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My Vote For President March 28, 2011

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The time is drawing near when we will begin to see the contenders emerging for the Republican nomination for President. A favorite website has a poll going showing Sarah Palin way out in front with their readers. Since opinions are like a**holes… we all got one, I thought I’d weigh in.

Gov. Sarah Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin 47, former Gov. of Alaska. I love her, she’s my kind of conservative, she’s smokin’ hot and did I mention she’s smokin’ hot?  She shouldn’t run because she can’t win. Reason, her voice. She’s got a tinny, whiny, Alaskan/Minnesotan/Fargo twang  going on that is the reason people call her dumb. It’s a horrible reason but it’s a fact.
She needs to stay being the Right’s biggest fund raiser and King maker.

Mitch Daniels

Mitch Daniels. 62, Gov. of Indiana, past OMB Director. Nicely conservative. No name recognition and he slightly resembles George W. Bush.  Never gonna win.

Herman Cain

  Herman Cain. 65, columnist, businessman, talk show host. Staunchly conservative, got all the creds for my vote. He’s black and while that makes him an equal to Obama in the race race, the country is not ready to have another black president right after the nightmare we have now. Great VP choice though.

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich. 67, former Speaker of the House. Brainy-ack with too much baggage. ‘Ol Newt couldn’t keep it in his pants earlier in life and that’s gonna cost him the chance to be prez. Married three times, he is better served as a Secretary of State or VP.

Haley Barbour

Haley Barbour. 63, Gov. of Mississippi. Just one earful of his southern accent and you’ll agree he’ll never get elected. That and the fact he’s obese and was born in Yazoo, MS…

Mike Huckabee


Mike Huckabee. 55, former Gov. of Arkansas. He’s a bible thumpin’ righty who is way too religious for me and the masses. Name sounds too close to huckleberry.




Tim Pawlenty

Tim Pawlenty, 50, former Gov. of Minnesota.  Not enough name recognition though he has the right conservative creds. Somebody’s gonna make fun of his name and equate him to polenta…

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann, 54, member of Congress, Hmmm, what do I say here. She’s a big time Tea Party favorite but I fear she’s got too big an ego for her current stage in politics. A Sarah Palin wanna-be without the wow factor. Another great conservative who needs to wait in the wings and support the only person I think can beat Obama and that is….

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney, 64, former Gov. of Massachusetts. It won’t be easy but if Mitt hires a killer PR firm, admits he was wrong on his health care plan in MA and stays solidly right of center on EVERY issue, he can beat Obama. He’s gotta deal with the Morman thing which is absurd in this day and age but it’s a fact. I think it can be done with GOOD PR. Good looking man and family. The Right needs to do the right thing and crown him the Rep. nominee now so he can start attacking Obama without a bruising nomination fight.
That’s my two cents worth.

My Dream Team December 16, 2009

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Ok Republican National Committee, stop the freakin’ calls already. Oh I know, I gave to the cause in the past when I didn’t know how badly you were managing the right side of the political aisle. But now I know and I’m not giving you anymore money. Like I said in a previous post I am giving directly to the conservative candidates that I believe deserve my money. Shock of all shocks my RNC friends——-but I think I know better how to spend my hard earned dollars when it comes to supporting conservative causes.

Oh yeah, I’m a Tea Partyer…Your next big headache. Without us we’ll all have another 4 years of Hussein Jugears…so you’d better wise up and realize the tide has turned.

Michael Steele

Michael Steele

Note to Michael Steele: You need us more than we need you. Sure you have the infrastructure and the established jobs but we have the people and they’re joining us faster than ever thanks to the current administration. It won’t take much to create a formidable candidate that will screw up your plans. Sarah Palin has the chops and so does Alan West…and there’s this guy named Marco here in Florida who has Charlie Crist quaking in his RINO Gucci’s.

Sarah Palin

Allen West

Marco Rubio

Hey all my liberal friends…..look at that,

a woman, a black man and a Hispanic…not bad for the ‘party of hate’.


Second note to Steele: You’d better hire better phone solicitors. The one that called me quit without a fight and hung up.

I heart Sarah Palin November 16, 2009

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America will not regain her footing until journalism in this country is purged of the ideologues and the fourth estate returns to the job of reporting the facts rather than inventing them.

I pretty much have learned that when someone says something doesn’t matter, and they keep saying  it over and over again, it matters.

Sarah Palin is the Left’s worst nightmare. She’s been struttin’ her gorgeous gams promoting her book and her very conservative point of views this past week through the very media who’s trying to discredit her. Palin_

The Left is scared to death of her. She represents everything they wish they could have in a liberal politician. They know the only way to defeat her is to attack her personally. They have lied about her family. Lied about her tenure as Governor of Alaska. They spin story after story in a negative light and delight on focusing on anything that brings her down. They ignore the vast number of positive accomplishments and go out of their way to find the worst possible story to tell.

The Associated Press received an advance copy of her book Going Rogue. The AP promptly assigned 11 reporters to rip the book apart looking for falsehoods to exploit.

Those 11 fact checkers found some.  Six….in 432 pages and by mine and Powerline Blog’s estimation they’re pretty thin mistakes at that. I wonder how many mistakes they would find if they ‘fact checked’ any of the wind that emanates from John Kerry or any other democrat for that matter.

For someone who the media has dismissed as under educated, under experienced and under whelming, they sure have spent a lot of time, energy and money telling us she doesn’t matter.


Newspapers: suitable for wrapping fish.