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Getting healthy November 14, 2008

Posted by Fritz in Health.
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One of the by products of getting sober seems to be my new found desire to get healthy.  Once I stopped drinking I began losing weight.  I lost 9 pounds in the first month.  I hadn’t changed my diet or lifestyle except for the ingestion of mass quantities of alcohol every day.  With those kinds of results, I imagined what would happen if I actually added exercise and a sensible diet to the mix.  I had been reading several blogs on nutrition and keeping a healthy lifestyle. I found some sensible information and decided to follow what I thought I could handle.

Well, I started slow.  Really slow.  I actually put on some tennis shoes and walked around my neighborhood one Saturday.  The zig zaggy walk was almost a mile.  It was easy.  It was three days before I did it again, but I did it.  Then the next time came easier and on and on.  I walk almost every day and I have lengthened the course to 1 and a half miles.

My next change came with my diet and water intake.  I had heard all the hype about drinking 6-8, 12oz. glasses of water a day.  It didn’t sound too difficult and I was going in the right direction with my weight loss so I decided to try adding the water.  At this point, I hadn’t really felt I’d sacrificed that much. Another week passed and I lost almost 2 pounds.  Seeing tangible results was very motivating. 

The next step was to modify my diet to include more vegetables and fruit.  I’ve always had a pretty decent diet. I don’t crave sweets or carbs but I do love meat.  I challenged myself to cutting my meat intake in half and replacing it with fruits and vegetables.  This was going to be the hardest challenge of all.  I knew it would be but I was seeing results and I wanted it to continue.

Now don’t think I wasn’t eating other things too.  During this process both my wife and daughter celebrated birthdays; cake and ice cream was in the house for a week both times. It would have been impossible and down right cruel not to enjoy some.  But the key was I was able to enjoy ‘some’ and know that I would continue with the eating pattern I had started; having fruit or a fruit smoothie for breakfast, eating a salad or just vegetables for lunch and eat wisely at dinner.  Wisely translates into not over eating.  I was brought up to ‘clean your plate’ because “just think of those starving African children”. Well, cleaning my plate all these years had made me look like an African child was in my stomach.  I started to put less food on my plate from the beginning.  I might still go back for seconds like before but I was eating less overall.  I also noticed that over a few weeks time my stomach did indeed seem to need less in it to feel full.

I just passed the four month mark and I am proud to say I have lost 25 pounds.  I celebrated by buying a juicer!  The more success I had the more interested I became in adding things to make my new lifestyle even more healthy. I purchased the Breville XXJE95XL Two Speed Juice Fountain Plus .  It is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and I’ll let you know how that goes…   to be continued.