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Carter: Middle class today resembles past’s poor October 8, 2013

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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No kidding Jimmy! And we can thank you for that sad revelationBarack Obama.

The policies you and the Left have been pushing all these years are really starting to show results.

When you give people things they don’t have to work for you enable a class of entitled people who will never work for whatever they can get for free. This is the fundamental flaw of Socialism.

Growing the welfare and food stamp rolls makes you liberals feel good because it eliminates the guilt you have for having. It also immures the proletariat to you. You are the master doling out the porridge to the masses.   But that largess is not yours to give Jimmy…it comes from the hard work and sacrifice of the productive class.

Of course you won’t see that you were to blame for all this. You’ll wail the only reason the situation has gotten worse is because the Conservatives have kept us from giving more away.

The laws of nature are always going to win Jimmy. The strong survive and weak perish. Humankind has lived under these laws since we crawled out of the primordial sea. Nature will always seek to balance herself and when we force our will against those laws the results of the collision will be far more painful than your perceived social inequities.

Thanks Jimmy for being a big part of the problem.


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