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God Bless Arizona April 29, 2010

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I’m so sick and tired of hearing liberals call anyone who disagrees with them a racist.

Haight street bums

These losers can’t compete in a capitalistic world so they have to attack by playing the race card at every chance. The state of Arizona finally found a set and stepped in where the Federal government should have been for the past 50 years and passed a law requiring proof of citizenship. Now the left is outraged in typical hysterical style that Arizonans would want to uphold the law (which has been on the books for fifty years!) and protect themselves from the epidemic of illegal immigration.

The clowns in San Francisco have called for a boycott of the state. In a free country they’re within their right to express their thoughts. So I will express mine. The state of Arizona should pay for a one-way bus ticket for every illegal they arrest and ship them to San Francisco.*

park bum

The Mayor, Gavin Newsom, can have all the illegals he wants—hey they’re a sanctuary city anyway! With a few thousand illegals arriving in the City by the Bay each month, San Fran will really start to enjoy the benefits of having a diverse culture of non-English speaking, poorly educated folks all looking for work in one of the most expensive cities in the country.

stoop bum

I’m sure most San Franciscans will embrace their new residents just like they do the hundreds of homeless drug addicts who sleep in every park and store stoop in the downtown area. Yes, San Francisco, go ahead and boycott Arizona. I’m sure America can’t wait to book a trip to see your fine city and all your new residents.

* suggested by Rush Limbaugh.

Allen West for Congress April 22, 2010

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I attended the April 15th Tea Party rally in West Palm last week. It was my second rally after the inaugural gathering in the rain last year. I made another sign and my lack of creativity or the need to not change the message saw me parading the same signage as last year.

Last years Tea Party protest

This year’s event was a bit smaller than last year. Probably just a hundred or so less but just as energetic and anti-incumbent as ever. The highlight for me was the keynote speech by Allen West. West is running for US Congress, district 22 here in Florida—my district.

I will admit I have never before felt such a connection to any politician (with the exception of Ronald Reagan) before. And it’s not just Lt. Col. West’s message that has me stoked. This guy has a vibe, an aura that is unmistakable.

I was standing just off the stage to the right listening to the long list of speakers that filled the two-hour rally. The event was emceed by Doug Giles, the father of ACORN exposer Hannah Giles. Hannah was the first to speak.

Hannah Giles

Her brief remarks got the crowd wound up and me wanting to get a picture with her. I had agreed to help pass out fliers promoting a no vote on a proposition up for a vote this Fall. That proposition would completely strangle development and is a blatant socialistic attempt by the Left to create more bureaucracy.  Feeling obligated to the cause I spent the time passing out the fliers rather than weaseling my way behind the stage for a photo with Hannah.

With my fliers finally distributed I wandered back to stage right and noticed Allen West had arrived and was greeting folks behind the stage. I’m normally not one to go all ga-ga over any celebrity. Twelve years in TV, I saw my share of big stars up close and worked with many in various promotions; (Tom Selleck, Kevin Costner, Bob Uecker, Lynn Austin, Joe Namath, Catfish Hunter, etc.) But I needed my picture with Col. West!

I scoped out the scene back stage and saw that I could walk practically to where he was standing. He didn’t have an entourage and was shaking hands and giving photo ops to all who asked. I decided there was no time like the present and asked a professional photographer he if would mind snapping a photo of the two of us. The guy took my camera and I then turned to Mr. West and introduced myself, asking for a picture. He couldn’t have been nicer. He lifted the ‘yellow caution tape’ that created a silly little barrier between us and stuck out his hand for a shake. My first impression was how soft his hand was. I don’t know why I was expecting something else but I was. Maybe because he served over 22 years in the Army with three tours in theater. Maybe because he jumped out of airplanes and lead men into battle. Anyway, it was one soft hand.

Allen & me

I babbled something about how excited I was to meet him and I was the first in my neighborhood to put an ‘Allen West for Congress’ bumper sticker on my car. He thanked me and I retrieved my camera from the photog who had snapped what I hope to be a very precious memento one day.

Allen West could very much be the president of the United States one day!

Eyjafjallajokull Volcano April 17, 2010

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Mother Gaia

This morning I was reminded once again that we humans are merely on this earth but by the grace of God. If the almighty Gaia decides she is in your disfavor she will effortlessly command her will be done and all who live on her splendid shores shall bow, cowering  to her will.

That damn volcano in Iceland forced the cancellation of my flight this morning. Looks like Ireland will have to wait.

Eyjafjallajokull –  That’s what I said when I got my cancellation notice.

A Full Schedule April 14, 2010

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Irish Castle

Recent changes (good) in my personal life have filled my daily schedule with an odd experience-a busy workday. Having recently returned to the yacht brokerage world and continuing with a growing tour business, my days are quite full. Throw in the activities as a Board member of my homeowners association and the ongoing wrangling of a high schooler who lives 20 miles from her school and doesn’t own a car (thank god), my days are rather full. My postings have suffered due to all this so I apologize to the small (but growing) legion of readers who read my blog.

I will be traveling to Ireland on Saturday for a week—business and pleasure mixed as I seek to familiarize myself with the Emerald Isle so to better sell travel to that fine country. I probably won’t post while I’m there as I have a very full itinerary but I promise to return with fanciful stories and photos. Sláinte!

Weber Wheel Alignment – West Palm Beach April 14, 2010

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It’s so refreshing to find a business that does business the way business used to do business. I’ve had an annoying shake in my truck since I put four new Michelins on almost two years ago. Once I get to 70mph I can feel the truck start to shimmy. It smooths back out at 80mph. Unfortunately I drive the freeway a lot and 75mph is my average speed. Under 70 I’d get killed and over 80 I’m ticket bait.

I’ve taken it back to the tire store three times and had them check and re-balance and rotate to no avail. Thinking these guys were incompetent, (I bought the tires at BJ’s, a box store like Costco) I had the tires checked and rebalanced twice at different tire retailers. Nothing worked. I put new shocks and struts on. I even had the drive shaft checked. She still shakes right at 70mph. I got a tip from the third tire dealer I spoke with that a shop in West Palm might have the equipment needed to fix my problem. After just 5 minutes on the phone with the owner, I knew this guy had forgotten more about tires and alignment than most of the tech’s I’d dealt with would ever know.

I brought my truck in early yesterday morning and Jim Weber, the owner, met me and waived me over to a service bay. We exchanged pleasantries and he proceeded to explain what the likely problem was before even touching the car. Seems Michelin tires are fantastic for passenger cars but not so much for SUV’s and Toyota’s are finicky about the type of tire you have.

He jacked up the back just 3 inches off the ground—enough to have the tires roll free. He started the vehicle and let the tires roll in idle. As soon as he looked at the tires he announced the right rear was out of round. Sure enough, looking at it while it was spinning, the tire had a slight wobble. He dropped the jack, lifted one side and then checked the front, applying a spinning wheel to the tire to bring it up to speed.  Sure enough the front left also wobbled. “You got two out of round tires.” He announced with the surety you get with a lifetime of knowledge about one thing. “They were bad from the factory.” “Each time you rotated, you just moved one bad tire from back to front and visa versa.”  “You need two new tires.”

The entire diagnosis had taken less than 15 minutes and I was happy to know I didn’t have some very expensive problem to deal with. I asked him how much for the diagnosis and he just waived me off saying, “Come back when you need some real work done.”

So now I know what the problem is and I get to negotiate with BJ’s on replacing two factory defective tires. I can’t believe it’s taken me nearly two years to get to the bottom of this and why nobody else figured it out.

Thanks Weber Wheel Alignment! You’ve got a customer for life.

5323 Georgia Ave
West Palm Beach, FL 33405