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Know When To Fold Them April 4, 2012

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There comes a time when wise men make the difficult choice to abandon an unattainable dream and move on. Rick Santorum would be wise to stand down from his quest for the Republican nomination for president. Romney’s sweep last night in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Wisconsin should serve as a reality check for the Santorum camp. Let history reward you. Let your ego go. Make the call to admit defeat. A prolonged campaign will only ensure a lesser position in a Romney administration; if any. I salute your effort. You are a conservative patriot with the best intentions for America deep in your heart; however, it is not your time.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney January 16, 2012

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Last Thursday, Mitt Romney came to town. I almost missed it because our liberal rag newspaper never mentioned it until it had already almost happened. I jumped in the car and raced down to the Palm Beach Convention Center to catch the noontime rally.

The parking lot was nearly filled and there was a steady stream of folks walking in the building. Once inside we were directed up, down and all around and finally into a large ballroom…that only had about two dozen people in it!  I, along with the other two dozen curious conservatives quickly surmised something amiss. I started chatting up another business-looking fellow and we determined the mass of humanity was somewhere else. I stopped a gal with a radio in her hand and discovered we were in the overflow room as the main hall had surpassed the Fire Marshall’s comfort zone.

I had come to hear Mitt in person and by god I was going to hear Mitt in person. I slipped away from my new friend figuring I had a better chance of scamming an audience with the future president of the United States if I was by myself. I walked back to where it was obvious the main entrance was. Previously they had shooed us past this area guarded by a few state troopers and a bunch of suits with radios. I walked to the farthest door being guarded and just started blabbering to a suit with a radio. The next thing I know the door opens and some lady starts yapping she needs to get her boss inside as he just donated $500,000 to the Romney campaign. When the suit started to engage the woman I whispered softly, “one more won’t hurt” and slipped inside. Expecting to be immediately tackled and pistol whipped I just kept walking trying to get lost among the throng inside.

The entire back of the room was a sea of media. At least 50 news video cameras were stationed on a riser that spanned nearly the width of the room all aimed towards the stage. I saw all the local TV stations along with the big boys; Fox, CNN and MSNBC. I have no idea who made up the rest.

To the left of the camera dais were 10 rows of tables filled with journalists all with their laptops a humming. Milling about in the remaining empty space were at least 100 reporters of some other stripe—some with microphones and some with journalist’s notebooks in hand.

A relatively modest crowd of Mitt fans were crowded around the stage. (Mitt would announce to us that before coming out in our room he had visited with the over 100 folks stuck in the overflow room, shaking hands and signing autographs. He confirmed that the Fire Marshall had limited this room to 400 and apologized for the inconvenience.)

After a brief warm-up introduction by Jeff Atwater, Florida’s CFO, Mitt bounded out from behind the curtains and gave a great 20 minute, extemporaneous speech. It was all about sounding like the nominee as he spent the entire time eviscerating Obama and his socialist policies. Several times the crowd broke out into chants of “Mitt! Mitt! Mitt!”.

He wrapped it up and then spent another 15 or 20 minutes shaking hands, signing autographs and posing for pictures.

I left without a doubt in my mind this man will make a fine president. Once elected, we will need to keep him on track to stay the conservative line but finally our great national nightmare will be over.  Go Mitt Go!

Paul Ryan For President? June 3, 2011

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I think Paul Ryan would make a splendid President. I know he’s said he isn’t running but I think the pressure from the true conservative side of the party will push hard for him to reconsider. A few things will have to happen. #1. He can’t truly have already ruled it out. (he’s too smart for that, if the tea leaves show he’d have a real shot at beating Obama, he’d run) #2. Romney steps in it early. (not likely but anything could happen) #3. Polling shows him not only winning the nomination among Tea Partier’s but squishy conservatives too. #4. Polling shows him beating Obama and a clear winner with Independents.

Paul Ryan

Here’s why I like him. He’s young, 41, very articulate and passionate about being a conservative without sounding like an ideologue. He’s building strong support among fellow Republicans for his economic policy (he gets free face time each time they debate it and that will only increase over the summer). He’s oddly good looking—tall and thin is always good. Married with three children, he exudes a solid family character. Of course there’s always the possibility he’s got a dark, nasty secret that could be revealed during an October surprise by the desperate left but I doubt it.

His young-gun persona would be disarming for Obama. In a head to head debate I think Ryan would come out looking more intelligent and experienced despite being 8 years younger. This might also attract some of the younger vote who voted with their eyes in 2008. McCain was just too old and gray.

Of course there is always the possibility of a VP nod. He might be more inclined to accept that now while looking ahead. If Romney wins the nomination, a Ryan VP might just work. That pulls in the Tea Party, the Midwest, the younger vote…hmmm. Romney/Ryan 2012…It has a nice ring to it.

My Vote For President March 28, 2011

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The time is drawing near when we will begin to see the contenders emerging for the Republican nomination for President. A favorite website has a poll going showing Sarah Palin way out in front with their readers. Since opinions are like a**holes… we all got one, I thought I’d weigh in.

Gov. Sarah Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin 47, former Gov. of Alaska. I love her, she’s my kind of conservative, she’s smokin’ hot and did I mention she’s smokin’ hot?  She shouldn’t run because she can’t win. Reason, her voice. She’s got a tinny, whiny, Alaskan/Minnesotan/Fargo twang  going on that is the reason people call her dumb. It’s a horrible reason but it’s a fact.
She needs to stay being the Right’s biggest fund raiser and King maker.

Mitch Daniels

Mitch Daniels. 62, Gov. of Indiana, past OMB Director. Nicely conservative. No name recognition and he slightly resembles George W. Bush.  Never gonna win.

Herman Cain

  Herman Cain. 65, columnist, businessman, talk show host. Staunchly conservative, got all the creds for my vote. He’s black and while that makes him an equal to Obama in the race race, the country is not ready to have another black president right after the nightmare we have now. Great VP choice though.

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich. 67, former Speaker of the House. Brainy-ack with too much baggage. ‘Ol Newt couldn’t keep it in his pants earlier in life and that’s gonna cost him the chance to be prez. Married three times, he is better served as a Secretary of State or VP.

Haley Barbour

Haley Barbour. 63, Gov. of Mississippi. Just one earful of his southern accent and you’ll agree he’ll never get elected. That and the fact he’s obese and was born in Yazoo, MS…

Mike Huckabee


Mike Huckabee. 55, former Gov. of Arkansas. He’s a bible thumpin’ righty who is way too religious for me and the masses. Name sounds too close to huckleberry.




Tim Pawlenty

Tim Pawlenty, 50, former Gov. of Minnesota.  Not enough name recognition though he has the right conservative creds. Somebody’s gonna make fun of his name and equate him to polenta…

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann, 54, member of Congress, Hmmm, what do I say here. She’s a big time Tea Party favorite but I fear she’s got too big an ego for her current stage in politics. A Sarah Palin wanna-be without the wow factor. Another great conservative who needs to wait in the wings and support the only person I think can beat Obama and that is….

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney, 64, former Gov. of Massachusetts. It won’t be easy but if Mitt hires a killer PR firm, admits he was wrong on his health care plan in MA and stays solidly right of center on EVERY issue, he can beat Obama. He’s gotta deal with the Morman thing which is absurd in this day and age but it’s a fact. I think it can be done with GOOD PR. Good looking man and family. The Right needs to do the right thing and crown him the Rep. nominee now so he can start attacking Obama without a bruising nomination fight.
That’s my two cents worth.