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Truth – What’s It Good For? December 8, 2014

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obamafailI was going to crank out another rant about truth and the Left’s sad yet effective ability to manipulate it to fit their narrative but then several others beat me to the punch with far better prose so I will link to them instead.

I will offer a preamble that I think historians will have a field day when they look back and write about the events of the Obama years. If they are truthful they will recall the head spinning deceit that lay at the base of everything promulgated by this Administration.

History will reveal that every initiative championed by Obama was set up and supported by lies—lies that were parroted by a compliant media who shared the same agenda.

I am ever hopeful that good will triumph evil. It may not happen in my lifetime and it will certainly not happen without bloodshed—real or metaphorical.

Truth November 18, 2014

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The Truth. It’s the pinnacle, the peak. Nothing can be greater than the Truth. It’s an absolute. It is the ultimate power. Whoever wields it will ultimately win and that is why so many claim to have it.

Every human event has an ultimate truth at its end. Some are easy to see and prove. Others, no matter how thoroughly distilled, must be perceived with a final leap of faith—-like believing in God.

The current American political landscape has been awash in untruths being sold as truths. Lies and deception have been used as a means to an end.

The recent revelations by Jonathan Gruber prove just how powerful the truth is. His stunning admission that if Americans knew the truth about Obamacare they never would have accepted it and its success relied on utter lies being told to a ‘stupid’ electorate.

truth.pgThe current administration created a false truth, hired liars to promote it and enjoyed a compliant media that happily promoted the untruthful narrative.

Truth is immortal, it cannot be destroyed. It can be hidden, slandered, defamed and libeled but it will always rise up. It may take years, decades even a millennia but it will triumph.

Obama’s lies are revealing themselves, thankfully sooner rather than later. After being crushed for the past six years the Truth is rising up again. Ascending to its rightful place atop the moral landscape of humankind.

Those who speak untruths will ultimately falter. We must seek to replace them with leaders who are not afraid of the real Truth because, like my belief in God, I have faith that the Truth will set us free.

Truth September 20, 2012

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The Romney campaign needs to start the narrative that the Obama administration has been lying to the American people all along—the attack on our consulate in Libya being the latest example.

Romney needs to come out and say as president I will never lie to you. I may tell you things that are hard to hear but it will always be the truth.

An ad could list all of Obama’s  biggest lies of the past year using the most damning images possible and ending with the Libyan attack. It’s time to take the gloves off.

Mitt Romney