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Liberals Gonna Lose May 2, 2019

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This story from the AP can be classified in a variety of ways. Foremost, it’s probably ‘fake news’. A contrived bit of wishful narrative the Left is so fond of espousing as fact.  Judging from the author’s first quote in the article (by a 46-year-old elementary school teacher in a Seattle suburb) that choice is hysterically stereotypical of a skewed poll. But forgiving that, the issue that America needs to radically change its rules so Presidents don’t get to be Presidents is absurd.

Think for a moment how that elementary teacher from the suburbs of Seattle would feel if Hillary had become President (I just threw up in my mouth…).

clinton lose

greatest night of my life…

The most corrupt politician in the modern era would be careening the country to the left; destroying capitalism daily and enriching herself at the trough of political graft. All the while lying to the masses that by kneecapping the rich with higher taxes, burying the system under smothering regulations and passing out enough free shit to placate the mobs, the US is once again a ‘fair place to live’. Would that elementary teacher still be clamoring for a complete overhaul of our system now?

So I guess we can add ‘sore losers’ to the long list of character flaws liberals possess.

I cannot imagine the wretched existence they all must lead knowing they do not possess the skills needed  to succeed in a capitalistic society and must change the rules in order to win.

Of course, they won’t admit that it is they who are the failures. They will blame the evil conservatives who have created a system that rewards hard work, entrepreneurship and competition; endeavors they are not willing to participate in. Seattle Mayor Signs Bill Raising City's Minimum Wage To 15 Dollars An Hour

The only thing that needs to change in this country is to destroy liberalism and the politicians who espouse it.  I hope we are getting close to the day when someone will have the stones to say publicly that no one should be paid $15 an hour just because they want $15 an hour.  In a free market, people earn a wage commensurate with their value to the company. They should never get nor do they deserve anything else. Coveting others successes and failing to accept their lot in life cannot be the reason to up end a system that provides the opportunity for everyone to succeed based on their God-given talents and the application of same.

Liberals, stop being losers. Join the winners on the conservative team.


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Check out the latest from Obama’s Facebook. Every single one of the following photos is taken directly from the official, authorized Obama for America reelection campaign website and Facebook pages. These are the pictures that team Obama hand-picked. That’s the key point here. Yes, we’ve all seen random photos of dumb, awkward, or misspelled signs and placards at Occupy rallies, anti-war rallies, and Tea Party events. But these pictures have been specifically chosen by the Obama 2012 campaign to represent its best and brightest.

Just a sample of the featured gems….

Yeah, I’m white and I’m mocking this black guy…but just so you don’t think I’m a racist….

Two losers…

Nice Hair October 26, 2011

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The basic premise that the OWS crowd does not realize/accept is that  in order to make money you have to actually perform a job. In the same breath many of them will argue they know this while complaining they can’t get paid what THEY think they are worth.

They suffer from a completely unrealistic self-worth. In any non-socialistic country, individuals are paid commensurate with the value they provide.  A lot of these OWS people, complain about their inability to find work… It’s not clear to me that they’d be employable in virtually any capacity let alone a well-paying job.

That goes double for the dummy college students, who have absolutely no skills (by their own bad choices) but who consider themselves to be quasi-upper-class and so of course would not lower themselves to do any of the jobs they actually could do.

Really? Can’t find a job in cosmetology?

Why do you think that is? Let me guess. Wall Street, right?

—pinched from ACE of Spades

“L” is for loser October 5, 2011

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I will make a prediction that the Occupation of Wall Street will not end well. The miscreant losers who are seeking their 15 minutes of fame will be emboldened by the professional Leftists working behind the scenes and eventually there will be violence.

I will also put the blame for this on the MSM who are portraying many of the protesters as romantic idealists. Of course they are nothing more than society’s losers. The problem is we have way to many losers in this world. “L” stands for Liberal, loser and lunatic.