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Git Er Done November 20, 2012

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I just had my first colonoscopy. I was told to have one at age 50 to serve as a base line but I was a weeny and put it off for four years until today. Last Christmas I made a promise to my wife that I would get it done before the end of the year so I just made it.

First let me say it’s not anywhere as bad as anyone has ever said. I guess 20 years ago the prep was pretty hideous, drinking four liters of a solution that tastes like shit and then shitting for eight hours. Well they’ve improved the solution dramatically but you still shit for eight hours. Oh, and the fasting for 24 hours sucks too.

This morning I arrived at 7am and checked in. Before they called my name at 7:30,  I watched two others head back. Once in, a lovely nurse named Mary Kay got me naked and gowned, took my vitals and opened an IV line. Now, this little process has been my biggest nightmare. It’s really the reason I didn’t do this before now. I hate needles in the vein. Taking blood is a freakin’ nightmare. I’d rather someone punch me in the nose and hold a bucket under my head instead of getting stuck.

Anyway, I went to my happy place and Mary Kay proceeded to miss the first vein. She muttered “shit”, then excusing her language started looking for a second try. Success! Or so she thought. I guess they check the flow and after about 30 seconds said she missed again and started apologizing profusely. OK…no problem. I’m now sweating bullets in a chilly 65 degree pre-op room wearing a thread bare cotton surgical gown with no back to it. Obviously sensing I’m no longer in my happy place she asks me if I’m ok, I lied and said yes. She re-torques on the tourniquet around my bicep and goes for try number three.  Hallelujah! After her flow check she exclaims ‘bingo’. Since she had already hooked me up to a heart monitor I could hear the beeps of my beats on the monitor behind me. They were clipping along pretty damn fast there for a while.

Ready for something to take my stress level down a notch I was obliged when Mary Kay abruptly whisked back the privacy curtain to reveal a hulking dude in blue scrubs standing at my feet staring at me. Shades of the scene in the Wizard of OZ when they pulled back the curtain revealing the wizard flashed in my mind. He was the anesthesiologist. Of all the people I encountered today he was the only one who didn’t smile. He asked short, snappy questions, stared at me like I was lying and generally exuded no warm fuzzies.

Thankfully my time with him was short and as soon as he was done they wheeled me into the operating room. A very pleasant male nurse greeted me and explained the next steps. They re-hooked my vitals up and had me roll on my side. Being the curious George I asked what goodies I was about to get. The nurse announced, “Propofol”. “Wow,” I remarked, “the same stuff that offed Michael Jackson!” That got a laugh out of the nurse which happened to be the last thing I remember after hearing the anesthesiologist say, “good night”.

Almost immediately I felt light headed and the next thing I knew I was in post-op looking up at the grinning male nurse. Bing, bang, boom…all done.

Now for the fun part. In order to get a good look at all the twists and turns in your bowels, the doc has to pump air into your lower intestines so the colonoscope can see everything. So once in post-op, the first thing the nurse told me was to pass all that gas. Now, I’m usually a little reticent about farting in public; decorum and all. But my fears were set aside after hearing the cacophony of flatulence all around me. There were at least four other post-op patients hidden behind their own privacy curtains tooting up a storm. It was hilarious! I joined in and reveled in the fart free-pass we had all been given.

Ten minutes later I was dressed and out the door, driven home by my Dad. I can’t wait for a cup of coffee!

Oh, got a clean bill of health too!

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Thank You November 11, 2012

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Happy Veterans Day

Now Is The Time November 10, 2012

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I have been a member of the A.R.E. for 20 years and a student of the Cayce readings since I was introduced to them when I was 22. Now is the time to share with my friends what I believe is the truth. The Cayce readings and the teachings they espouse have guided me ever since I learned of them. I will not proselytize but I would invite you to check it out and make your own decisions as to their veracity. I started by reading the book There Is A River by Thomas Sugrue. It’s a good place to start. The following is a recent blog post from an A.R.E. contributor.


Now is the time to exercise your power as a creator. Consciously. We constantly create. The world around us is the result of our thoughts. This is found in numerous Cayce readings—thoughts are things, mind is the builder, etc. Unfortunately, we have not accepted the deep nature of this truth nor have we accepted the responsibility of this aspect of our being. We have limited our vision to material creation. Now is the time to go up to the causal level.

What do you see in the world today? War, poverty, fear, political division, extinction of animals, natural disasters. This can be overwhelming to the material mind, but not to the spiritual. Each one of us, using our spiritual power given to us by The Creator, can make a great change in the collective consciousness that creates the material world. Yes, even in mitigating natural disasters, for Mother Earth responds to attitudes held in the mass consciousness, and for a long time now she has been under attack. She is beginning to defend herself.

Cayce warned in his readings on Atlantis that if our attitudes were not spiritualized, our technological society would find the same ending as Atlantis, i.e., destruction—a destruction that we will have created. His readings on earth changes told us what may occur if we did not change the vibrations we were building in the ethers. Sadly, we are seeing many of these, but the severity of the disasters may have been somewhat mitigated by the work individuals and small groups have been doing to raise consciousness.

Today we hear the cries for help from many directions. After Hurricane Sandy’s visit to the American East Coast it is obvious many thousands of people need our help. There are children starving throughout the world, much of the world lacks clean water, animals are being hunted to extinction or their habitats are being destroyed; this list could go on and on, but you have the power to change it.

Little me? Yes! First of all, you are not little. We were created in the image of The Creator. That is NOT little. Second, instead of working at the material level, rise to the causal level where your work will more quickly and effectively bring about change. Don’t ignore the cries of the material level, but focus on the causal, since fewer will be able to recognize the importance of that type of work.

What do you do? Live what you believe. All day, every day, bring your every thought and action into accord with the highest consciousness you know. For example, while driving, let go of individual desire; drive with your actions and responses being determined by the greatest good for all. Break that initial annoyance with the vision of safe journeying for all. This isn’t being a goody two-shoes! This is how you create peace and brotherhood! You send out a higher vibration. This is where you LIVE “thoughts are things,” not just mouth it. If you don’t believe this could make a difference, try feeling that the guy who is tailgating you is a spiritual brother and send a heartfelt prayer for his safety and yours. Show respect that he might have an acceptable reason for his actions and ask that he respect your reason for your actions. Your response must be honest. Then watch what happens.

In all aspects of your life consciously choose to align with the higher vibration. Observe your thoughts, and feed them with only that which leads you to positive growth. Skip forwarding that email that is based on belittlement, fear, or outrage. Avoid any media that feeds the fear within you. Take responsibility for creating the life around you. If you created it, you can change it. You are that powerful.

You are also so very, very important at this time, because you have opened yourself to these truths and are allowing them to blossom in your life. Every consciousness that is opening to a higher vibration is helping to lift others with it.

The greatest need in this world at this moment is the lifting up of the mass consciousness; through this, permanent solutions to the distressing situations in our world will be found. Nurture your own expanding consciousness, encourage others by your words, suggestions of a book, movie, or program.

But each contact needs a support to keep it going. Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. has done that for me and many, many others. That is why I have supported their newly launched CREATE campaign, which seeks to ensure a source is readily available to the many who are ready to change their consciousness now and in the future. I do not ignore the other cries for help, but I want the greater portion of my giving to support the causal level for positive change in the world. I want to consciously be a Creator.

To learn more about the CREATE campaign, please visit EdgarCayce.org/Create.

Judy Lickert has been a member of A.R.E. since 1973, a student of the Cayce readings since 1966, and a Study Group member for more than 30 years. Her support of A.R.E. has included membership in our Golden Circle donor ($1,000+) recognition club as well as Life Membership. She has been married to her spiritual partner for 43 years, and has two daughters and two granddaughters. She is active in her community, especially the library and school district. She is an animal lover, organic gardener, and ballroom dancer.

Edgar Cayce

Vote Romney November 3, 2012

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Obama let it slip yesterday. Yep, he finally admitted his whole reason for being president is to punish those people he sees as the persecutors. I have said it before here and here but now we have proof. This man is all about reparations for blacks, revenge for slavery and the perceived injustice to the black race. If there is a God in heaven, Mitt Romney will be our next President.

Mitt Romney

51% to 47% November 3, 2012

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I’m off tomorrow morning escorting 62 8th graders to Philadelphia. I’ll be watching the results in a hotel room in Lancaster, PA on Tuesday. I realized a month ago that I would be out of town during the election. I voted early last Sunday. I waited in line over 2 hours…mostly because of technical issues. Both special printers went down.

In early voting, in order to cast your ballot for the correct candidates in your local area, you have to make sure you have the specific ballot for your precinct. This entails not only proving you are registered but proving which precinct you’re from so your custom ballot can be printed. After not moving at all for over an hour a poll watcher finally came out and announced they got one printer working. The line started a slow crawl forward; there were about 50 people in front of me and when I finally got into the room an hour later they were still operating on just one printer.

I showed my ID, and waited in a second line for my ballot to print. After about 5 minutes they called my name and I collected my ballot and proceeded to mark it up. It took me less than 3 minutes to complete including double checking my choices and inserting the ballot into the scantron machine.

I’m predicting Romney wins with 51% of the vote. Obama will get 47%…the same percentage that are on the federal dole.