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What’s In A Name November 16, 2017

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Here’s hoping for a ‘made-for-TV’ moment. Jeopardy is in the final rounds of their Tournament of Champions this week. Most years the finals are among three eggish geniuses whose personalities couldn’t fill a petrie dish. This year however, two of the finalists are off-the-charts smart with outlandish personas to match. Austin ‘Buzzy’ Cohen is a nattily dressed, oddly bespectacled, Columbia University graduate who is both charming and annoyingly full of himself. The other is Austin Rogers who, can only be described as a lovable kook. Rogers is a bartender from New York City who admits he can barely pour a beer and is NOT a hipster. His quirky antics coupled with an exceptional knowledge base and his uncanny ability to answer correctly when he has bet big earned him $411,000 and a ticket to the finals. So tonight we see round one of the two-night Tournament of Champions final. The battle of the Austins. Oh, yes, there will be a third contestant— but even if they win I probably won’t remember their name.


Austin Rogers


Austin ‘Buzzy’ Cohen




Update:  The two-day final did not disappoint in terms of entertainment value.  Both Buzzy, the new Champion and Austin, who placed third, were in fine form and even Alan Lin, the third contestant used his nervousness to charm the audience. I will say I thought the questions, especially two of the daily doubles, were way too easy for the Tournament of Champions.  Even though my favorite came in third I’m betting we’ll be seeing Austin Rogers on TV again somewhere.