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Personal Responsibility September 13, 2018

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I am now again moved to speak my mind about the events shaping my world.

The United States is more polarized than ever before. Two distinct philosophies are diametrically opposed and facing off daily. Their positions color their actions towards every area in our society and the divide is growing.

When our country was founded the innate tenants of Capitalism were rooted in the very souls of the men and women who sought to break free from a King who despotically ruled their lives. Given the opportunity to freely make a ‘go of it’ without oppression or subjugation, our forefathers set into motion a way of life that has proved to be the best system yet devised. They were willing to codify that system in documents that put every man’s life, whose name was attached, squarely in jeopardy.

Everything about the Declaration of Independence and Constitution is about allowing those who live under its words a freedom to pursue a path of life, liberty and a pursuit of happiness free of interference from his government or his fellow man.  This system is ultimately based on personal responsibility and that is where the divide begins.

One group has chosen to identify as victims—somehow at an immediate disadvantage to the other. They perceive they cannot compete based on a system that allows the individual to rise to whatever level of success they desire. These people must therefore change the system to allow for their success. That change includes restricting the free opportunities that are available to everyone and creating rules and regulations that hope to create an ‘even playing field’.  That even playing field has become Socialism. A world in which no one can be more successful than another (except for the people running it). A world where personal responsibility, entrepreneurship and self-drive are crushed in favor of a shared collective.

Socialism destroys incentive. The incentive to innovate, to risk capital with the opportunity for financial reward and the incentive for personal growth through free expression. Socialism destroys the individual. Socialism destroys.

The other group revels in personal responsibility. They see it as a fundamental expression borne from the Constitution. Their right to pursue that which is enumerated in that document is their responsibility. They get to decide how or if they choose to take advantage of those rights. They also know they are responsible for whatever results from their actions or non-actions.

Some say putting the onus of responsibility on the individual is unfair as some have advantages others do not. I would agree that some are born into situations that give them less challenges to realizing whatever level of personal achievement they seek. From the earliest days someone was born into this world with more than his neighbor and yet humankind has flourished. As long as the system of allowing anyone to reap the fruits of personal responsibility is in place perceived birthright advantage is just that, perceived.

My social Darwinism view puts me squarely in the personal responsibility camp. I have been called coldhearted and mean to my face and who knows what behind it.  To my defense I do believe to those much given, much is expected and for those souls born into distress through no fault of there own (physical and mental deficiencies) I wholeheartedly support providing help. I do not support assisting those whose envious and covetous ways seek to avoid personal responsibility for their own success.

Like my forefathers before me who, by their signatures on the Declaration of Independence, signed their own death warrants had they been captured, I too will fight, to the death if need be, to preserve Capitalism, personal responsibility and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Green (Jacket) With Envy April 10, 2012

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Reading the comments section in a news story is probably the most revealing and yes, depressing thing about the current state of affairs in this country.

Bubba Watson won the 2012 Masters Golf tournament on Sunday. The YouTube video of his acceptance speech showed a humble, unpretentious young man who wears his emotions on his sleeve. He began his speech by giving thanks to Jesus, his Lord and Savior and went on to thanking the fans, his fellow players and tournament staff and volunteers. His reference to Jesus was brief but sincere; it choked him up a bit.

Bubba Watson
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

It was depressing seeing how many chose to attack him for his religiosity in the comments to the video.  I find it so unfortunate that people today have to belittle people of faith and somehow mark them as insincere or fake in their beliefs.

I believe people who mock believers are just, deep down, full of fear. They refuse to let the thought of a higher power into their thinking and are therefore resigned to an existence no greater than the physical world around them. They have no way of finding relief for the burdens they face in this carnate existence. Their only solutions are man-made and those can never really solve their problems.

So, instead of being happy for someone who is successful and chooses to thank the Lord for that blessing, the fearful mock and cast derision. People like Bubba Watson and Tim Tebow and the millions of others who have found peace in the grace of God’s love, will certainly do what Jesus would want them to do; forgive them and pray for them.

So I too will try not to think and speak ill of these poor souls who will one day discover there really is another path to take.

What Will They Say April 21, 2011

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I went to a funeral last night. It was for someone I did not know personally. The funeral home was packed with family and friends. It was an open casket, only the second I had ever been to.

The deceased’s boss was one of the eulogizers. He spoke without notes, straight from the heart with a surety and confidence that in itself was comforting. He used adjectives like, honorable, hard-working, loyal, trustworthy, “his word was his bond”.  He painted a picture of a God-loving man whose family came first and the rest of the world was a close second. Those same adjectives were repeated over and over with each speaker.

A fine husband, father and grandfather has passed over and is now on that part of the journey that we all will take one day.

I wonder what words will be spoken about me when I pass.

Faith September 2, 2010

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Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is a very smart man so I am surprised at his latest pronouncement that God didn’t create the Universe. I have a cousin who’s very smart. He’s got that scientist type of mind (he’s a doc) that filters everything through the logical, ‘what can I see, taste or feel’, process in order to make sense of something.

In their world if it can’t be proven, measured, duplicated and the outcome repeated by others, it can’t be true.

I remember one lively Christmas discussion; cousins, aunts and uncles clustered around the dinner table debating religion on the eve of the birth of the baby Jesus.

Most of the family fell into the traditional ‘believe in God’ camp and all the attendant Christian dogma that goes with it. Except for dear cousin scientist (who was in college at the time) who pronounced his philosophy of the Laws and the Particles.  As a precocious 14-year old, excited not to be seated at the children’s table this year, I was fascinated by the spirited debate among the adults over the seemingly blasphemous ideas spouted forth by my older cousin. He stated there was no God, just the laws of physics that directed everything else in nature. I remember the conversation got elevated and voices were raised (undoubtedly in direct proportion to the amount of wine consumed) as each camp tried to establish a high ground.  I don’t remember how the debate ended but to this day we fondly recall the ‘Laws and the Particles’ Christmas.

Dr. Hawking is entitled to his beliefs and so is my cousin. I just happen to think that the laws of physics are the physical manifestations that resulted when God created matter.

Scientists will always seek the reason for why something is. In their world there must be a finite beginning, a process and sometimes a finite end. That’s all well and good when your dealing in the physical world. To explain God we need a little thing called Faith. With Faith, I know the answer will be revealed to me one day when I am prepared to understand it.

If believing in The Laws and the Particles makes you sleep easy each night, by all means sleep easy. God Bless you Dr. Hawking and Dr. Walker. I look forward to the day when we all find out who’s theory was right.

Washington, DC October 13, 2009

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America the beautiful

I just returned from another escort job to Washington, DC. This trip was a group of senior citizens from Westerville, OH. This was the first time I had been back to Washington since Obama became President. The trip was the usual fare, monument walks, museum tours, Ford’s Theater, Kennedy Center, Arlington, Mount Vernon…practically the same as the high school tours…just a little slower. My group was a lovely bunch—31 seniors whose voracious appetite at the buffet line rivaled any eighth grade group I’ve escorted.

Washington monument

Washington monument

Every time I visit DC my patriotic juices are stirred to the core as I see, up close, the very symbols that represent what our country is all about. And that’s what so disturbs me about those who see and visit the same things and end up interpreting them 180 degrees from me. If you’ve read any of my blog you’ll know I am very conservative. I believe in a strict interpretation of the Constitution, a Federalists approach to state’s rights and a near Libertarian view of how much intrusion the Federal government should have in our lives.

Lincoln memorial

Lincoln memorial


Korean monument

I lost count of the number of Obama bumper stickers I saw on cars in and around the Capital. Most had Virginia or Maryland licenses so they were locals. They live and work in the cradle of our country’s government. A city filled with monument after monument honoring the genius founders of our country and still more monuments honoring the sacrifices of ordinary men and women who, believing in the wisdom of our founder’s words, served their country and paid the ultimate price. With the exception of the newest presidential monument, the FDR memorial, every other major monument in Washington is for a President who represented the beliefs I hold so dear.

Korean memorial

Korean memorial

So why do so many people embrace liberalism? Why do they choose a philosophy that is virtually the opposite of what our nation was founded on?  I had a nice eight-hour bus ride back to Ohio to ponder that question.

Being a liberal is like being a child. Liberals don’t like rules. When someone else succeeds they whine, “it’s not fair”. They stomp their feet demanding the same results even when they’re not deserved. Liberals will take the easy path every time. They see the success in others and never consider the sacrifice and hard work it took to achieve. They assume success was somehow stolen or bequeathed from some unfair birthright. To a large degree, I think this stems from the fact that a majority of liberals don’t have a strong belief in God and therefore reject the notion that everyone’s natural gifts; intelligence, athleticism and beauty, are bestowed upon us from the Creator.

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon

Liberals need to read the words of our founding fathers again. Those geniuses realized everything we have is endowed to us by our Creator. In creating the Constitution, the founders were not creating equality for all but rather were creating laws ensuring everyone’s right and ability to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as they see fit. Sadly, many Americans have either not read/been taught or choose to misinterpret those wise words from the framers of our great nation.

Do you have a group interested in touring Washington, DC? Call Prime Tours at 877-289-5554 or visit www.goprimetours.com

Liberal or conservative, I promise an excellent tour.

Pearl Harbor Day December 8, 2008

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Sixty seven years ago yesterday there was a whole lotta fear in the world. The despair Japan must have felt in regards to their position in the world had to have been enormous.   The country’s leaders must have feared greatly for the future of their country; why else attack the much bigger and wealthier United States. 

And with that attack they spread that fear to America.  Now our country was fearing the unknown from a surprise attack and possible invasion.

America faced that fear by mobilizing and rallying behind the flag.  In doing so we won the war and created the start to the most profitable time in our history.

Now, nearly seventy years later, fear has once again crept into our lives.  The war on terror,  the financial debacle and recent political upheaval have made for some fearful times. 

For me, facing a fear directly has been the hardest yet most successful way of beating it.  Each of us have to figure out our own way of doing it.  I use the belief in God and the basic tenets of Christianity.  “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. 

I also believe in prayer and I believe the positive energy generated by prayer can effect change. 

So today I will pray and send loving energy into the Universe.  I will also endeavor to treat everyone the way I would wish to be treated.

Be well.