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Happy New Year January 1, 2009

Posted by Fritz in Spiritual.
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I had a mini epiphany today in the parking lot of my local grocery store.

It struck me that today was New Years Eve and I suddenly thought of making a New Year’s resolution.  I  really haven’t made any in the past but today, the resolution just jumped out at me.  I decided that I  will resolve to spread the Joy in ’09.

All of the events since August 11th of last year have been moving  me towards the new way I have been looking at the world and myself.

Getting physically healthy started the change.  Edgar Cayce said in many of his readings that the ‘body is the temple’.

READING 69-4 F 59 – For indeed the body is the temple of the living God. There He has promised to meet thee; there He does. And as thy body, thy mind, thy soul is attuned to that divine as answers within, so may ye indeed be quickened to know His purpose; and ye may fill that purpose for which ye entered this experience.

I have noticed that as I moved in the direction of a healthier lifestyle I have begun to become more attune to a higher level of energy that has in turn begun to change my point of view on almost every level.  The sun seems brighter, the air seems sweeter and it’s easier for me to see the joy that is all around us.

It’s another step along the way; the Joy step!  Happy New Year!

How lucky am I December 2, 2008

Posted by Fritz in Spiritual.
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As referenced in a previous post, I believe in reincarnation.  I don’t remember the exact instance I first learned about the concept but I do remember when I was first presented with the readings of Edgar Cayce. It was 1980—I was 22. I was taking a year off between colleges—three years at the University of Arizona had honed my skills at drug and alcohol consumption and also left me with a very broken heart.  Like many of that generation I had no clue as to what I should or could be doing but I did know it wasn’t happening in Tucson. I went back home to Houston and was presented with a wonderful gift.

I met an extraordinary person. His name was Tony Beckwith. He was my boss on the offshore oil rig I had started working on. He also happened to live in Houston and over the course of the eight months worth of two-week ‘hitches’ we struck up a fascinating relationship.

Tony introduced me to Edgar Cayce.  He loaned me a book to read during one of our stints together offshore. It was There Is A River by Thomas Sugrue, the biography of Edgar Cayce.  The book was overwhelming on many fronts.  First it was very well written and an easy read; in retrospect surprising, considering the subject matter.  Secondly, for me at least, was the revelation that this amazing man existed and I had never heard of him until now. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Cayce and his gift I link to the following (Association for Research and Enlightenment) .

Very few times in my life have I felt a natural attraction to something so completely foreign—but after reading this book, I just knew what I had read was the truth and it could begin to lead me in the direction I was seeking.  Tony’s and my friendship grew and during one of our ‘week off’ between our ‘two weeks on’ he included me socially with his group of friends.  They were all older than me (by 8-10 years) but they welcomed me nonetheless.  I remember feeling wonderful around all of them. They each seemed to have an energy, just like Tony, that I wanted.

I recall, during a party, speaking with a very attractive woman whose physical beauty was accentuated by an almost ethereal glow about her entire being.  I was captivated and stimulated and wanted to be around her energy. (Since learning more from Cayce and his readings I now realize I was excited by this woman’s elevated level of vibration.  She was living at a higher level than I was and I was naturally attracted to it)  We talked easily about reincarnation and Cayce and other ‘woo woo’ stuff.  She even suggested a local bookstore where I could find more books on Cayce and related topics. Thus began my journey.

Twenty eight years have passed since that first step.  For the first 10 years I was actively engaged in seeking the knowledge I felt would aid in my soul’s growth in this incarnation. I even joined an ARE study group in Tampa. But in recent years I had let the pace of my trek slow.  I let my membership in the ARE lapse and I hadn’t read much of anything that would aid in my soul’s growth.  I had gotten stagnant and allowed myself to deteriorate both spiritually and physically.

But once again Providence bestowed a gift to me.  A healing soul, with whom I have undoubtedly shared a previous lifetime with, unselfishly took the time to pause in her own journey and share her gift of healing love.  Like Tony, they are physically gone from my life now. But I know with every fiber of my being that we will all once again laugh together in another lifetime.

I am still processing the enormity of the gift.  As I ponder the reason why I have been so blessed to have been touched by two such amazing souls, I can turn to the Cayce readings.  A recurring theme throughout the thousands of readings is “You reap what you sow”. My harvest from these two souls has been bountiful and I know I must return the favor to the Universe by sowing those seeds of love that were my gift.  How lucky am I.