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Everyone’s Got One August 27, 2015

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I got so much to say I don’t know where to begin. OK, let’s begin with this:  anti_no_assholes_yard_signAssholes, they’re everywhere. Political assholes, social assholes, assholes who don’t even know they’re assholes. We’re heading for a showdown— assholes vs. the normal people—and I’m stocking up on Charmin.

Let The Culling Begin August 4, 2015

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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DebateThe first Republican debate of the 2016 presidential race is less than 36 hour away. Fox News just revealed the results of the polling that qualified and ranked the 17 announced candidates for inclusion in what is now a two-tier debate. Based on five national polls the top ten vote getters (A-Team) made it to prime time and will debate each other at 8pm. The bottom seven (B-team) will debate among themselves at 5pm.

                A-Team                                      B-Team
Donald Trump; Jeb Bush;                Rick Perry; Rick Santorum;
Scott Walker; Mike Huckabee;         Bobby Jindal;  Carly Fiorina;
Ben Carson; Ted Cruz;                    Lindsey Graham;
Marco Rubio; Rand Paul;                 George Pataki;
Chris Christie; John Kasich              Jim Gilmore

As soon as the line-up was announced sour grapes from the second tier hit social media. Rick Santorum’s people took to twitter and blasted Fox and the RNC. Hey Rick, you’re a loser, your ego and hope to stay politically relevant are the only reasons you’re running for president.

I’ll be generous and say that there are really only five legit candidates; the rest are angling for the VP job or a cabinet position. It may take a few more debates but Trump, Walker, Bush, Cruz and Rubio will be there. I’d like to see Carly Fiorina stand out among the B-team and work herself into the big stage. I think she could add a lot to the dynamic, especially if Bush, Walker or Cruz get the nod and pick her as VP. If Trump wins the nomination there’s no chance for two business types in the White House.