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Fail April 2, 2012

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The recent exit of Keith Olbermann from Current TV, a cable channel you have never watched and maybe never  knew existed, can be added to the long list of liberal failures. Olbermann reached his career apogee several years ago at MSNBC but then, like all ego maniacs and doomed rockets, he began suffering engine failure. His employment at Current TV was supposed to put that channel on the map bringing with him the broadcast magic he allegedly possessed.  He never got close to achieving orbit.

Once again Olbermann’s ego and his deluded affection for progressive thought did him in. But now we are in for the real show. The most certain lawsuits to come and the public he says/she says, that most assuredly will precede them, will entertain for weeks.

My prediction is Olbermann will cement himself as the petty, petulant Narcissus that we all knew he was. Current TV will eventually go the way of Air America and Mitt Romney will become our president.

Ah, all is well in America.

Illustration by Miles Donovan


The Soft Spot Is On Obama’s Head October 1, 2011

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I have always been a softy for a good metaphor especially when it illustrates the greatest evil being perpetrated in America today.

A sixth grade football player from Malvern, Arkansas is tasting the bitter reality of Liberalism. It seems Demias Jimerson is an excellent running back, so good he scores virtually every time he touches the ball. This has been deemed unfair and the school district has created a rule that limits him to scoring just three touchdowns per game.

Could this be any more illustrative of the liberal way of thinking. When someone, thing or idea succeeds liberals are there to immediately regulate it so it won’t ‘be unfair’ to the others who can’t, won’t or don’t have the same ability. Instead of allowing the other teams to grow, learn and adjust to playing up to Jimerson’s wonderful God given talent, liberals will just handicap the poor boy and limit his success by reducing him to the lowest common denominator.

The President just made a speech accusing Americans of getting soft.  Here’s a news flash Mr. President; It’s this shameful, despicable behavior you promote that is causing this and you are the guilty party.

Liberals are scum bags.

What a Weiner May 29, 2011

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There was a time I wanted to be a journalist. The first major I declared in college was Journalism. A series of unfortunate events, the main one being I had a total dick teaching my Intro to Journalism class, broke my spirit and shamed me into believing I couldn’t write. Looking back, the professor was probably a Liberal ideologue who saw the conservative streak in me way before it had become my raison d’etre. But I digress.

I was on the road the past 10 days escorting school kids to our nation’s capital, educating them to the greatness of our Republic when the Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) Twitter story broke on Friday. The New York Post wrote the first story neatly providing excuses, provided by Rep. Weiner’s people, for the incident. Then nothing. No follow-up, no delving into the possibility that Weiner was lying, no investigation whatsoever— they took him at his word.

Here we have an outspoken, married, Liberal Congressman who just might be at the tip of a salacious incident involving a photo, a comely coed and Twitter and the mainstream media stays silent, content to believe the rather far-flung explanations involving a photo of bulging underwear sent to a young woman via a Twitter account registered to Rep. Weiner. For them the incident is neatly explained with some rather far-fetched excuses that should have set off alarm bells to any real reporter. But no, time to move on, nothing to see here. “Hey is there a Conservative we can bash?”

Not so fast. Breitbart and Ace of Spades smelled a story here. I could just see it. Andrew and Ace gather their crack staff of investigative reporters in the wee hours huddled over someone’s dimly lit desk—cigarette smoke fogging the air. Before the last ‘REPORTER’ banner had been tucked into the fedora, their armies of investigative journalists were out on the street…well, that’s the way they did it in Woman of the Year.

Both of these ‘new’ journalists smelled a rat. Of course both lean solidly to the Right. So to be fair, for them, any chance to go after a Lib, especially one as outspoken as Weiner, put an extra spring in their step. Just hours after the first story broke, both websites had dissected Weiner’s story and exposed glaring untruths…lies. Couple this with the systematic Goggle scrubbing of all references to the woman involved and I think we have a story here.

Display in the Newseum in Washington, DC

The point of this post is to once again expose the mainstream media for what it is—a full-blown propaganda arm of the Left. This country is being slowly killed from within. The ink which prints the vast majority of news we digest every day is tainted with a poison. It started out in very low doses over 50 years ago, ie., the press hiding FDR’s disability.  The dosage has increased steadily and now the perpetrators of this crime no longer bother to mask their intentions. They sense they are reaching critical mass and just a few more injections will finish us off. Objectivity is no longer the cornerstone of Journalism in America. The industry is infected with liberals who use the pen as their syringe, pushing their slow-drip toxic agenda into our veins everyday.

It must change or America, the way our Founding Father’s created it, will die. Stop supporting the mainstream media. Pull the intravenous death from your arm. Don’t buy their newspapers. Don’t watch their TV. Write the truth to their editors even if they won’t print it. Stand and fight. They say the pen is mightier than the sword…ok, bring it on.  And yes, Weiner is a dick.


I took the above photo when I visited the Newseum in DC this past week.  I will post on that event later but suffice to say it only reinforced my position that the media in America today is our enemy.

NPR–unfair, unbalanced…and afraid. October 21, 2010

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Juan Williams

I’ve been trying to resist political posts recently, mainly because of the “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it” maxim. But this got my blood boiling.

National Public Radio fired Juan Williams for daring to speak his mind. His offense was to admit to what any sane human should think these days. “….But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”

NPR has always been the most continuous  source of liberal slanted news on the radio. Liberal talk outlets like Air America came and went because, as privately funded outfits, they relied on advertising to survive. NPR is funded in large part by our tax dollars. A steady stream of cash that fears nothing from the free market. Well that needs to change. I’m writing my (new) senator and (new) congressman to pass legislation to stop funding NPR with public money. If you’re as outraged as I am with a publicly funded media outlet that espouses far left propaganda, pick up the phone or write an e-mail. It all starts with us.


Washington, DC October 13, 2009

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America the beautiful

I just returned from another escort job to Washington, DC. This trip was a group of senior citizens from Westerville, OH. This was the first time I had been back to Washington since Obama became President. The trip was the usual fare, monument walks, museum tours, Ford’s Theater, Kennedy Center, Arlington, Mount Vernon…practically the same as the high school tours…just a little slower. My group was a lovely bunch—31 seniors whose voracious appetite at the buffet line rivaled any eighth grade group I’ve escorted.

Washington monument

Washington monument

Every time I visit DC my patriotic juices are stirred to the core as I see, up close, the very symbols that represent what our country is all about. And that’s what so disturbs me about those who see and visit the same things and end up interpreting them 180 degrees from me. If you’ve read any of my blog you’ll know I am very conservative. I believe in a strict interpretation of the Constitution, a Federalists approach to state’s rights and a near Libertarian view of how much intrusion the Federal government should have in our lives.

Lincoln memorial

Lincoln memorial


Korean monument

I lost count of the number of Obama bumper stickers I saw on cars in and around the Capital. Most had Virginia or Maryland licenses so they were locals. They live and work in the cradle of our country’s government. A city filled with monument after monument honoring the genius founders of our country and still more monuments honoring the sacrifices of ordinary men and women who, believing in the wisdom of our founder’s words, served their country and paid the ultimate price. With the exception of the newest presidential monument, the FDR memorial, every other major monument in Washington is for a President who represented the beliefs I hold so dear.

Korean memorial

Korean memorial

So why do so many people embrace liberalism? Why do they choose a philosophy that is virtually the opposite of what our nation was founded on?  I had a nice eight-hour bus ride back to Ohio to ponder that question.

Being a liberal is like being a child. Liberals don’t like rules. When someone else succeeds they whine, “it’s not fair”. They stomp their feet demanding the same results even when they’re not deserved. Liberals will take the easy path every time. They see the success in others and never consider the sacrifice and hard work it took to achieve. They assume success was somehow stolen or bequeathed from some unfair birthright. To a large degree, I think this stems from the fact that a majority of liberals don’t have a strong belief in God and therefore reject the notion that everyone’s natural gifts; intelligence, athleticism and beauty, are bestowed upon us from the Creator.

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon

Liberals need to read the words of our founding fathers again. Those geniuses realized everything we have is endowed to us by our Creator. In creating the Constitution, the founders were not creating equality for all but rather were creating laws ensuring everyone’s right and ability to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as they see fit. Sadly, many Americans have either not read/been taught or choose to misinterpret those wise words from the framers of our great nation.

Do you have a group interested in touring Washington, DC? Call Prime Tours at 877-289-5554 or visit www.goprimetours.com

Liberal or conservative, I promise an excellent tour.