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Gimme Da Money February 13, 2019

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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donkey chompersIf it’s not from one extreme side, it’s from the other. Since her election to Congress, we have been forced to endure the socialist rantings of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Everyday she spouts off on a demand to change America into a progressive utopia that has worked so well in all the places it’s been tried (sarcasm emphasized).

Now, the world’s second richest man, Bill Gates, is crying us a river of guilt over his enormous wealth and telling us no one has the right to be that wealthy.

It’s easier for me to understand AOC’s envy-based coveting of the successes of capitalism. She sure seems to be a low IQ loser whose only chance at a decent paying job was to become a politician.

Gates‘ whining remorse comes from a man who used that very capitalism to succeed beyond his wildest dreams and now suffers from BS, “billionaire shame”. I call bull shit.

There is however a simple solution to these two chuckleheads.  Let’s let AOC keep lecturing us on why we must ban airplanes and abandon our cars. Even the looniest of the Left will eventually shut her down because she’s sucking too much of their oxygen out of their room.

And Bill?  My solution is really a win-win here.  Since your money is burning a hole in your soul, unburden yourself and let it burn a hole in my pocket.  Make that check out to Fritz Breland, My New Utopia, USA.



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