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Allen West for Congress April 22, 2010

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I attended the April 15th Tea Party rally in West Palm last week. It was my second rally after the inaugural gathering in the rain last year. I made another sign and my lack of creativity or the need to not change the message saw me parading the same signage as last year.

Last years Tea Party protest

This year’s event was a bit smaller than last year. Probably just a hundred or so less but just as energetic and anti-incumbent as ever. The highlight for me was the keynote speech by Allen West. West is running for US Congress, district 22 here in Florida—my district.

I will admit I have never before felt such a connection to any politician (with the exception of Ronald Reagan) before. And it’s not just Lt. Col. West’s message that has me stoked. This guy has a vibe, an aura that is unmistakable.

I was standing just off the stage to the right listening to the long list of speakers that filled the two-hour rally. The event was emceed by Doug Giles, the father of ACORN exposer Hannah Giles. Hannah was the first to speak.

Hannah Giles

Her brief remarks got the crowd wound up and me wanting to get a picture with her. I had agreed to help pass out fliers promoting a no vote on a proposition up for a vote this Fall. That proposition would completely strangle development and is a blatant socialistic attempt by the Left to create more bureaucracy.  Feeling obligated to the cause I spent the time passing out the fliers rather than weaseling my way behind the stage for a photo with Hannah.

With my fliers finally distributed I wandered back to stage right and noticed Allen West had arrived and was greeting folks behind the stage. I’m normally not one to go all ga-ga over any celebrity. Twelve years in TV, I saw my share of big stars up close and worked with many in various promotions; (Tom Selleck, Kevin Costner, Bob Uecker, Lynn Austin, Joe Namath, Catfish Hunter, etc.) But I needed my picture with Col. West!

I scoped out the scene back stage and saw that I could walk practically to where he was standing. He didn’t have an entourage and was shaking hands and giving photo ops to all who asked. I decided there was no time like the present and asked a professional photographer he if would mind snapping a photo of the two of us. The guy took my camera and I then turned to Mr. West and introduced myself, asking for a picture. He couldn’t have been nicer. He lifted the ‘yellow caution tape’ that created a silly little barrier between us and stuck out his hand for a shake. My first impression was how soft his hand was. I don’t know why I was expecting something else but I was. Maybe because he served over 22 years in the Army with three tours in theater. Maybe because he jumped out of airplanes and lead men into battle. Anyway, it was one soft hand.

Allen & me

I babbled something about how excited I was to meet him and I was the first in my neighborhood to put an ‘Allen West for Congress’ bumper sticker on my car. He thanked me and I retrieved my camera from the photog who had snapped what I hope to be a very precious memento one day.

Allen West could very much be the president of the United States one day!

Desperation September 16, 2009

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We’re not even out of the the first round of this heavy weight bout and the success of the Tea Party movement, the recent exposure of ACORN, the Van Jones debacle and the failure of the administration to sell its socialistic health care has the administration’s supporters gasping for air.  Now it looks as if they’ve thrown in the proverbial towel with their sudden claims of everything is racism.

Just ten short months since the election and the left has decided to play their trump card, their nuclear option—the race card.

Everywhere you look Obama is getting slapped down for his socialism and it’s being done by rank and file Americans, the majority being white because the majority of America is white and yet those that dissent are labeled racists because they oppose the black president.

Sign at Tea Party march in Washington, DC

Sign at Tea Party march in Washington, DC

President Jimmy Carter said yesterday that U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst to President Barack Obama during a speech to Congress last week was an act “based on racism” and rooted in fears of a black president. Read any left wing blog and all you see are claims of racism. If you speak out against Obama, you’re a racist. Look at what they are saying about Glenn Beck.

I have to admit I didn’t think this would happen as soon as it did and frankly I hoped it wouldn’t happen at all because if it did, it would mark a terrible setback in the progress of race relations in this country.

Obama would be wise to not only separate himself from this rhetoric but rebuke it. If he doesn’t— he might as well not even answer the bell for round two.

A Snake in the Woodpile September 13, 2009

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Powerline is one of my regulars. This blog was one of the first I started to read on a daily basis and I have learned more about politics, the law and classic jazz than I could ever imagined. While solidly conservative, the three authors  deliver balanced, cerebral commentary. I am an embarrassment to their level of intelligence and scholarly achievement but I will say I’m getting smarter each time I read their blog.

This recent post re-ignited something that has been simmering inside of me for awhile. As we watch the Obama administration plunge this country headlong into socialism, the tentacles of treachery begin to wind themselves deeper into the fabric of our society. The big ticket items like health care, the massive financial bailout and ensuing dependence on the government for everything capture the headlines— but it’s the little things that seem to fly under the radar that are just as destructive to our democracy.

History will undoubtedly recant a far more accurate reason why Obama won the presidency; but I have a preview. I’ll liken it to a perfect storm because not one thing was responsible. First; the country was weary of Bush. Second; McCain was an atrocious candidate. Third; Obama proved a glib campaigner allowing white Independents the opportunity to rid themselves of guilt from our forefathers sins by voting for a black man. Fourth; the media.

Obama needs the media to continue to be in the bag for his  administration and policies and how better to ensure that than blatant quid pro quo.  Please don’t think I’m so naive or politically biased to think  this kind of thing hasn’t happened for right leaning individuals. Power and influence/money have swayed many judge’s decisions regardless of political persuasion. However, this Andrew Sullivan case and the recent story that the Maryland State’s Attorney is considering prosecuting the reporters for breaking the Acorn prostitution story are very disturbing.

Andrew Sullivan has and I’m sure will continue pimping Obama’s policies. His previous efforts have obviously earned the long, strong arm of the President to get him off the hook on that pesky marijuana charge; ensuring no embarrassing hassles for any future citizenship efforts and continued shilling for the President.

Couple all this with congressional rumblings of bailing out journalism by letting newspapers become non-profit organizations (like NPR!) and we’ve got a snake in the woodpile.

A free and independent Fourth Estate is what has made the United States the greatest nation on earth. It is an integral pillar in the house of Capitalism. Look at the nations that manipulate, regulate or outright dictate their Fourth Estates and you’ll see America’s enemies. Our fourth wall is under a withering attack and may have already been breached. But with the help of blogs like Powerline we can take back our castle.