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Be Prepared January 29, 2014

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This little winter storm portends to some very bad things in our future.

The havoc it has caused in Alabama and Georgia should be an alarm bell that we are losing the ability to protect ourselves from simple inconveniences.  Inconveniences that just a generation ago wouldn’t even be considered an inconvenience. In Atlanta, so many people were freaking out that the 911 system was overwhelmed. Officials were telling people to use Twitter and Facebook to call for help. Really people?

If we are so under-prepared to fend for ourselves in a relatively small crisis like freezing rain and a dusting of snow, imagine the complete meltdown when a real crisis happens.

If we lose the power grid, for even 24 hours, things will come unglued. There will be looting and panic on an epic scale. With no power there’s no 911, let alone Twitter or Facebook. Extend that power loss for a week and the US will come to her knees.  With the exception of a few smart and prepared folks living amongst us, the vast majority of Americans will be thrust into a world not seen since the mid 1800’s.  bs

There’s something to be said for the growing popularity of ‘prepping’.  I do not think it’s a case of ‘if’ a major disruption of 21st century conveniences befalls us…it’s when?

When I was a kid, the Boy Scouts was the place you learned skills that could help you in times of trouble. I learned some pretty cool skills and I’m sure I have forgotten most of them. I think it would be a very good time to re-visit those skills.  Just like the Boy Scout motto…Be Prepared.

What Will We Do? January 21, 2014

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So, what will the United States do when a nuclear bomb is used against it by a Muslim group or country.

That answer has as many possibilities as who, what, when and how many will die when it happens.

If we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Iran or North Korea or Pakistan were behind the deed would we immediately turn their country into glass?  Would we forgo a nuclear response and destroy their military and lay waste to their major cities with conventional bombs? Would we wring our hands and let the Progressives tell us ‘well we had it coming’ so now we’re even?

What if some proxy for Iran or North Korea or Pakistan nukes us like Al Qaeda or the Taliban or any of the other evil Muslim groups hell-bent on destroying Christians and Jews. Will America respond?

With Obama as president I’m pretty sure I’m not going to like the answer.

Natural Law January 20, 2014

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I am so sick of hearing about the inequality in the world. This Oxfam article is another in the whining liturgy from the left about the haves and the have-nots.

No matter what you offer as proof the progressives will always accuse the winners of an unfair advantage, as such, it must be eliminated so no one can enjoy the fruits of their labors or God’s blessings.

It is the crux on which Socialism and the Progressive movement is built on. In their horrible world, no one should be better than anyone else and we should all wallow in the lowest common denominator.Evolution

Of course, mankind and the natural laws have always had a different idea. Let the strong survive and thrive and the weak will naturally be culled from the gene pool. It is how the human race has evolved. However, in the last 100 years, American society has been hell-bent on blunting the natural law. We have done everything in our power to allow the weak to survive— artificially. Welfare, food stamps, even Social Security are methods that retard the instinct to strive and survive. We have grown a culture of weakness that can now be controlled by an elite few. Truly diabolical.

This is the war that must be fought along with the war on radical Islam.  The test is before us and even though the enemies are many I will bet on the side of evolution.

You Can’t Spell Triumph Without Trump January 13, 2014

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trumpSpeculating on who will be the president in 2016 is like playing Angry Birds at work…fun time-wasting.  However, it’s never too early to try to get out in front with a crazy prediction so you can thump your chest 2 years from now and say just how damn smart you were. This article touches on something I had once just poo-pooed; a President Trump.

During the 2012 election run-up, Trump was always the gadfly interjecting his position on whatever was being debated. I, like many other serious conservatives, just rolled my eyes hoping he wasn’t serious about mucking everything up and joining an already absurdly large Republican candidacy slate. (In hindsight, sans Romney in the race, Trump would have been the best bet)

But since the election of Socialist Obama, I have begun to think we may need an ego-maniacal  capitalist to right the ship and begin purging the progressive poison from the current body politic.

The country needs to be run like a business. If capitalism is to survive then the forces fighting it must be defeated. Who better to do that than the man who has no compunction at all in telling you he’s the greatest. Trump needs to feed his ego. He’s built (successfully and unsuccessfully) monuments to himself all around the world. His triumphs have certainly outnumbered his failures and regardless of what you think of his coif, he’s one powerful man.

On the plus side: He hates China because they cheat and are taking advantage of American business/He loves China because, when playing on an even field, they are the next market he can  take advantage of. As president he’ll lay down the law with the commies…yes they own a ton of our debt…but Trump knows they eventually want to see that investment payoff and will use it to his/our advantage.

Trump is a free market guy. Free markets keep capitalism alive. Trump is a capitalist. Being president makes him CEO of almost the world…not a bad gig if you can get it. So I think being President of the United States of America would fit nicely into Mr.Trump’s list of triumphs.

2014 Prediction January 2, 2014

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Here’s a prediction for 2014. The catastrophe that is Obamacare will end up serving the Progressive Movement perfectly, just not in the way they originally intended. As the actions of the ‘law of the land’ unfold the collapse of established systems will serve to create another ‘perfect storm’ that will ultimately give Obama and his evil-doers the excuse to invoke emergency powers.

The financial upheaval caused by the implementation of this program just might be the catalyst to sparking massive social unrest. Fearing this as a serious threat to his plan for ‘transforming America’, Obama will turn Americans on Americans. Liberty will be obliterated.

Let’s look at how this lurch to the left is speeding up.

An avowed communist is now the mayor of New York City—America’s largest and most influential metropolis. Common Core, the socialistic horror being accepted as the ‘new curriculum’ in our public schools has slipped silently into the mainstream. Capitalism is being attacked at every turn in America. During his re-election campaign in 2008, Obama told us exactly what he was going to do to entrepreneurship in America.

Is it any wonder why Americans are buying guns and ammunition at a dizzying rate? People can only be pushed so far. This socialist president, who lied about Obamacare, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and the list goes on and on, has pushed America about as far as she can go.

I hope my prediction is wrong. I hope America wakes up in 2014 and stops this man from destroying the country and I hope it can be done peacefully.

Gumbo Baby January 1, 2014

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Making my New Year’s tradition…


Judy’s Best Gumbo evah*

Wash okra, cut into ¼ inch rounds, set aside.

 In large pot heat olive oil over medium/low heat, stir in flour.  Reduce heat to low and whisk frequently until it turns a nice mocha color.  (about 15-20 minutes)

Add okra, chopped onions, celery, chopped garlic, salt to taste and cayenne.  Make sure heat is very low and put on the lid.  Pour yourself a nice glass of red wine and pop in a Neville brothers CD.  After every other song, lift the lid, stir quickly and return lid.

 When the Brothers have finished singing you should have yourself a nice gumbo roux. (about an hour)

 Now you should at least be on the better side of your second glass of wine.  If not pour another immediately.  Add the chicken stock and water, stir in the hot sauce of your choice, the Worcestershire, the black pepper to taste, the bay leaves, sliced tomatoes and halved blue crabs.  Simmer lidless for 4 hours.

 Now depending on whether you had two or three glasses of red wine, it’s ok to take a 3- hour nap.  Just be sure to wake up after three hours cuz now it’s time to add the sausage.

 Once 4 hours is up, remove heat, cover and let stand to room temperature (or close) then put into the refrigerator for at least 24 hours,  48 is better.

 When it’s time to eat, reheat over medium until gumbo just starts to simmer.  Stir well and add shrimp and oysters.  Cook for 10 minutes more, then serve up that simmerin’ slice of Cajun heaven over a mess of white rice or on a thick slice of fresh French bread.

It’ll be the best thing you put in your mouth all day…I guarantee!


1 lb. Okra                                                  

¼ cup flour

½ cup olive oil

1 chopped onion

2 ½ stalks of celery

½ tbls cayenne

1-3 tbls. Hot sauce (your choice)

3 cloves of minced garlic

3 Bay leaves

4 tbls Worcestershire

salt to taste

1-quart reduced sodium chicken stock

1 ½ qts. water

2 diced tomatoes (large pieces)

2  halved Blue crabs or 8 oz. lump crab meat

½ lb. Shrimp

1-pint oysters

1 lb. Boudain sausage (smoked of course)

*Adapted from an original recipe from Judy Hebert (she married a real coon-ass Cajun)