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We Have A Cure October 3, 2014

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The Ebola infection in Texas has a lot of people very worried. The thought of a deadly virus with a mortality rate north of 50% spreading though out the world should scare people. But a far more insidious disease already infects this country–progressivism. Its mortality rate is 100%.

elbert Guillory

Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory (R-Opelousas)

Unlike Ebola, there is a very simple cure. It starts with listening to people like Elbert Guillory and heeding his words. Guillory identifies where the infection started and how it propagates.

Guillory is the cure for the disease that is destroying America. As a black man he has the only antidote for a disease whose cure can only come from within the very race it affects the most.

In his six years since being elected, our half-white, half black president has succeeded in re-infecting our country with a new strain of that old virus–racism.

Through his actions, he has chosen to cleave this country by color and in doing so ensures the infection of progressivism keeps spreading.

Electing liberals like Mary Landrieu keeps America from getting the lifesaving vaccination that will save us all.

Don’t Tread On Me September 9, 2014

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don't tread on me

Tuesday Rant September 6, 2011

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Lots of economic doomsday stuff out there right now and for good reason. I believe the USA is simply heading for the cliff. No matter how you try to parse it, we are spending too much and eventually we are going to crash and burn.  Now depending on who you read/listen to, that cliff is either right in front of us or simply a chimera that, if we wish real hard, will go away. Well, I’m tired of the smoke and mirrors.  We need the truth to be told. Unfortunately the truth means our lives are going to get a whole lot tougher before they get better.

The country cannot take baby steps out of this mess. We waited too long and ignored the problems until they passed the point of being able to be corrected with gentle tweaks. Now it’s going to take big, bold action—tax reform that affects everyone and by everyone I mean the people who have not been paying. The country cannot afford to rely on the backs of the producing class anymore. Progressive taxation is unfair and now it simply cannot save us no matter how much we soak the wealthy. As unfair as it sounds to many, every American paying the same percentage of their income to the government is the absolute fairest way. I am so done with the argument that that hurts the poor more than the rich. If you believe in capitalism and wish to live under its rules then everyone must have skin in the game.

Yes it sucks to be poor. The simple answer to that is, “don’t be poor!” I’ll hear all kinds of yelping from the liberals that that just isn’t possible. Well I disagree, if we treat everyone the same in regards to taxation the cream will rise to the top and we will finally expose society’s losers.

American society has gotten way too soft. We have messed with Mother Nature by creating entitlements. The natural order of things has been disrupted. Throughout history mankind has been controlled by the environment’s ability to sustain it. When resources were scarce mankind adapted. Population growth slowed to live within its means. When resources were bountiful, populations grew. By creating entitlements we are artificially supporting an entire class of people who are dooming us all. We must return to the natural order until only the truly needy are left (people born with issues that require social intervention or become truly needy due to accidents or illnesses).

The social safety net needed to deal with this new radically reduced group will be more than met with the increase in tax payers and reduction in those receiving social benefits.

This means judging people. We must make the hard choice to say who does and who does not qualify. The rules have to change.  You cannot continue to receive unemployment for 99 weeks! Some people are going to live worse off than they used to…tough!

We are in a transformational period in the world right now. The same thing has happened throughout history. The difference is back then there was not this mindset that ‘nobody can lose’. One hundred years ago we didn’t have unemployment compensation. If you lost a job you got another one or starved. How the idea of healthcare as a right ever got a foothold in this country is beyond me. Doctors provide a service, just like a plumber. Should I expect subsidized plumbing if I can’t afford it? I’m not saying we should ban the indigent from seeking health care, I’m just saying they don’t get the level of care that I would get if I can pay for it.

There are more than enough private social service providers in this country to handle the truly needy. If I wasn’t forced to give my money to a ridiculously inefficient government I’d be much more inclined to share more of it with productive, effective private organizations. And so would most of America.