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They Hang For Treason February 12, 2018

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I have always thought John Brennan was a bad guy. Hell, just look at him. Besides the beady-eyed stare he would always take when he was on camera he always had a sneaky arrogance that screamed “I’m all in for Obama”. beady little fcker

I said every time I saw him on screen that that SOB was rotten.

A career spook with the CIA, Brennan was promoted in 2004 by George W. Bush to the newly created position of Director of the National Counter-terrorism Center. My guess was Bush knew the guy was a rat and wanted him out of the CIA. Remember, his dad, George H.W. Bush was once the director there.

He lasted two years before leaving and working in the private intelligence world.  After Obama was elected, he was tapped by him to be the new head of the CIA but ended up withdrawing his name from consideration because of opposition to his CIA service under President George W. Bush and past public statements he had made in support of enhanced interrogation and the transfer of terrorism suspects to countries where they might be tortured.

It’s my belief Obama knew he had a loyal lefty in Brennan so he appointed him to be his Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism, the President’s chief counter-terrorism advisor and a position that did not require Senate confirmation. A nice place to park a loyalist until you can get him confirmed.

Once Obama got elected the second time he again nominated Brennan for CIA Chief.  After some token resistance from the Right, he was confirmed and sworn into the office as Director on March 8, 2013.

Did ya know this scum bag voted for the Communist Party USA candidate Gus Hall in the 1976 presidential election? He later said that he viewed it as a way “of signaling my unhappiness with the system, and the need for change.”

‘Hope and Change’ maybe?—just waiting for a socialist like Obama to come along.

Let’s bust open everything Devin Nunes and finally expose the Deep State. America’s greatest enemies live among us.

Trump has them terrified because he’s the only one with the balls to go after them. God Bless you Mr. President!

Everyone’s Got One August 27, 2015

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I got so much to say I don’t know where to begin. OK, let’s begin with this:  anti_no_assholes_yard_signAssholes, they’re everywhere. Political assholes, social assholes, assholes who don’t even know they’re assholes. We’re heading for a showdown— assholes vs. the normal people—and I’m stocking up on Charmin.

Just Because I Am White I Am Not A Racist March 20, 2015

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Back in May, 2012 I posted this. It seems that as we draw closer and closer to the end of the Obama presidency the president and the Left are becoming more and more desperate to shove their progressive racism down America’s throat. This little incident is nothing but racism. This singer hasn’t lived on this earth long enough to even begin thinking about lecturing whites about racism. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Il) spouts his ‘Republicans are racists’ pap from the well of the senate.

I am afraid we have just begun to see the vile efforts by the progressives to further divide this country.

I can remember as a kid (growing up in very white suburbs) being repulsed any time one of my peers made a disparaging, racist remark against blacks. My parents raised me to look past skin color and judge the content of the person’s actions.

Now, the actions of a truly ignorant few are making it harder and harder to not judge the book by the cover. I honestly believe that if we had not elected a black president in 2008 race relations would be getting better not worse. Obama has chosen the wrong path. Instead of using his position to exalt the strides America has taken in the past 200 years that have provided the opportunity for a black man to become president, he has done the opposite. Instead of standing in the bully pulpit and proclaiming to Americans of color what a great system we have he has wasted his time  berating and blaming white America for the shortcomings of blacks. images

Of course race relations are just one of the myriad of issues I have with Obama. He’s a Socialist. He wants to weaken and punish America. He doesn’t believe America is the greatest country on earth. Those are the attributes I ascribe to any enemy of America. I fear these next 21 months will be a very troublesome time.

Entitled Losers March 10, 2015

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Distill it down and the reason I can’t stand liberals is they feel they’re entitled to things they have no right to.

From minimum wage to paid leave to union membership that creates a false and unnatural workplace environment; they’ve got it all wrong.

Liberal leaders see themselves (and justify their existence) as working for the little guy—the bottom feeders of the world; folks who need someone to stand up for them. Without that ‘cause’ these liberal leaders would be in the same boat as all the other losers in the world. They can’t compete with the doers, the creators and the leaders. They choose the anti-successful side and create a cottage industry off the backs of the masses.

Obama just attacked Governor Scott Walker for successfully challenging the unions in Wisconsin. Our lame-duck president feels the need to spend his precious time slamming the candidate who would best serve the country as our next president. Since Walker would look to undo all the socialist BS this nightmare of a current president has wrought, Obama is especially fearful of him. UnionBusting325

In business the boss is the ‘boss’ for a reason. They are either the owner or chosen by the owner to successfully run the business. That takes skill, risk and responsibility; traits that should be compensated for.

Minimum wage is an evil construct. As an employer I should be able to set whatever wage I choose for any employee. If we let the market work as it should in capitalism, everyone will get paid commensurate with their worth to the company. When no one shows up for a job because the advertised wage is too low, employers will have to meet the market if they want someone to do the job. If the owner pays a wage the employee finds unsatisfactory they can either continue with an eye for promotion or leave the company for a better paying one.

There was a time when labor organizing served a purpose. During the industrial revolution unsafe working conditions and a huge pool of workers to choose from put the employer in an unhealthy position of excessive power. Unionization was inevitable and necessary to some degree. However, with the advent of ambulance chasing attorneys workers now have enough checks and balances from unsafe workplace environments—onerous union created rules are simply not needed.

The genius of a supply and demand system provides another set of checks and balances for the worker. But this is where the left and the right diverge. The left always thinks they are worth more than they are. I guess it’s human nature but it’s time to slap some sense into America. We must stop this notion that we should be compensated because we think we ought to be rather than by really earning it.

It all started with FDR and social security…people getting something for nothing. Sure, you should get every penny plus whatever interest is accrued that YOU put into the system…but not one penny more. Why? Because that penny is mine and you are not entitled to it.

I Stand With Bibi March 3, 2015

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I just watched Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to a joint meeting of Congress. Now THAT is a leader.

Netanyahu made Obama look like the petulant light weight he is and it is already hitting a nerve. Tweets from the Left and the White House immediately following the speech belittled the prime minister’s words and sought to make irrelevant his statement of facts and his plea for support from the American people.

The intelligence Israel has regarding the real negotiations between the US and Iran must be damning. For Netanyahu to take this political risk, so close to his own party’s re-election in two weeks, speaks volumes. Netanyahu must feel his back is to the wall and the negotiations are giving away the keys to Israel’s survival.

His appeal to the congress and the American people was also a warning. In the wake of recent revelations that Obama threatened to shoot down any planes launched by Israel in an attack against Iran’s nuclear buildup, Netanyahu’s statement that Israel will not fail to act, even if it has to do so alone, was a bold f*** you to Obama.

Up to this point, House Speaker John Boehner’s feckless leadership has resigned him to Pelosi and the Left. His invitation to the Prime Minister to speak to Congress however showed he at least has a spine—however arthritic.

These next few weeks and months could well be some of the most important since the end of World War II. Obama has 22 months left to destroy or set up for the destruction of the United States. It would be amazing if the strongest opposition to that ends up coming from the leader of another country.

I once again pray that God shines his providence upon America, like he did over 240 years ago. Give us a leader who can unite the cause of righteousness and destroy the evil that is currently in charge.


Pray For America February 11, 2015

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Death Dealer 1 by Frank Frazetta

As the world spirals closer and closer to Armageddon the side of evil is becoming less careful with masking their true intentions. This article enumerates how the Socialists think the world should operate. Greece just elected the most socialistic government in modern times. They have failed economically due to a myriad of issues (all of their own doing) and now want Europe to bail them out with the ‘moral obligation’ of receiving reparations from WWII.

It’s the same mindset blacks in America have. Distill the argument blacks have against the majority white establishment and you end up with the belief blacks are owed for the slavery they endured over 150 years ago.

That same mind-set exposed itself in Obama’s recent speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. He basically exonerated the horrors being perpetrated by current day Muslims in the name of Allah because Christians did the same thing 900 years ago in the name of Christ.

Michael Auslin’s article in National Review hits the mark directly. I will add that Obama is the most racist, hate-filled man to ever hold the office of President.

Pray to whatever God you choose, but pray for America—because she has never needed your prayers more than now.