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Build The Wall October 19, 2015

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Donald Trump’s populist message regarding illegal immigrants is a big reason he’s leading the Republican nomination race and stoking claims from the Left he’s a racist. His steadfast support for building a wall drives the Left crazy. They belittle its feasibility and effectiveness with no empirical data and instead continue to denounce any attempt to stem illegal immigration in any form as racist. So what are they going to say when there is actual proof that a wall works?

Locals are faced with piles of trash and feces as the migrants move through town.

Locals are faced with piles of trash and feces.

Hungary approved the building of a fence in June, and only began building it in July. It cost $106 million to build the 175 mile long fence. Over the weekend only 41 illegal Syrian immigrants made it into the country—down from over the several thousand per week prior to its construction.

Yes, a fence is a strong deterrent and the Left knows it because without a fence they get  thousands of new voters. A fence hurts their cause—the destruction of America through destabilizing our social infrastructure and crippling our economy.

The migrants leave their trash as they move through the area on their way to Germany.

The migrants leave their trash as they move through the area on their way to Germany.

Ben Franklin was right over 200 years ago: “Love thy neighbor, yet don’t pull down your hedge.”


God Bless Arizona April 29, 2010

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I’m so sick and tired of hearing liberals call anyone who disagrees with them a racist.

Haight street bums

These losers can’t compete in a capitalistic world so they have to attack by playing the race card at every chance. The state of Arizona finally found a set and stepped in where the Federal government should have been for the past 50 years and passed a law requiring proof of citizenship. Now the left is outraged in typical hysterical style that Arizonans would want to uphold the law (which has been on the books for fifty years!) and protect themselves from the epidemic of illegal immigration.

The clowns in San Francisco have called for a boycott of the state. In a free country they’re within their right to express their thoughts. So I will express mine. The state of Arizona should pay for a one-way bus ticket for every illegal they arrest and ship them to San Francisco.*

park bum

The Mayor, Gavin Newsom, can have all the illegals he wants—hey they’re a sanctuary city anyway! With a few thousand illegals arriving in the City by the Bay each month, San Fran will really start to enjoy the benefits of having a diverse culture of non-English speaking, poorly educated folks all looking for work in one of the most expensive cities in the country.

stoop bum

I’m sure most San Franciscans will embrace their new residents just like they do the hundreds of homeless drug addicts who sleep in every park and store stoop in the downtown area. Yes, San Francisco, go ahead and boycott Arizona. I’m sure America can’t wait to book a trip to see your fine city and all your new residents.

* suggested by Rush Limbaugh.