

This entire sequestration is a sham. As the graph shows, the difference between sequestration and non-sequestration to the financial bottom line is unbelievably miniscule. fed-spend-without-with-sequester-fixed-1 copy

The president is all over the media scaring everyone that if sequestration occurs, our military will fold, babies will starve, planes will fall from the sky  and no one will answer 911. But the difference between sequester and non-sequester is only 2% of the entire budget over 8 years. AND THE BUDGET DEFICIT STILL INCREASES OVER THAT TIME.

We are talking about pennies in the scheme of things. The president has decided that the 2% cut will be at the hands of anything or one who can suffer the greatest in the ‘optics’ of this argument and therefore remain beholden to the nanny state for a great portion of their livelihood.

As President, Obama gets to use the bully pulpit. In this case it’s to lie to the American people. Sure that 2% cut can come from the military and the FAA and FDA food inspectors and all the rest of the “oh my God we can’t do without those!” programs or it could come out of the entitlements we give to the losers in our country. But that won’t happen because the Left and now I fear the Right too, have determined we have crossed the threshold into a society where 51% of the people are willing to let the government support them.

It is job security for both parties. The Left doles out the money and their minions dutifully re-elect them so as not to screw the money pooch. The Right now has a big bad boogie man to rail against in speech after speech, knowing full well if they play their cards right they keep their tenure in Washington while never really doing anything to help America or the people who really make this country great.

The media is in the tank for the Left and the Right knows it. They have decided it’s better to accept this fate and keep their cushy, high paying, perk laden job and just phone it in.

So, Obama is going to blame the Right for the sequestration—which was his idea in the first place. The media will assist that lie and never report the truth. The Right has decided that it’s better for their job security to let America become a socialist country…heck, they get paid either way.

New Coke failed because it was a very bad idea and nobody bothered to think it all the way through. Obama’s New America is a very bad idea and will also fail; maybe not tomorrow or in the next 10-20 years, but it will fail.

Socialism is evil and wrong

and has never worked anywhere on this earth.

for those low information voters among us…..


Obama Sucks February 9, 2013

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Everything I feared happening if Obama got re-elected is occurring.  This SOB is trampling the Constitution and remaking  the American way of life into a socialist hellhole. So it’s no wonder he’s scared of the men and women who serve under him. I hope you never have a restful night’s sleep for the rest of your life.