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The End Times April 22, 2009

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Meltdown! A solar superstorm could send us back into the dark ages – and one is due in just THREE years

That’s the headline in an article published on April 19, 2009 in Britain’s Daily Mail. The story, by Michael Hanlon, is about the possibility of the Sun essentially ‘burping’ and causing a catastrophic situation here on Earth.

While I have read about that scenario before and understand the possibility of that great ball of thermonuclear fusion someday effecting our lives in ways that are none to appealing…the reference to “in just THREE years” struck a chord.


Mayan calendar

For those who read about ancient cultures, prophecy and predictions for the future of mankind , 12/21/2012 is a familiar date.  That’s the date when the Mayan calendar ends and when, some would argue, mankind will meet its demise. That’s also in about three years.

On December 12, 2012, for the first time in approximately 26,000 years, the Sun will rise to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the  ecliptic plane.  According to the ancient Maya, this date will mark the end of one world as we know it and the beginning of another.

The following is from:  http://adishakti.org/index.htm


The Mayans believed our Sun, every so often, synchronized with the enormous central galaxy.  From this central galaxy it received a ‘spark’ of energy which caused it to shine more intensely producing what our scientists call ‘solar flares’ as well as changes in the Sun’s magnetic field. The Mayans say that this happens every 5,125 years. But also that this causes a displacement in the earths rotation, and because of this movement great catastrophes would be produced.

The Mayans believed the universal processes, like the ‘breathing’ of the galaxy, are cycles that never change. What changes is the consciousness of man that passes through it. Always in a process toward more perfection. Based on their observations, the Mayans predicted that from the initial date of the start of their civilization, 4 Ahau, 8 Cumku which is 3113 B.C., after one cycle being completed 5,125 years in their future, December 21st, 2012. The Sun, having received a powerful ray of synchronizing light from the center of the galaxy, would change its polarity which would produce a great cosmic event that would propel human kind to be ready to cross into a new era, The Golden Age. It is after this, that the Mayans say we will be ready to go through the door that was left by them, transforming our civilization based on fear to a vibration much higher in harmony.



In addition to the Mayans, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and a host of others have referenced to dramatic shifts in the earth resulting in monumental changes to mankind around this time.

So what are we to make of all this? I for one probably won’t worry about making my bed on December 20, 2012.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce