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Wasted Space May 29, 2011

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I was in Washington, DC last week escorting nearly 150 7th grade students from Ohio. It was the standard DC trip with all the usual monument and memorial stops. This group decided to include a visit to the Newseum. “A  250,000-square-foot museum of news — offers visitors an experience that blends five centuries of news history with up-to-the-second technology and hands-on exhibits.”

The building is actually the second Newseum. The first was opened in 1997 in Rosslyn, VA just across the Potomac from DC. Admission was free. After 3 years the trustees decided they wanted to be in the thick of things and moved the museum to new digs just three blocks from the Capital. The Newseum’s Board hired architect James Stewart Polshek to design the state-of-the-art building. The new Newseum opened in April, 2008. It’s now a paid ticket. The group price for students is $11 plus tax. The adult  price will set you back $21.95 plus tax.

Located just off the National Mall at 6th St. NW and Pennsylvania Ave. the building’s façade is all glass allowing passersby to see Newseum patrons walking through the seven levels of galleries, theaters, retail spaces and visitor services.

The first thing that struck me upon being inside was the incredible waste of space. A seven story atrium of air wastes at least a third of all useable display space. Yes, they have a Bell Ranger news helicopter and a small broadcast satellite hanging from the ceiling but most of it is empty. Now I’m no economic genius but I’ll bet that chunk of DC real-estate was a pricey piece of land being just three blocks from the Capital and all. So to leave more than a third of your available display space to air seems like just another DC boondoggle. Couple that with a horrible layout that forces you to walk to the ends of each floor to find either a too small elevator or the emergency stairwells to change floors. Really, really dumb.

But we haven’t even talked about content yet. In my cruise through I couldn’t help feel the Liberal arrogance seeping through the displays. Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck were labeled ‘radical’ in the ridiculously small amount of references to either Fox News or any conservative leaning journalist. Fox founder Rupert Murdock’s contribution to journalism was barely more than a few paragraphs of facts.

O.J. Simpson's suit

Putting their professional jealousy aside, I would think the man who has created the largest news organization in the world would rate more than a single panel in a long line of panels featuring the likes of the ‘Scud Stud’ Peter Kent and the suit O.J. Simpson was wearing the day he was acquitted.

I was impressed they included this panel

Everywhere you look the Newseum ostensibly pronounces the virtues of ‘free speech’ and the First Amendment is even inscribed on 50 tons of Tennessee marble on the building’s Pennsylvania Avenue façade. Yet, I came away with the undeniable feeling it was all for show. This empty, vacuous building reflected the values of the current Liberal media. The Newseum was created by The Freedom Forum which was formed under the direction of Al Neuharth, former publisher of USA Today newspaper. Funding was provided by a foundation started by publisher Frank E. Gannett in 1935, called the Gannett Foundation. The foundation took on the name of The Freedom Forum in 1991.

The Freedom Forum describes itself as “a nonpartisan foundation dedicated to free press, free speech and free spirit for all people.”

Each year, the Freedom Forum gives out the Al Neuharth Award for Excellence in the Media. Past winners include Walter Cronkite (1989), Carl T. Rowan (1990), Helen Thomas (1991), Tom Brokaw (1992), Larry King (1993), Charles Kuralt of CBS (1994), Albert R. Hunt and Judy Woodruff (1995), Robert MacNeil (1996), Cokie Roberts (1997), Tim Russert and Louis D. Boccardi (1998), John Seigenthaler (1999), Jim Lehrer (2001), Tom Curley (2002), Don Hewitt of CBS (2004), Garrison Keillor (2005), Bob Schieffer of CBS (2006), John Quinn and Ken Paulson (2007), Charles Overby (2008) and Katie Couric (2009).

Every one of those names, with the possible exception of Tim Russert, is a flaming Liberal. I rest my case.

View of Capital from Newseum roof terrace

What a Weiner May 29, 2011

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There was a time I wanted to be a journalist. The first major I declared in college was Journalism. A series of unfortunate events, the main one being I had a total dick teaching my Intro to Journalism class, broke my spirit and shamed me into believing I couldn’t write. Looking back, the professor was probably a Liberal ideologue who saw the conservative streak in me way before it had become my raison d’etre. But I digress.

I was on the road the past 10 days escorting school kids to our nation’s capital, educating them to the greatness of our Republic when the Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) Twitter story broke on Friday. The New York Post wrote the first story neatly providing excuses, provided by Rep. Weiner’s people, for the incident. Then nothing. No follow-up, no delving into the possibility that Weiner was lying, no investigation whatsoever— they took him at his word.

Here we have an outspoken, married, Liberal Congressman who just might be at the tip of a salacious incident involving a photo, a comely coed and Twitter and the mainstream media stays silent, content to believe the rather far-flung explanations involving a photo of bulging underwear sent to a young woman via a Twitter account registered to Rep. Weiner. For them the incident is neatly explained with some rather far-fetched excuses that should have set off alarm bells to any real reporter. But no, time to move on, nothing to see here. “Hey is there a Conservative we can bash?”

Not so fast. Breitbart and Ace of Spades smelled a story here. I could just see it. Andrew and Ace gather their crack staff of investigative reporters in the wee hours huddled over someone’s dimly lit desk—cigarette smoke fogging the air. Before the last ‘REPORTER’ banner had been tucked into the fedora, their armies of investigative journalists were out on the street…well, that’s the way they did it in Woman of the Year.

Both of these ‘new’ journalists smelled a rat. Of course both lean solidly to the Right. So to be fair, for them, any chance to go after a Lib, especially one as outspoken as Weiner, put an extra spring in their step. Just hours after the first story broke, both websites had dissected Weiner’s story and exposed glaring untruths…lies. Couple this with the systematic Goggle scrubbing of all references to the woman involved and I think we have a story here.

Display in the Newseum in Washington, DC

The point of this post is to once again expose the mainstream media for what it is—a full-blown propaganda arm of the Left. This country is being slowly killed from within. The ink which prints the vast majority of news we digest every day is tainted with a poison. It started out in very low doses over 50 years ago, ie., the press hiding FDR’s disability.  The dosage has increased steadily and now the perpetrators of this crime no longer bother to mask their intentions. They sense they are reaching critical mass and just a few more injections will finish us off. Objectivity is no longer the cornerstone of Journalism in America. The industry is infected with liberals who use the pen as their syringe, pushing their slow-drip toxic agenda into our veins everyday.

It must change or America, the way our Founding Father’s created it, will die. Stop supporting the mainstream media. Pull the intravenous death from your arm. Don’t buy their newspapers. Don’t watch their TV. Write the truth to their editors even if they won’t print it. Stand and fight. They say the pen is mightier than the sword…ok, bring it on.  And yes, Weiner is a dick.


I took the above photo when I visited the Newseum in DC this past week.  I will post on that event later but suffice to say it only reinforced my position that the media in America today is our enemy.

Under The Tuscan Sun May 14, 2011

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I have no empirical data to support my hypothesis however I’m pretty damn sure that the most misspelled city in these great United States is Tucson, Arizona. I lived in that fine city for three years back in the late 70’s while studying for a triple major; women, mountains and beer.  While not found in the curriculum guide at the University of Arizona at the time, I nonetheless managed straight “A’s” in all three subjects.

Arizona sunset

Once a resident, I became all too familiar with the common misspelling of the city’s name.  The longer I lived there the more blaring each gaff became. It still amazes me how many times I see the city’s correct spelling mangled; referring instead to a northwestern region of Italy.

As a ‘student’ we affectionately called her “Too-stoned” but always with the silent ‘c’ in mind. I even went so far as to start pronouncing the ‘c’ thinking I would somehow impart the correct spelling to the unschooled.   I am afraid that tactic missed its mark rendering my pronunciation proof that I indeed had majored in women, mountains and beer.

From local articles to national headlines, I’ve seen the Arizona town’s name misspelled by so many. It is both curious and sad that such a simple six-word name would earn such a distinction. Why, I would think cities like Albuquerque, Pittsburgh, Xenia and Waxahachie would get misspelled more.

(Actually, the fine folks in Pittsburgh do claim the most misspelled city title— sighting the dropping of the silent ‘h’…I want to see proof!)

So remember, when you see that sunny Sonoran city spelled ‘Tuscon’ they probably don’t mean the quaint Italian region known for  its beautiful landscapes, rich artistic legacy and the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. They are referring to the desert town in southern Arizona; home to the University that is desperately in need of a spelling major.

Tuscany countryside

AWESOME! May 2, 2011

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