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They Hang For Treason February 12, 2018

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I have always thought John Brennan was a bad guy. Hell, just look at him. Besides the beady-eyed stare he would always take when he was on camera he always had a sneaky arrogance that screamed “I’m all in for Obama”. beady little fcker

I said every time I saw him on screen that that SOB was rotten.

A career spook with the CIA, Brennan was promoted in 2004 by George W. Bush to the newly created position of Director of the National Counter-terrorism Center. My guess was Bush knew the guy was a rat and wanted him out of the CIA. Remember, his dad, George H.W. Bush was once the director there.

He lasted two years before leaving and working in the private intelligence world.  After Obama was elected, he was tapped by him to be the new head of the CIA but ended up withdrawing his name from consideration because of opposition to his CIA service under President George W. Bush and past public statements he had made in support of enhanced interrogation and the transfer of terrorism suspects to countries where they might be tortured.

It’s my belief Obama knew he had a loyal lefty in Brennan so he appointed him to be his Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism, the President’s chief counter-terrorism advisor and a position that did not require Senate confirmation. A nice place to park a loyalist until you can get him confirmed.

Once Obama got elected the second time he again nominated Brennan for CIA Chief.  After some token resistance from the Right, he was confirmed and sworn into the office as Director on March 8, 2013.

Did ya know this scum bag voted for the Communist Party USA candidate Gus Hall in the 1976 presidential election? He later said that he viewed it as a way “of signaling my unhappiness with the system, and the need for change.”

‘Hope and Change’ maybe?—just waiting for a socialist like Obama to come along.

Let’s bust open everything Devin Nunes and finally expose the Deep State. America’s greatest enemies live among us.

Trump has them terrified because he’s the only one with the balls to go after them. God Bless you Mr. President!

Impeach This Man June 3, 2014

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Traitor May 11, 2012

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Here is further proof of the need to impeach the President. He is actively working to subvert the United States of America and in my opinion is an enemy of this country.

The recent dramatic events in Israeli politics underscore the fact that they understand they have no ally in the United States and most probably a foe. I am sure Israel feels like they are being thrown under the bus by the Americans and must do what they have to for the very survival of their nation.

As the polls start to show Obama’s re-election chances slipping, this scum-bag will start doing some unbelievable things to keep his goal of destroying America alive—-and  It’s already happening.