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Most Miss-spelled City March 27, 2013

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…   my post from 5/2011 

Another example of the miss-spelling of Tucson.

I lifted this headline from my ‘Breaking News’ twitter feed just now….and it’s from an Arizona reporter!

Newly-released documents on the 2011 Tucscon, Arizona, shooting include initial reports from wounded victims, offering varying descriptions of shooter – @azcentral

Old Tucson

This is how it’s spelled…


Most Miss Spelled City September 20, 2012

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NASA to fly Endeavour over Tucscon, Arizona, to honor former Rep Gabby Giffords – @ABC

This is the actual twitter entry from my breaking news feed. Since I’m lazy and don’t have anything to write about today I’ll re-post an entry regarding the spelling of Tucson. I’ve seen it mangled before but never spelled this way.

Under The Tuscan Sun May 14, 2011

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I have no empirical data to support my hypothesis however I’m pretty damn sure that the most misspelled city in these great United States is Tucson, Arizona. I lived in that fine city for three years back in the late 70’s while studying for a triple major; women, mountains and beer.  While not found in the curriculum guide at the University of Arizona at the time, I nonetheless managed straight “A’s” in all three subjects.

Arizona sunset

Once a resident, I became all too familiar with the common misspelling of the city’s name.  The longer I lived there the more blaring each gaff became. It still amazes me how many times I see the city’s correct spelling mangled; referring instead to a northwestern region of Italy.

As a ‘student’ we affectionately called her “Too-stoned” but always with the silent ‘c’ in mind. I even went so far as to start pronouncing the ‘c’ thinking I would somehow impart the correct spelling to the unschooled.   I am afraid that tactic missed its mark rendering my pronunciation proof that I indeed had majored in women, mountains and beer.

From local articles to national headlines, I’ve seen the Arizona town’s name misspelled by so many. It is both curious and sad that such a simple six-word name would earn such a distinction. Why, I would think cities like Albuquerque, Pittsburgh, Xenia and Waxahachie would get misspelled more.

(Actually, the fine folks in Pittsburgh do claim the most misspelled city title— sighting the dropping of the silent ‘h’…I want to see proof!)

So remember, when you see that sunny Sonoran city spelled ‘Tuscon’ they probably don’t mean the quaint Italian region known for  its beautiful landscapes, rich artistic legacy and the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. They are referring to the desert town in southern Arizona; home to the University that is desperately in need of a spelling major.

Tuscany countryside