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The Trump Card June 17, 2015

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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So Donald Trump’s presidential bid announcement has everyone’s panties in a wad. The mocking from the Left was quick and expected and the indignant outrage from the establishment Right was equally vociferous.

Trump is a loud mouth with a huge ego. His insatiable hunger for fame and fortune feeds his need to be in everyone’s face. He’s the world’s best negotiator…just ask him. He’s also very, very rich which he made a point of bragging about in his coming out party yesterday at Trump Plaza (where else) in New York.

So, should a wealthy ego maniac be our next president? Can someone who sees the world as one big negotiation run a country? Is brash talk and braggadocio the recipe for leading a nation?

I say yes; as long as the individual is a staunch conservative and uses all those tools to promote a truly conservative agenda.

Is Trump the right ego maniac for the job? Probably not but then I think he knows that and he doesn’t care. If Trump makes the top ten and is invited to the Republican debates he will have achieved his goal; a national platform to hear himself talk. I actually think that will be a good thing because he’s going to bloviate about many of the issues that need to be bloviated on…issues that are considered the ‘third rail’ by most of the Republican field and certainly by all the Rinos.

Illegal immigration from all of Latin America is going to destroy America. It’s a fact that needs to be pushed to the front of the debate. Poor, low educated people flooding our country is a bad thing. It must be stopped. Trump doesn’t give a damn about offending the PC sensibilities of the Left and we need that.

Trump’s unabashed support for capitalism is a good thing. America must reject, renounce and reverse everything that stands in the way of unbridled capitalism. Socialism (and radical Islam) is the greatest evil ever purported on humankind. Both must be crushed and Trump would do it.

Let me be the first to say that by throwing his hat in the ring, Trump has forced us to look at his hair. Unlike his hair his motivations for running are much less baffling. The Donald is on another ego trip and doesn’t much care what people say as long as somebody is saying something…about him.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

The Republican nomination is going to end up being between Walker and Bush. Trump’s bid will fade but not before he’s satiated his supporters and crazed his critics. It will be both painful and exquisite to watch. I think the addition of Donald Trump will help the nomination process. I know it will help Donald Trump.

It’s All Bull Sh*t June 15, 2015

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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With the exception of Jenner they’re all liberals and I’ll chalk his issue up to hormones….