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Racism March 27, 2012

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I admit to being envious when I read another author’s words that just seem so good; well thought out and strung together, they are a joy to read. I know I’m a hack at best when it comes to using the word as a means to make a point. I’m lazy. Just as I see the world, I tend to write in black and white. Yes the world’s tapestry is much more interesting when painted in the varied hues of diverse opinion but I don’t think we have that luxury right now.

This whole Trayvon Martin thing could very well be an Archduke Ferdinand moment. I say this because the Left and especially the Black Left are itching for a fight. The despicable racists, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, have leapt to the cause. This tragedy is just what they need to reinvigorate their useless careers as racial dividers and haters.  The New Black Panther movement, Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Sharpton, Jackson and all the followers of Black Liberation Theology are going to be the cause of some very bad things. They are not looking to join the diverse tapestry of humankind. They want to separate themselves and punish those they perceive guilty of creating their circumstances. It’s all about reparations for slavery and racism. Now I’m not naive enough to say there isn’t racism in the world. Of course there is. But it is nowhere near as prevalent or pervasive as Sharpton and Jackson and all the rest would make it out to be. These racists make their living selling racism. Without it, they’d have nothing to do and have to get a real job. Of course the media in America today is so biased and in the tank for the Left, Sharpton’s and Jackson’s job are made that much easier. CNN, the New York Times and all the rest of the liberal media are convicting the shooter before he has even been charged. They want so bad for this to be justification for their narrative they are willing to suspend even the modicum of journalistic ethics.

And then there is Obama. He is working diligently to create a society that will punish the successful (white) people and redistribute (reparations) the wealth to the downtrodden (black) people. He above all is the biggest perpetrator of racism in America.  I just hope America sees this before November because it’s as clear as black and white to me.

Scary Stuff March 21, 2012

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UPDATE:              Saw this article yesterday after I wrote my ‘Hawk’ post.  It lends itself to my theory that Israel will bet the Iranian people will rise up after a devastating conventional attack on their country’s nuclear sites (and air defenses) and see that they have a chance to stop the theocracy that is keeping them in the Middle Ages. The smart Iranians will understand that by overthrowing the Mullahs, they save themselves from a retaliatory nuclear strike by the Israelis.

Should Iran ever get and use a nuke on Israel, the game will have changed from two sides just trading vitriol via spokesperson to an all-out race to annihilate the other side.

Here’s a scenario. Iran pops a nuke somewhere in Israel. It causes devastating destruction but, like the stick poked in the bee hive, doesn’t kill all the bees—it just releases a torrent of vengeful stings. Since Israel probably has enough nukes to evaporate Iran, they do. Now the rest of the Islamic world is out for blood but the only Islamic country with nukes is Pakistan. Since Pakistan is not really the West’s ally (they hid Bin Laden for God’s sake), they decide to slip one or more of their nukes to a terrorist group willing to pull off the ultimate suicide bombing. Chances are the group can’t get the nuke into the US so they pick the best US target outside our country like a major military installation. You can see how this will get very bad very quickly.

Unless we have some very good spies in the right places we won’t be able to stop Pakistan from passing off one of their nukes. Our only recourse might be a preemptive strike on them. Yep, it’s getting uglier.

So this is why Iran can never have a nuke. Whatever it takes, whatever the cost and I’m pretty sure Netanyahu knows this.

Yes, I’m A Hawk March 21, 2012

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I am very disturbed by the division over striking Iran’s nuclear facilities now. I have to believe Obama is playing politics with our nation’s safety. Just another reason to get rid of him.

When Iran creates a nuclear weapon, and they will if they are not stopped, the world will change in the blink of an eye. When they use it, and they will, the nuclear genie will be out of the bottle. The world’s fears, real and perceived will sweep around the globe like the nuclear fallout carried in the prevailing winds. There will be accusations from both the hawks and the doves on who’s responsible. The hawks will say we should have bombed the sob’s early on, the doves will say we didn’t ‘engage’ enough politically. The reality is Tel Aviv, or another Jewish city will be nuked and the Israeli’s will unleash a holy terror that will have us clinging to our children as we watch the Mideast turn into glass live on the news.

Rewind the tape to July, 2012. Israel mount’s a massive conventional attack on Iran’s nuclear sites. To insure success, Iran’s air defense systems are destroyed prior to the bombers arriving.  Iran retaliates by mining the Strait of Hormuz. They manage to lay a modicum of mines but make the big mistake of firing on one of our warship’s. If they do hit us and kill American’s we should go berserk. Two carrier task forces are in the area. We will lay waste to their navy which consists of 3 destroyers, 5 frigates, 3 corvettes and 25 submarines. The destroyers are over 50 years old and essentially mothballed. The frigates are over 25 years old but they have updated Chinese made anti-ship missiles. The corvettes are over 30 years old but similarly armed—one is in the Caspian Sea. Only three of the subs are attack type. The rest are mini’s.  We could have the entire Iran Navy sunk in 48 hours.

Iran’s air force, consisting of 500 total aircraft, features about 230 attack aircraft made up of aging American F-4’s, F-5’s and F-14’s, Russian Mig-29’s and French Mirage F1’s. Wikipedia says less than half of the F-14’s are in service. Chances are Iran can fly, at best, two-thirds of what they have. The Israeli’s fly F-15’s and F-16s. They have over 400 attack aircraft and virtually all are air ready. Couple that with superior weaponry, avionics and training and the Israeli’s will own the sky.

This attack should not just destroy Iran’s capability to make a nuke. This attack should eviscerate its air force and navy. Iran’s army is reported at 100,000. Wikipedia reports that only about 5,000 are the highly trained, elite fighters known as the Quds force. The rest are made up of the Revolutionary Guard and paramilitary volunteer groups in decentralized corps spread throughout the country. Israel’s air force and army could handle anything Iran might be so foolish to attempt on the ground.

Yes we risk the chance of American’s dying in an attack on Iran. We have lost over 6000 in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Short of a lucky hit, we might not lose more than a dozen Americans. While tragic, it’s far less tragic than losing 10’s of thousands when Iran pops a nuke. Russia and China will scream like hell but they will not enter the fray militarily and with some luck internal opposition forces in Iran, supported by the West, will overthrow the Mullahs and bring the country into the 21st century

Stop the hand wringing and let’s get this over.

DeNiro Is A Racist March 20, 2012

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The Left are so full of hypocrisy it boggles the mind. They rage against the Right saying we are racists simply because it fits their narrative. Well, they’re wrong. The racists are the Left.

This very sentence is as racist as it comes. “Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?” De Niro asked a star-studded crowd gathered in the backroom of Locanda Verde, a restaurant he owns on Greenwich Street in TriBeCa. Someone in the crowd shouted, “No!” as De Niro quickly added, “Too soon, right?”

His argument is with their ‘whiteness’, not their political position. Imagine if I said, “Do you really think America is ready for a black first lady?” I’d be labeled a racist and pilloried by the Left. But when the Left says the same thing, they laugh it off and move on. Liberals are scum.

Scum Bag

Bad Cheese March 20, 2012

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Is it just me or is it odd that an article about Listeria contamination, a food borne bacteria discovered in a Mexican cheese, has links to recipes for that cheese highlighted in the story. Weird.

Like Morey the moray says….


The Emperor Has No Clothes March 16, 2012

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We are about to see the greatest example of obfuscation, false controversy and red herrings ever to be foisted upon the American people. Obama has a dismal record to run on and everyone knows it. The Republican nominee, most likely Romney, will be hammering home the failures of our socialist president as he works to take back the White House. To fight back, Obama and his evil band of leftists will create an alternate universe where facts no longer matter and the truth is just what they say it is. They have the media in their pocket so now it’s just a matter of what they come up with.

Sandra Fluke was just the beginning. This loser leftist sought her 15 minutes of fame, buoyed by the PR firm that is now run by former Obama Communications Director Anita Dunn by creating the false argument over women’s health care and contraception. Unfortunately, the Right, led by Rush Limbaugh, took the bait and fell into the Left’s trap (mark my word, that will not happen again).

Today we get to see the 17 minutes of vomit inducing propaganda from Obama’s own Leni Riefenstahl, Davis Guggenheim. This is the same guy who produced Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. “The film, ‘The Road We’ve Traveled,’ narrated by Tom Hanks, is a rallying cry for the president’s re-election campaign. It highlights five “tough decisions” the president made during his first term: the economic stimulus, the auto bailout, health care reform, Iraq troop withdrawal and Osama bin Laden’s killing.”

The battle is just beginning. I pray the Right has the guts to play as dirty as the Left is going to play. We simply cannot have Obama as our president for the next four years.


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