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Entitled Losers March 10, 2015

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Distill it down and the reason I can’t stand liberals is they feel they’re entitled to things they have no right to.

From minimum wage to paid leave to union membership that creates a false and unnatural workplace environment; they’ve got it all wrong.

Liberal leaders see themselves (and justify their existence) as working for the little guy—the bottom feeders of the world; folks who need someone to stand up for them. Without that ‘cause’ these liberal leaders would be in the same boat as all the other losers in the world. They can’t compete with the doers, the creators and the leaders. They choose the anti-successful side and create a cottage industry off the backs of the masses.

Obama just attacked Governor Scott Walker for successfully challenging the unions in Wisconsin. Our lame-duck president feels the need to spend his precious time slamming the candidate who would best serve the country as our next president. Since Walker would look to undo all the socialist BS this nightmare of a current president has wrought, Obama is especially fearful of him. UnionBusting325

In business the boss is the ‘boss’ for a reason. They are either the owner or chosen by the owner to successfully run the business. That takes skill, risk and responsibility; traits that should be compensated for.

Minimum wage is an evil construct. As an employer I should be able to set whatever wage I choose for any employee. If we let the market work as it should in capitalism, everyone will get paid commensurate with their worth to the company. When no one shows up for a job because the advertised wage is too low, employers will have to meet the market if they want someone to do the job. If the owner pays a wage the employee finds unsatisfactory they can either continue with an eye for promotion or leave the company for a better paying one.

There was a time when labor organizing served a purpose. During the industrial revolution unsafe working conditions and a huge pool of workers to choose from put the employer in an unhealthy position of excessive power. Unionization was inevitable and necessary to some degree. However, with the advent of ambulance chasing attorneys workers now have enough checks and balances from unsafe workplace environments—onerous union created rules are simply not needed.

The genius of a supply and demand system provides another set of checks and balances for the worker. But this is where the left and the right diverge. The left always thinks they are worth more than they are. I guess it’s human nature but it’s time to slap some sense into America. We must stop this notion that we should be compensated because we think we ought to be rather than by really earning it.

It all started with FDR and social security…people getting something for nothing. Sure, you should get every penny plus whatever interest is accrued that YOU put into the system…but not one penny more. Why? Because that penny is mine and you are not entitled to it.

Shut Up Bob October 14, 2013

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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“I’m not a morally superior Progressive but I play one on TV”

Bob Costas is an ass.

On Sunday night during halftime of the Cowboy-Redskins football game, this lefty tool used his bully pulpit to scold America for her racist ways. Costas railed against the use of the Redskin nickname and wailed on and on how evil we White folk are.

The Left won’t let this contrived issue go. A tiny and I do mean tiny minority of people, who by the way are mostly all White Liberals, are keeping alive an issue that 90% of American Indians do not see as an affront.

The real issue here is once again White guilt. Costas is infected with every Liberal’s favorite malady. It all goes back to slavery and the perception that the evil White ruling class is still subjugating people of color and therefore must be punished.

That’s all the Liberals have left; keeping alive an issue that ended over 150 years ago. Slavery was and is abhorrent but America wasn’t the only place it happened. Over the course of humankind almost every race has participated in its evil. While that doesn’t absolve America from the sin it does show that we evolved to recognize our wrong. We fought a bitter war amongst ourselves to stop it and our greatest President was assassinated for that triumph.

Get over it Bob.

Yea, I’m Going To Hell October 15, 2011

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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It’s past the point where I care if I offend anyone. The survival of America is at stake and if I offend you, say a prayer for me and move on.

This liberal heap of dung will never change. When the facts throw his lefty beliefs into a tailspin, he invents an answer that keeps his loser narrative alive and comes up with this.

We should be so lucky....

Liberalism must be defeated and if that ultimately means we start cracking heads, so be it. I know that plays right into the Left’s fear that all us conservatives are gun happy rednecks. Well, I may be a redneck but I don’t own a gun. I’d just as soon choke the shit out of them with my bare hands.

There is no point in debating them or trying to persuade them to change; it‘s not going to happen. And I can damn sure tell you I will not change. I know I am right; conservatism is better than liberalism. America cannot successfully survive under a liberal dominated government. We have let this lurch to the left go on for far too long. We must defeat them now and forever.

You can go to hell Ed Schultz, I’ll meet you there.

Ja, mein Kommandant August 16, 2011

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Ok, it’s been a far piece since my last political post and I have to admit I have been holding back cuz even I think I get too negative at times— but this is just too good not to hit on.

Ed Shultz, thankfully no relation to Sgt. Shultz, got all wound up during a recent MSNBC broadcast  and accused presidential candidate Rick Perry of racism. Only problem, Perry didn’t say what Schultz said he said.

Sgt. Schultz

In the sad, deranged world that Schultz and all Liberals live in they so desperately want to hear anything that reinforces their narrative that they will  go about creating it anyway they can. If it wasn’t so dangerous for the continuation of a free, capitalistic democracy, these actions would just be sad. But Liberals are losers. They cannot compete. They cannot win without cheating and cannot achieve without large dollops of assistance from those of us who can. They simply are the bottom of the evolutionary food chain.

The best thing we can do for mankind is not allow these knuckledraggers to breed. In a generation or two we’ll have restored humankind to a far better gene pool.


The character Sergeant Shultz from the hit 70’s TV series Hogan’s Heroes was played by actor John Banner.

Banner, an Austrian born Jew, fled Europe in 1938. He quickly learned English and headed for Hollywood where he ironically began playing Nazi soldiers. He has credits in over 40 feature films and over 70 appearances in TV sitcoms from the 50’s to the 70’s. Sadly Banner died just two years after retirement, on his birthday, in 1973. He is buried in Vienna.